53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Scout Proficiency Badges
Below are all the Proficiency Badges available and their requirements.
Before starting any badge remember to inform your Scout Leader First.
Exercising Athletes Badge
Scout Technique Section
Action Section
Interest Section
Service Section
Technology Section
Personal Development Section
Computers Badge
Amateur Radio Badge
Electronic Badge
Plane Mechanic Badge
Car Mechanic Badge
Motorbike Mechanic Badge
First Aid ( Level 1 )Badge
Jobsman  Badge
First Aid ( Level 2 )Badge
Secretary Badge
Naturalist Badge
Emergency Aid Badge
Life Guard Badge
Journalist Badge
Guide Badge
Public Relations Badge
Swimmers Badge
Conserving Energy Badge
Fire Fighters Badge
Cooks Badge
Boat Mechanic Badge
World Conservation Badge
Translators Badge
Meteorologist Badge
Heritage Badge
Social Interaction Badge
Writers Badge
Sports Enthusiast Badge
Photographers Badge
Book Readers Badge
Artist Badge
Model Makers Badge
Musicians Badge
World Wide Friendship Badge
The Arts Badge
Entertainers Badge
Craftsman Badge
Camping Technique Badge
Athlete Badge
Fishermans Badge
Climbing Badge
Archaeology Badge
Forestry Badge
Sailing Badge
Observers Badge
Cyclist Badge
Camp Cook Badge
Campers Badge
Law and Order Badge
Survival Badge
Explorer Badge
Pioneers Badge