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53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
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Above:  53rd Scouts collect food for
the needy on Saturday 12th Feb as
part of the Limassol Scout Districts
Thinking Day Community Service.
Jota - Joti weekend 21st - 22nd October 2017.
We had our normal scout meeting from 3:00pm to 5:30pm. We did all sorts of activities
in our scout meeting like learn the Phonetic Alphabet, Morse code and how to use flags
to message someone. After that we made our food in the dutch ovens. We made
chicken with potatoes and vegetables and a salad. There were 5 different methods we
could use to make the chicken. While it was cooking we put up our tents and changed
into more comfortable clothes. Then we had our delicious food that we made. We had a
campfire and some hot chocolate.
Then we went to bed and my patrol, Tigers woke up at 2 in the morning to take part in
Joti. At first I worked on the board, then after about half an hour I went on the Laptop, it
was  fun I got to talk to a lot of Scouts around the world. We went back to bed at 4 o’
clock and woke up at 7 o’ clock. We had our breakfast, cleaned up and were called to
get on parade where the leaders gave us our badges. We were dismissed from scouts
after a long fun weekend. By Emmanuela ( Scout ).
K1.5 Assault hike 15th Oct 2017.
We all gathered at the Moutagiaka scout hut at 7:00am for kit check. We left by bus at around 7:45
and went to Saitas, the start. The hike distance was 14km and difficult for the new scouts. The
first hike is the hardest for everyone. We finished the first checkpoint easily. The second
checkpoint was the hardest, it was almost all uphill, 600 meters strait up, no track. When we
finished the second checkpoint, we were very tired, but we got what we were all waiting for, the
new K1.5 Hike T-shirts. We all liked them very much. We had our lunch there as well. Then we
moved on to the next and final checkpoint but unluckily for us it started to rain. We finished at
Troodos’ Square at around 15:00. We left all wet and arrived back at 16:00. We took our picture at
the scout hut because we couldn’t at  Troodos’ Square, due to the rain. We had a great time and I
believe the K1.5 Hike is the best one and I will never get bored of it. (By Stylianos APL)
Above: Lions and Foxes Patrol
Geocaching in November 2016.
Above: Scouts split into 3
Groups for the Saving Energy,
Jobsman and Artist Badges
during November.
Patrol Competition Camp 8th - 9th April 2017.
Jambowlree 28th April 2018.
The 53rd Scouts had their unofficial Jambowlree World Scout ten pin bowling Competition on Saturday 28th
April from 2.30pm to 5.00pm at Galactica Bowling.  The Jambowlree is organised by the Explorers Scout
Leader  of Farnham Explorer Unit, based in Surrey in the UK. Each Scout  that took part received the 2018
Jambowlree Badge for their Camp fire Blanket. Overall it was a Great event and the 53rd will definatly take
part in Jambowlree 2019. Best bowler for the Scout Section was David. The overall highest average scoring
Patrol trophy was won by Lions Patrol.
Patrol activities for this years Epathlon Challenge.
Over the past four Months the 53rd Patrols have been very busy. The main reason for the many Patrol activities is to complete the requirements for this years
Epathlon set by the Scout section of the Cyprus Scouts Association. Patrols all across Cyprus have taken the challenge and this will be the first time in two years the
53rd has managed to complete the Epathlon. Below are each of the 53rd Patrols on their Patrol activities such as Patrol Camps, Hikes, the Patrol International
Meeting and Patrol trips to places of interest..
Above:  53rd Scouts take part in the
Thinking Day Service at St Barnabas
Church on 22nd Feb 2017.
Above:  53rd Scouts on the Lantern
March on the 24th March 2017.
Above:  53rd Scouts take part in
this year Lets do it Cyprus and
collect pubish along the
Yermasoyia River bed.
Above:  The 53rd Scout Running
team has been tarining every
Wednesday getting ready for the
4Km trail run on the 23rd April.
Lions Patrol.
Foxes Patrol.
Eagles Patrol.
Tigers Patrol.
Hawks Patrol.
Winners of this years Patrol
Competition Camp: Eagles Patrol.
Fun Camp 17th - 18th June at the Yermasoyia Scout Hut.
As we came and did the flag break we played a game with cubs, scouts and ventures and got
into 5 groups each having at least: 4 cubs, 4 scouts, 2 ventures and one leader(those were the
groups for the obstacle course). Then we started doing an obstacle course. Cubs started doing
one part of the obstacle course with help of ventures, while scouts did A frames, a bridge and a
tunnel, also some other ventures did a slide which was cool. After that those who stayed for the
camp started to get into groups of three and went to put up  tents and change into other clothes.
Then we helped to bring chairs and tables and to put them everywhere so we could have dinner.
Then around at 9 we had a campfire and sang different songs from different countries and
sketches which were hilarious and very entertaining to watch. After the campfire we got ready to
go to sleep and around at 10:30 we were sleeping. The next day we woke up and had breakfast,
then after breakfast we had to do the obstacle course which was so much fun (a bit painful and
dirty but still fun). After the obstacle course we had to pack all our things and do the flag break
and finally go home. By Alexios K ( Scout )
Above: Members of the 53rd in
Nicosia on Saturday receive their
certificates becoming ambassadors
of Safe Online Surfing for CYTA.
Above:  Three 53rd Scouts take
Part in the Limassol Scout
District PLand APL training.
Trip to Larnaca and Mazotos Camel Park 27th Jan 2018
After an exciting and (what felt like) everlasting journey to Larnaca, we eventually got there. Our first stop
was near the beach to see the fort. The castle was very interesting as we saw all the cannons from their
time.Finally, we arrived at the camel park! At the camel park, we rode camels, fed camels, did a fun
treasure hunt, went into a 5D cinema and attempted to do rodeo. The camel park was very entertaining
and knowledgeable. It an amazing experience!  By Beau ( Scout )
One day hike 11th Feb 2018.
On Sunday the 11th of February we went on a hike from Kivides to Vouni which was
altogether 15km. We arrived at the scout hut at 8:30am where we had a kit check by the
Scout Leaders and then left by bus for the start of the hike. We finished the first
checkpoint easily, it was a flat road of 1km.After that, to the second checkpoint there was
a small uphill and it was 5km. Everyone was getting tired. To get to the next checkpoint,
there was also an uphill of 5km. When we finally reached the third checkpoint, we had
lunch. Our lunch break was about 20 minutes long. To get to the fourth checkpoint there
was the hardest part. We had to go up a steep uphill and then climb all the way up a
mountain full of bushes and trees. Everyone was exhausted. Finally, we reached the end
of the hike. There, the bus was waiting for us, which took us back to the scout hut. We
arrived at the scout hut at 4:00pm. Overall, it was a hard hike especially for the new
scouts and cubs. ( By Demetra Foxes Patrol Leader )
Two night Camp and night Hike 9th - 11th March 2018.
On the 9th March, we were all told to be at the Scout hut by 4:00 PM so we could
be  taken by bus to the village of Louvaras for our 3 day hike and camp. We
arrived at about 5:00 PM and immediately started getting ready for our 5km Night
hike starting at 8:00 PM. We then returned back to our campsite at around 11:00
PM to eat dinner and get ready for bed in a small hut . Saturday was a busy day
for us Scouts. We woke up at 8:00 AM so we could get ready for our 10 km hike
in the morning. Then when we returned we visited the church of Panayia Kyra
and drew the church for our badge. After that each patrol walked back to the
campsite to start cooking their lasagne for the cooking competition. The next day
we went on another hike joined by the cubs and were taken back home by bus.
By Leda ( Scout ).
Older Scout Camp and St Georges Day Peristerona 21st - 22nd April 2018.
All the Older Scouts from Limassol gathered at the Scout district building at 10am with excitement and hoping
to learn something new about being an excellent Explorer. Anxiously, we waited for the bus to arrive. After  
waiting  for some time the bus finally arrived. The bus ride was about an hour an 40 minutes but past quite
quickly because of  all the singing and joking around that we did. We approached the Morfou District and then
stopped at a school in Peristerona that we camped at. When we got there we were split into four groups that
were names of places in Cyprus and each group were given a colour. Once split into those groups we were
split again into four other groups that are our patrols and we would have to spend the whole day with doing
activities. Then we were assigned what we would have do throughout the day. Everyone did the same things
but just at different times of the day. Some of us cleaned the dry riverbed and others went around the village
asking the people that lived there some questions about the village. After a tiring day we went back to the
school to be informed from CYTA about the dangers of social media. After that touching speech we had to put
our tents up. Sadly we were not sleeping indoors. Following that we played some new , interesting and fun
games that taught us how to work as a team. Afterwards it was time to have DINNER, we had our juicy and
tender hamburgers with fries and salad which were delicious. When we finished our meals we were taken
to the village centre where there was a concert with live music from the Scout Band. We had a lot of fun  while singing, dancing and laughing. Then the night was
sadly over and we went to sleep in our wonderful tents. We woke up bright and early at 7am and had breakfast. Later on that morning we started taking the camp
down and getting ready for church. Later on we left the school and went to church.We listened to church ceremony for about 30 minutes then went back the school to
get our cheese pie and then went straight away to meet the other 53rd scouts at the football pitch were the Saint Georges day was held. The speeches took about an
hour and a half and everyone listened carefully in the red hot sun. After some time we started marching around the village. As soon as we finished the march we went
straight on the bus and headed for Platania to have lunch at a picnic site. We stayed there for about half an hour and then we headed back to Limassol. Over all it
was a great experience and we made lots of new friends.By Demetra and Natalia. ( Older Scouts ).