53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Scout Program Summer Camp Platania 2014
Day 1
It was the first day of our summer camp, which everyone was looking forward to, and so we all met up at the Moutayiaka scout hut at
7:30 am. Then we started our journey, it was long but we eventually  arrived at the camping site only to see that one of the older
leaders, Emilios,  who was in the army had come back for the camp.  We first unpacked the minivan, which is one of our least
favourite jobs, and then chose our tents and settled in. After that, Alex had us already pioneering gates and putting up shelters. But
we were rewarded with lunch! We then had a little free time, Alex spoke to us about survival skills and it was finally time for our first
campfire! It was really funny and the hosts kept us on our feet all the time. However  the last campfire is always the best campfire,so
they told us to prepare for it and sent us off to bed hoping we would go to sleep a 10:30, but as we all talk too much we did go to
sleep a little later but all in all had a good nights sleep!  By Eleni Sk
Day 2
On our second day at camp we woke up bright and early for our Artemis Trail which we packed and got
ready for after breakfast . We took the bus to the starting point and the Cubs,Scouts and Explorers set off
to go around Mount Olympus,it was really nice and the scenery was great especially when we got to the
giant black pine tree which is about 500 years old and the biggest tree you had ever seen. Then after  we
had  finished taking a load of pictures around it we went off to finish the trail and then took the bus back.
When we got to the campsite we had lunch which was chicken ,potatoes and salad and then we had a
break and after that we celebrated Michalis birthday with lots of cake and treats then we had a water
balloon fight which was really fun and refreshing and we got a load of funny pics . After that we got
changed and had another break and then inspection , by then it was dinner time and we had spaghetti
bolognese which was delicious and then celebrated another birthday which was Ioannas and we had
more cake and stuffed ourselves silly until it was time to watch the film " A Nut Job " which was very
entertaining  and then we got ready for bed and went to sleep.  By : Anastasia E.
Day 3
We started the day off nice and early to go to church. After the service that felt like it went on forever we had breakfast and we were
really hungry so we ate quickly. We then took the camp photo. We got changed out of our uniform and had a bit of free time. After
that we then got the route cards ready for the hike the next day. We then had lunch which was pasta,rice and mice pork and it was
really good. After that we then had some more free time and then had a talk from the police about the dangers of using social
networks on the Internet. We continued the program by packing our bags for the hike and also packing the mini van. We then had
showers and got ready for dinner which was fish and chips and was once again delicious. We tided up the camp site and got
ready for bed as we had a long day ahead of us.   By Mac Mackenzie.
Day 4
We woke up at 7:00 and went down to have breakfast which was chocolate
cornflakes. We packed our hiking gear and got on parade to get ready for
our 9km hike. We started off at 8:30 uphill. The hike was quite exhausting
and we were all looking forwards to going to the other campsite in Loumata.
We arrived there at 1:00 pm and we ate some sandwiches with ham and
cheese and lunch was chicken with rice and salad. Some scouts stayed in
tents and some other scouts like me slept in bivowaks. We played some
card games like stress and liar and we went to see the giant juniper tree
and when we arrived there everyone was asking which tree it was. Not long
after that we had dinner which was hamburgers and chips. We then played
some more games and then got ready for bed. It was a great day for all of
us. By Irene
Day 5
We woke up in the morning at 7:00 am and had breakfast which was cheese, butter and jam
sandwiches, we put our tents down and our bivowacks, we put them in the mini van . We started the
hike which was 9 km down the E4 nature trail. We had a break because we had ran out of water and
finally made it back to the Platania  camp. Bye bye Loumata. So we had lunch which was beans with
tuna. We unpacked the tents to dry them up since the got damp over night, and had our showers, we
made hamburgers and they were delicious, we had our 3 hour break and then we had dinner (fish
fingers , potatoes and salad) and then we had some time to practise our card game skills for the
competition that night.  We had a wonderful day. By Aris
Day 6
We woke up and had breakfast  which was cereal with sugar.  After breakfast we cooked eggs
backwardstyle. So we cracked the eggs into hollow oranges and baked them on a fire. Next we
make a bread from water and flour and cooked it on the fire as well. Next we had lunch and took
photographs. We then cleaned up the campfire place and collected fire wood for the party that night.
When it became night the party started after a delicious dinner, meat loaf with potatoes and salad.
The party was amazing! We danced and sang a long to many songs. We ate crisps marshmallows
and pizza. We had fantastic time! Then the party ended we went to ours tents for sleep. It was
FUNtastic day.      By Ioanna A ( 246th Sea Scouts ).
Day 7
We woke up and we had breakfast which was bread and cheese and hot chocolate. After we played
World Cup Platania. We played : football, crab football, giant football table and then volley ball with
water balloons  it was GREAT!!! Then we had lunch which was potato with yogurt , chicken and
salad and then we went to set up an obstacle course for the paint balls. It was a lot of fun! Especially
when Alex Ramsay was a paint ball target that was Fantastic. Then we came back from the obstacle
course and went for showers. For Diner we had Kalamari and chips. At 9 all the Groups gathered for
the final Camp fire. By Max A.
Last day on Camp.