53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Scout Program Summer Camp Platania 2013
Day 1
We went to the scout hut, got on the bus,after an hour arrived at Platania Scout Campsite, unpacked our things,
had some free time and started making a table. After some time we  finished the table we started the crafts
badge, we started making a chess pieces and the board. Then we had lunch which was meat, potato's and
salad.  After that we went to the tuck shop and got ice cream and drinks and enjoyed them. And sat on the swing
which the Explores made. After dinner   we watched a movie, got tired and went to bed.
By Stephanie K.
Day 2
We woke up in the morning, had breakfast and then got ready to go on our hike. The
bus took us to the Olympus mountain where we split into two teams. The ventures
and the older scouts where in one group with Skip and the other group had the cubs
and scouts led by Akela, Alex, Eva and Charlie. Then the 7km hike began. Each scout
had as a duty to look after a cub. On the other hand the older scouts with the ventures
had to complete different quizes against eachother where the score finished as 8-8.
When we finished the hike we showered and then had a healthy lunch, lentils. We
then continued our program by starting to work on our survival badge where we learnt
the symptoms, causes and how to deal with hyperthermia, hypothermia and heat
stroke. We then had dinner and had a lot of free time. Next we had an amazing
campfire with the other scout group where we performed our new sketches and
songs all the way from our unforgetable trip to Switzerland. After we went start gazing
where we saw many shooting stars and then slept.
By Luciana
Day 3
This morning we woke up even earlier than the birds to go to church in full uniform. When we
got to church we sat down and enjoyed the interesting ceremony. The priest explained the
ceremony to us in detail. Later on we took the annual summer camp photos and other silly
ones. After that we went straight to breakfast as we were very hungry.  Then we got changed
and went off with the cubs to the waterfalls. When we arrived at the waterfalls we ate
watermelon and went under the water. Next we had lunch which was burgers and chips.  We
then headed up to the campfire to do the next part of the survival badge. We had to light a fire
with flint and steel and make are own waterproof matches,it was a challenge. Believe it or not,
but we had to make own biverwacks that we had to sleep in at night they were quite hard to
make but we suceeded in the end. Afterwoods we had tea which was nuggets and potatoes...  
Mmmmm. We played the wide game and then got ready for bed as we needed an early night in
our biverwacks.
By Demetriana.
Day 4
Today we got up to get ready to take the campsite down so we didn't have to do it on Friday and rush.  First we
had breakfast. Everyday for breakfast we had hot chocolate, bread, ham, cheese, butter and marmelade. As soon
as we finished we had to take our belongings and take them to the hut. Soon after we took down the first tent. It
was harder than it looked. Next we split into 5 teams and had a challenge, who would take their tent down first.
Unfortunatley my team wasn't first. It took us a long time to take the tents down. In the end we did it with a few
bruses in the way. Later we settled into the hut with the Explorers which didn't take long. Straight after we had
lunch which was baked beans. After we seperated ourselves into 1st class, bronze, silver and gold leafs. Later
we checked what requirements we have already done and do the rest that we haven't. I did 1 requirement which
was quite a challenge. Then we got our shirts to see which badges we had. We then had free time which was
quite short. Just after we had dinner which was quite delicious. We then watched the older scouts swim at 10
o'clock in the swimming pool for their silver leaf. I enjoyed it. We then had to go to bed.
By Christopher.    
Day 5
We woke up at 7am and then got dressed and ready for breakfast. After that we had flag break and we divided into our tribes for the
day. Then we played the first games of Suvivor Platania. Some of the games were ones we had learnt at KISC. We then ate lunch.
After lunch we continued the games with an asault course that Charlie, Alex and Eva had constructed. We then did the pool activites
and I fell in the pool. We the did the last two activities which were making a paper cup and the blind fold drinking and ate dinner wich
was meat and rice. After that Alex lite a fire and Charlie played some music and we had one the best 53rd party ever.
By  Mac.
Last Day.
Just finished yet another sucsessful camp with the scouts. The scouts had a very
active program all completing the survival badge which included learning how to light
fires with a flint and steal and sleeping outdroors in bivawacs, and also the
craftmans badge bringing out their creative side. I am very proud of the effort and
work they have all put into the badge work. I have watched them expand their
scouting knowledge and team skills. On Thursday the whole Troop was put into
teams to play 'surviver platania'  which included lots of fun team games that the
Scouts thoroughly enjoyed. I would like to thank Skip and the other leaders for there
dedication for scouting and for giving the scouts the chance to expand there minds
with scouting skills.
Alex Ramsey.