53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Scout Program Summer Camp Dhekelia 2017
Friday 30th June
Scouts: On Friday we all met up at the scout hut early in the morning and got ready to
leave for Dhekelia. After everyone arrived we loaded the bus and set off on our hour
long journey. When we arrived at the Scout campsite we set up our tents and changed
out of our clothes. We then played a few games before getting ready for lunch, which
were burgers and fries. After lunch we were taught about astrology for our badge.
Then we played some more games and as it was boiling we went down to the beach
and had a swim. After we had showered we had dinner which was pasta and chicken.
At night we sang songs and watched sketches around the campfire. Lastly we got
ready for bed and went to sleep in our tents. By Sophi I (Scout)
Saturday 1st July
On Saturday we woke up at 7o clock, we ate breakfast and some of us changed in to our swimming gear. After that we were
taught how to do the back splice and the eye splice. After a while some of us went down to the sea to do their swimmers badge.
While they were at the sea we practiced our new knots. When they came back we ate lunch, which was spaghetti bolognaise.
After lunch we did our consumers badge by playing a wonderful game. Then we took a shower and we ate dinner which was beef
stroganoff with rice. After dinner we had some free time and then we were split into teams to play the wide game. Basically we
should touch the flag pole without getting spotted by the leaders. It was a good game and we had loads of fun. And lastly, after the
wide game we went to sleep. By Alexander A.   
Sunday 2nd July
We woke up at 7am as usual. We did some morning exercise with Hawkeye and then we had
breakfast. After the breakfast some of us got ready to go to the beach and the others stayed to continue
the Craftsman’s Badge. The ones that went to the beach were the scouts that already had the
Swimmers badge and were going to do the Advanced Swimmers and the scouts that are moving to
Explorers next year, including me, for a raft racing versus the Explorers. The winners of the racing were
the Explorers. When the Advanced Swimmers badge was finished we came back to have lunch. We
had Hot Dogs with chips. As a desert we had ice-cream. We also celebrated the birthday of a scout
after we ate.  Later on, we split into 3 groups. One group was doing archery with Andreas, the other dart
competition with Christopher and the other team was doing Air Rifle training with Hawkeye. When we
finished with these activities we went to the beach for some relaxing time. We came back at around 7p.
m. We then had dinner which was Chicken with Potatoes. After dinner, we had some free time and then
we saw the movie ‘’Home Alone 1’’. The movie was very fun and I think we all enjoyed it. Finally, when
the movie ended we went to sleep. (By Stylianos A)
Monday 3rd July.
We woke up this morning at 7:00 am to some of Antreas’ music. We had breakfast which was eggs, bread, ham and cheese
and milk. We then got told to put on our uniform so we could take some photos, and halfway through that process our bus
arrived, to take us to “Cyherbia”- a botanical garden with a maze featuring all sorts of important plants and herbs (mainly
lavender) from Cyprus. It was very educational and we all had a lot of fun getting lost in the maze and completing the activity
worksheet we were given. After that we sat in the cafeteria and cooled off, had a good look around the shop that smelled like
every herb and scent in the world, and finally, to help us with the unbearable heat of Cyprus, we were given fresh lavender ice
tea which was very refreshing, all though very sweet. Shortly after we arrived at the campsite we changed and had lunch, which
waslentils. We ate them and washed down the flavour with some delicious watermelon. We had a bit of free time in which we
changed into our swimming costumes and completed our set duties to prepare for… Game of Thrones. It was essentially a
series of activities- build a throne, an obstacle course, build a stretcher, fireball (volleyball) and a speed eating competition. We
were all divided into houses, some of which were the Targaeryens (the winners!), the Lannisters and the Starks (we were five all
together I just couldn’t remember the name of the other two). We had a lot of fun completing the activities and had an even better
time washing off the dirt and sweat at the beach in the evening. We quickly ate our dinner which was pork with mash potatoes,
and ran off to the beach. After about half an hour we all came back and had our showers and at around nine o’clock we had a
campfire. By Irene F ( Scout ).