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53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
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Meeting 1st June  2019
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Meeting 18th May 2019
Hike down the Caledonian Falls 25th March 2018.
On Sunday nearly 70 members, family and friends of the 53rd
joined in the Annual Caledonian falls family walkdown.  We left
the scout hut at 8.30am and was taken by bus to the top of the
hike, Close to Troodos Square. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful
weather and scenery as we completed the walk along the
Caledonian route following the stream to the falls.  We stopped at
the falls for a photo session and a bite to eat before continuing
down the route to the Trout farm.  The buses were there to meet
us and then took us to the traditional village of Omodhos where
there was time for lunch and a stroll around the pictureque village
before returning back to the scout hut.  It was a fabulous day
enjoyed by all. Thanks to everyone involved.
Above: Members of the 53rd
Parents Committee running a
Fund raising Cake Stall at the
Gang Show on the 15th Dec 2018.
Family Camp Polis 17th - 20th June 2016.
This was my first year at family camp, previously I was always nervous about  going as my
husband was always working and I didn’t want to go on my own. I’m so glad that I finally
braved it though! There were many families there that came without their partners so I didn’t
feel awkward at all. From the moment we got there we felt welcome and was asked straight
away if we wanted help putting up our tent by a fellow scout. However my sons and I decided
to tackle it ourselves. Upon completion it even looked like a tent! Immediately after our base
was complete my two boys ran off to play with their friends and I joined the other parents and
kids at the communal area, which was thankfully under cover away from the direct sunlight.
The first night some families prepared their evening meals at the scout camp, but the boys
and I opted for the easy option and chose to eat at the beach bar whilst watching the sun go
down. As soon as we ordered our first sundowner we really felt relaxed and in holiday mode.

Day two was predominantly spent sitting at the beach reading and watching the boys play in
the sea with their friends, bliss! What made it extra special was  that my youngest, who is
due to start cubs in September, was truly welcomed and included in all the activities by the
other kids, making him feel even more excited and comfortable about starting in September.  
Back at the camp site, it was all very relaxed, some people chose to stay at the site chatting,
playing games or reading their books, whilst others went on mini day trips to nearby villages.
In the evening we cooked on our bbq by our tent and then joined the others at the communal
area. It was nice to see a mixture of activities, some families cooked together by their tents
and others cooked at the communal area - which had many facilities, including electricity
and a kettle!

In the morning some of us took part in a bit of Geocaching, following the GPS on foot
towards Lachi along the beach path, where we managed to find 1 cache – it was a very
special rubber duck! On Sunday evening we had a cook out, the meat was donated by the
53rd and everyone bought whatever they had left in their cool boxes. It was a delicious meal
followed by more games, dancing and chit chat.

I can’t leave without mentioning a very important game of Chinese Checkers (that was duly
crafted by Andreas) and which rules seemed to change throughout the weekend! – But
pleased to say I managed to win my second ever game against 6..
The weekend was perfectly consummated with a water balloon fight, which basically meant
everyone against Skip!  We look forward to joining you all next year …and beating you all
again at Chinese Checkers!  By Gina ( Parent ).
53rd Bowling Team
The 53rd Bowling Team, Strikers.
The team plays every Monday in
the Famagusta Bowling friends
League at Galactica Bowling Alley.
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minutes of the Parents
Meeting 30th March
53rd Christmas Dinner Dance 2018.
Due to a tremendous amount of support we would like to thank everyone
who helped and took part in the 53rd's Christmas Dinner Dance on
Saturday 1st December at Ceti Locale.  Attended by 110 people this was
one of the most successful dinner dances on record. The atmosphere was
amazing with delicious food and plenty of drink and of course fabulous
entertainment provided by our favorite DJ's Marios and Marios which kept
the dance floor full until 1.30 am.. Thanks also to everyone who provided
some superb prizes for our Christmas lottery.
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minutes of the Parents
Meeting 2nd Feb 2019
Sponsored Walkdown, Saturday 2nd March 2019.
At 5 am on Saturday morning a group of 17 Hikers  took on the Galactic challenge of
the 53rd Walkdown hike to become Hiking Jedi.  All those involved were taken by car
to the Platres Trout Farm, where they began the 42Km hike.  The temperature was a
cool 6 degrees and light rain was in the air.  They continued to Mesa Potamos and
Siatas on towards Trimiklimi. The support team was with them all the way
consisting a number of cars.  Throughout the day there were various check points.  
After Trimiklimi there was a climb to Ayios Mamas, where they received the famous
53rd Walkdown T-shirt. and then they were taken by car to Kalochoiro.  From
Kalochoiro they hiked to Louvaras, Amyrou Monestry, through Akrounda and on to
the finish, Yermasogiea Dam. 14 hikers finished in times from 9hr to 11hrs.  The
53rd would like to thank all of them for taking up this challenge, which is definately
not for the faint hearted and all who sponsered them raising much needed funds.
Above: The 53rd's 2019
Walkdown hike support team,
Yoda masters.