This  weeks puzzle.  From  7th - 21st  October. ( One Point )
 If you look at the number on my face you won't find thirteen anyplace. What am I?
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Solution to last weeks puzzle
Because there are more Chinese men than Japanese men.
53rd News
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
Latest News:
A Parents cheese and wine party will
be arranged on the 27th Oct at the
Moutayiaka Scout hut at 6.30pm to
7.30pm giving them time to get to
know each other  while they are
waiting for their Children to finish the
Lantern March.
The minutes of the last Parents
meeting can be found on the Parents
The Program for October  can now
be found on the Calendar Page.
The Family Car Treasure hunt has
been Canceled due to low numbers.
Last updated on  14.10.2018
Dhekelia 2017
60th Celebration Sunset Cruise
The next Cub, Scout and Explorer Meetings will
be on the 20th October at 3.00pm to 5.30pm at
the Moutayiaka scout hut.

Estelle, the 53rds Parents Committee
Secretary will be running Yoga classes every
Tuesday at the Moutayiaka Scout hut from 6pm
to 7pm for Parents and friends of the 53rd. The
cost is €5 and everyone is welcome.
Above: The 53rd outside the Larnaca Fort Jan 2018.
Theltio Thrasis
Photo of the Week:
53rd Scouts and Explorers at the
Lemesis Cycle around Limassol
on Sunday 14th October.
Picture of  October.
53rd Explorers and Scouts at the
K1.5 Hike finish, Troodos Square
on Sunday 7th Oct.
Roverway Netherlands 2018
Getting Ready for the new Scouting Year.
On Saturday 25th August all the Leaders together with some Explorers, spent
the weekend at the Cyprus Scouts Associations house in Troodos. During the
weekend we enjoyed a wonderful Souvla and a fascinating Moonlight Hike
around the Artemis trail. We also used the weekend to plan a new and
exciting program for the coming year.  All together the Group will be 120
members plus 30 new and we are prepared to offer them a fun and exciting
Scouting Program. Are you ready?
1) Newsletter 13th Oct
53rd Scouting Trips Abroad
Full Uniform by 21st October.
For the month of October the Shop will be open from 2pm to 8pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from
10.30am to 12.30pm. All Scouts must be in full uniform by the 21st October. That is Shirts and Green Beret. To
check for items please call Maria on 25564380. A map of the Location of the Scout shop can be found on the
Uniform page. We are aware that there WILL be problems with supplies at the Scout Shop and ask you all to be
patient and not take out your frustration on Maria. We recommend you pay for the missing items and when she
gets them from the main Scout shop in Nicosia, Skip will collect them and bring to the meetings.
Halloween Party
The Explorers are organising a Halloween party on Friday 2nd November. The
party is open to all our members which can also bring a friend. Tickets can be
bought from Nafsika ( Chue ) at €8.00 per person. No more tickets will be
available after the 27th October. Also we ask Parents to keep in mind that we
expect the friends of our Cubs, Scouts and Explorers coming to the party to obey
our rules and regulations. The Halloween Party will be at the Scout hut in
Moutayiaka starting at 6.00pm and finishing at 8.00pm
K1.5 Hike 2018
On Sunday 7th October 60 scouts and Explorer scouts took to the mountains to complete
the annual K1.5 sponsored hike. The hike is a 14kms hike with a 1km height gain which
proves to be  very challenging especially to some of the newer members.  However the
rewarding sense of achievement is second to non and of course members receive the
all important K1.5 t-shirt.  This would not be possible without the help of the leaders who
manned important check points and the young leaders who encouraged and supported
all the members to help them complete the hike.  Thank you to everyone.