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Trip to the Vasso Pantechi pottery workshop 17th March 2018.
On Saturday 17th March we went to a pottery workshop. The first thing we had was a tour of the place
and the people who took us on our tour told us how to make vases. At the end of the tour we got to make
our own vase but we didn’t have enough time to finish them so we got to take the clay home. At the end
of the day we got a surprise and it was cake. By Alexander L ( Cub ).
Camping and Hike 11-12th of March 2018.
On Saturday the 11th of March we camped at the Moutayiaka Scout hut.At first we played
some interesting games and when it was almost diner time we changed into our
comfortable clothes. We ate our dinner that was Chicken, Potatoes and Salad. After that we
prepared the benches around the camp fire so that we could melt Marchmellows, sing
songs and show funny sketches.We slept in the hut and the girls got plus points.
The next morning, we prepared our breakfast and made our snacks for the hike. We went by
bus up into the mountains to join the Scouts for a 6km hike to be exact. I enjoyed the camp
and hike very much and I am looking forward to the next trip. By Lea R ( Cub ).
53rd Cubs enjoying an
easter egg hunt during
their meeting on the 31st
March 2018.
53rd Cubs explain more
about the Scout salute
and handshake at the
53rd's Thinking Day
Church Service on the
24th Feb 2018.