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Above: Cubs on their Cyclist
Badge 25th Jan 2015.
Trip to Nicosia 30th Jan 2016
On Saturday 30th January the 53rd had a very busy day in Nicosia.  The trip
started with a visit to the Nicosia Police Station and the driving awareness
park.  Here the Police officer gave the children a presentation on the
importance of road safety covering everything from walking, cycling, and the
correct use of seat beats and making them aware of the various dangers
encountered on the road.  They then had the opportunity to put what they had
learnt into practice by using the specially made circuit outside.  All the
children had a chance to participate as pedestrians, cyclists and also
motorists using the special buggies designed for the children to ride.  Even
the leaders joined in on the fun.  Afterwards we all took a short ride to the
exhibition centre where they visited the “living Dinosaur exhibition’’.  Here the
children had a chance to experience a land filled with enormous automated
life sized dinosaurs.  They also had a chance to excavated dinosaur bones
and then were treated to a viewing of a 3D film about the life of a dinosaur.  
Before returning to Limassol the group visited the Atalassa Park where they
had a chance to eat lunch and play in the park.  Everyone got so much out of
this trip; it was an amazing experience for all.
Trip to the Zoo 13th Feb.
On Saturday 13th February as part of their star work entitled ‘Science and nature the cub
pack visited the Limassol Zoo.  After being divided into groups, they then had a look
around the zoo at all the animals, taking a close look at what animals were there, their
habitats and information boards.  We then had a short break with a juice and a snack and
played in the playground inside the zoo.  After the break the groups reformed and were
given a quiz about the animals in the zoo.  Each group had to find the answers by
revisiting the animals.  The trip was a great learning experience and success.  The team
lead by Christianna won the quiz after a tiebreaker with Anthony’s team. Thanks to
Samantha for taking the time to visit the zoo beforehand and preparing the quiz.  Cubs did
follow up work on an animal of their choice to complete the star work task.  Thank you to
the young leaders and Explorers who helped make this trip a success.
Overnight Camp and hike 2nd - 3rd April.
The cubs enjoyed they first camp/hike combination on Saturday
3rd April.  During the camp the cubs used their homemade
periscopes to find clues, learnt how to make compasses and
made crystals all to complete the requirements for their
science badge. They also had their first lesson in how to map
read in readiness for the next day. They had campfire which
was run by the young leaders and slept indoors due to the
nights still being cold.  Next morning after breakfast they set off
by bus to join the scouts in Silikou village.  They then did an
uphil 4 kms hike from Silikou to Lophos.  They had a great
camp and hike and managed to complete two of their outdoor
camping requirements for their star work.   Raksha GSL.
Above: The 53rd gets
presented with the Cub 100
Year Flag which flies for the
first time at the Cub meeting
on the 23rd April.
Cub District Game, In the footsteps of Mogoli 16th April.
On Saturday 16th April Cubs from the 12 groups in the District of
Limassol gathered in the Municipal Gardens to take part in a District
event marking the 100 years of cub scouts.  On arrival the were divided
into teams and taken to various parts of the park.  They played a series
of games, They made paper Mogoli's and deciphered messages.
They joined in traditional cub scout campfire songs and were told the tradition story of Mogoli,
which is what cub scouts are based on.  They had a fabulous time at this very well organised
event.  At the end of the day they were all presented by a commemorative bracelet and a jar of
chocolate eggs and the troop was given their 100 year flag which can be seen flying on our
flag pole for 2016.  Thanks once again to the young leaders for their great help. Raksha GSL.
Cub Camp Moutayiaka Scout Hut 12th - 13th Nov.
On Saturday night the 53rd Cubs camped at the Moutayiaka Scout Hut . Thankfully the
weather was still warm for November. We started our meeting by putting up and taking
down tents and making stretchers. After the meeting we prepared our beds inside the
Cub and Scout rooms and then after we ate yummy chicken and potatoes. After dinner
we sang songs around the camp fire and we drank delicious hot chocolate and eat
Birthday cake. Then we went to brush our teeth and go to sleep.
The next morning we started off the day with warm up exercises. Then we prepared
our own tasty breakfast. We had fun preparing the meal and we helped each other.
There were more games after breakfast to finish off a fantastic camp.  My favorite part
of the camp was the camp fire and the camp songs. By Grace S
Above: The 53rd cubs at the
Scout St Georges Day
Parade on Sunday 20th Nov
in Paralimni.
Above: A Proud Moment for
the 53rd. This Years Leaping
Wolves with the Going Up Log.
Christmas Camp Platania 10th - 11th Decemeber.