The 53rd St Barnabas Scout Group is an English
speaking Group running in Yermasoyia and
Moutayiaka Village area in Limassol. At this
moment in time we have 90 members and are
growing steadily.

The present 53rd Group Scout Leader ( GSL ) is
Tracey Vlamis ( Raksha )

Explorer Leader: Skip.
Assistant Explorer Leader:

Scout Leader:
Assistant Scout Leaders:
Stephanos, Anastasia, Nafsika and Vassiliki.

Cub Leader: Maria
Assistant Cub Leaders: Alan, Terry, Melissa, Elin,
and Stephanie V.

First Aider Leader: Tracey V
The 53rd has also a very active Parents Committee they are:

53rd Chairperson: Isaias Ioannides
Vice Chairperson: Adonis F
Treasurer: Georgina A
Assistant Treasurer:  Maria A
Secretary: Estelle K
Asset Assessment Manager: Marina A  

The following Parents complete the Committee:
Bitte L                                 Konrad R
Elizabeth P                        Ann K    
Shane R
More on the Parents Committees activities can be seen on the Parents Page.
About Us
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
Above: The 53rd Leaders.