The 53rd St Barnabas Scout Group is an English
speaking Group running in Yermasoyia and
Moutayiaka Village area in Limassol. At this
moment in time we have 90 members and are
growing steadily.

The present Group Scout Leader ( GSL ) is
Tracey Vlamis ( Raksha )

Explorer Leader: Alex R,  Peter E ( 246th GSL )
Assistant Explorer Leader:

Scout Leader:
Assistant Scout Leaders:
Stephanos, Anastasia and Christopher.

Cub Leader: Maria
Assistant Cub Leaders:
Christianna, Terry, Melissa, Eleni, Christina and
Stephanie V.

First Aider Leader: Tracey V

More about the 53rd can be read on the 53rd History
Page link which is on the Homepage
The 53rd has also a very active Parents Committee they are:

53rd Chairperson: Isaias Ioannides
246th Chairman: Eva Triandafillides
Vice Chairperson: Adonis F
Treasurer: Georgina A
Assistant Treasurer:  Marina A  
Secretary: Ann Karekla
Asset Assessment Manager:

The following Parents complete the Committee:
Bitte L                                Estelle K
Elizabeth P                      
More on the Parents Committees activities can be seen on the Parents Page.
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53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
Above: Parents and
Leaders at the Sayious
Adventure Park in Jan 2014.
Above: The 53rd with the
Cyprus Scout Associations
100 Year Flags in Dec
2013 marking the end of
the 100 Year Celebrations.
Above 53rd Leaders.
From left: Stephanos ( Hawkeye ), Ian, Nick, Charlie, Christos ( Zimba ),
Tracey ( Raksha ), Christianna, Hanna, Sam, Eva, Anthony, Terry.
Above: The 53rd, 246th and 281st Groups at the Curium Amphitheater
on the 8th Feb 2014.
This Scouting Year the Cyprus
Scouts Association will be
changing the Uniforms. There will
be new uniforms for Cubs,
Scouts, Explorers and Leaders.
The colours of the shirt and
trousers have changed, so none
of the old uniform is compatible.