53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
World Scout Jamboree 2011 Sweden.
First day: Everybody gathered at the scout hut at 11:30 with their luggage, got on the bus and set off for the airport. Everyone was very excited. When some of us had
wrapped their bags and we checked in, we had one and a half hours free time to have lunch until we met at the gate. Once on the plane, we took off for Vienna.
As we were getting close to Vienna, we were saying how organized the Austrians looked (by their houses being so neatly in rows). When we got to the airport, we went
through check in again and took off for Copenhagen. When we arrived, we saw some other scouts from Italy asking us where we were from. We said «Cyprus», they looked
puzzled. Then one of them said «Chypro!» and started chatting excitedly in Italian. Then our leaders started calling out names to come for their luggage. It turned out that
eight people had lost their luggage in Vienna (so much for the Austrians being organised!). I was one of them. They said it would arrive at the campsite about lunch time
tomorrow.We got on the bus for a two hour ride. Most of us tried to sleep since it was 2:00 in the morning. Olivia and Charlie were a bit hyper though...  When we arrived,
there was a person asking us who of us was an IST. We were looking puzzled. Ice tea? Then people started saying that they would like an Ice tea or a Pepsi. Then they told
us that an IST is a type of helper at the jamboree, not an ice tea...After the confusion, we put up our tents and went to sleep.

Second day (28/7). We got up and put up the campsite. Then we had breakfast (sandwiches). Some people went in to «town» to explore. Others went to swap badges.
Some of us were still waiting for our luggage to arrive... It rained quite a lot... At 21:00 we went to the Opening Ceremony. It was full of scouts from all over the world. The
whole space was filled. We heard the «I’m changing the world today» song every now and again. And there were flags from all the 156 countries coming down the hill, and
at the same time, balls that looked like the earth were slowly coming down the hill. When we heard Cyprus being called out we were jumping up and down like mad. After
that... BEAR GRYLLS HAD APPEARED! He came down on a rope. Then he made a little speech about «we are part of a worldwide family». After that he made a cartwheel
and «gave» (as representative of the UK) the authority of the jamboree on to Sweden. After that when he left, there was some funny stuff on the program like «the Plop». We
had to point our index finger in the air, then after three, we put it in our mouth and did the «plop». It sounded funny coming from 40000 scouts (a bit like a bubbling cauldron).
Then the funniest part was that they told us that we had to do it in the other person’s mouth (urgh!). They told us after they were only joking...
At 11:00 we had to go to bed. Well, for us «Dream» was waiting. We waited two hours in line! On the way, we met some people from Nottingham. Some of us were so
sleepy we just gave up, and went back to bed.

Day 3 (29/7). At last! Our luggage came! It was a bit ironic when we went because we had to wait, «they had to finish with Turkey first». When we went back to the campsite,
the 53rd went face painting and made balloons.
After that, some of us went to «town» to the scout shop. Me, Emilio, Jessica and Anna bought umbrella hats. They were funny.
Later on we met some Irish who helped us with the Irish bracelet (each activity earns a bead).This time we needed to find ten Irish people and write down their names.
After that everyone met back at the campsite, some Japanese showed up and we swapped some badges and took photos. Later we put out some Cyprus Delights on the
table for everyone. Quite a few people tried them. Later we went to some French people’s campsite and tried some strong, cheesy type of food. It was a weird taste. Then we
«sneaked» off to some English campsite and «sneaked» some pancakes. We made friends with some of them too. But, when we came back, we found out there were
more pancakes waiting for us, specifically Natalie, because it was her birthday. We sang «Happy Birthday» and enjoyed our second pancakes that day. After the Irish came
to visit and at 23:00 we went to bed.

Day 4 (30/7). Today we had our shower. IT WAS FREEZING! My feet got numb! After that we packed our lunch and went to «Earth». First we went to «Soil» where we put dirty
water into different types of earth like sand, stones, soil etc. Then we had to taste it. That didn’t work out very well... After was «Water». We had to build a dam, and not let the
water get «polluted» and let the animals die.  By the time we reached «Wind» and «Oxygen» it was pouring (this is where the umbrella hats came in use ).
After that we had free time until 3:30. Some of us went to carry on the Irish bracelet (we had to do an Irish activity, we chose Irish dancing. It was funny.) .Some of us went to
do the «Be a light house» badge, in the Faith and Belief zone. We had to visit four different faiths (every tent had a faith that had an activity). The lighthouse is supposed to
show you the right way. That is what everyone has to do, show the right way to others. E.g. in the Buddhist section, we could make a little doll, where the body could go up
and down.  If we did a good deed, the body would go up, which means it would have longer legs and be happier, if we did a bad deed, and then the body would go down and
get sad. Later we went to the ceremony all about the «Be A Lighthouse». It rained all the way through it. After that, we had time to do the friendship award. We had to have a
patrol of at least two nationalities, of four to eight people.  We «cheated» a bit by using Hanna as a Swedish.
After the Irish had visited us, we went to «Dream» again (Skip wanted a bead for the group, and since the leaders weren’t allowed to go we had to go for them). This time we
were ready because there was a shorter line and we had had enough sleep. It was very mysterious. It was about life, going backwards. It started from death (we crossed a
green, smoky room), then went on to being old. On the negative side e.g. losing your eyesight, (we had to wear goggles with tape and walk on a log) and on the positive side
e.g. being wise (we had to look at some wise things wise people said). After we went to being young (we created an imaginary person and his life); to being a baby (We had
to think of our childhood and our life until now).
At about 1:00 we went to bed.

Day 5 (31/7). We got up had breakfast (bacon, scrambled eggs and beans!). Then we packed our lunch and went to GDV (Global Development Village).  We learned about
first aid, we built stretchers etc. At 11:00 we had lunch. Skip sent us afterwards to get some milk from the trolley (there was a IST going around with a trolley with free milk in
and when you finished with the carton, then you would go to the tent where you would hand in the carton, choose a number and watch the wheel turn. If you got the number
right, then you would win a toy cow, two badges and a Spork. So you can see why Skip sent us quite a few times).
At 13:00 we went to «Peace» where we played a game that two teams of two people had to keep stealing each other’s plastic balls on their side and they weren’t allowed to
protect them.  That was supposed to show us about «fighting». Then we played the «human knot». Then we did a sketch about confliction.  After we got our beads, we had
free time to finish off the friendship award and pack for tomorrow’s Camp in Camp. The showers were a lot warmer than the first time! Later on we found the Irish again and
played chess or chatted to them. At 23:00 we went to bed.  

Day 6 (1/8). We got up at 6:00 and quickly got ready for Camp in Camp (we had to be at the bus at 8:00). We scraped through on time. In the bus it was so hot, everybody
was falling asleep fast. Then again what else were we going to do for two hours?
When we arrived we had lunch and went to our tents. All the girls were in one tent and the boys were with Skip in another. Until two o’clock we had free time, so we went to
explore the campsite. We met Daniel, from Australia (Skip called him Ozzie).
At 2:00 we went to the lake, where we were going to go canoeing. Me, Natalie, Jessica, Samantha and Skip were in one canoe, Alex, Hanna, Charlie and 2 other Swedish
people in another, and Anna & Nick in another. Some of us went swimming as well (obviously it was quite cold). The water looked a bit like coke! Later we found out that it
was because of the iron in it. Skip’s UV from his glasses had melted! Later on (back in the canoes) we saw a snake swimming across the lake (its head).
We had a lot of awesome pictures taken! (As you can see...) After that, at 4:00, we came back from the lake and we were cooking dinner (burgers). Some people had an
extra lock and thought of locking Skip in the tent when he was sleeping. Later on some people went to play rugby with other people from the camp.  
At 17:00 we did flag break and then went to campfire. There were a lot of new sketches that were funny. The Polish sang, so did the Caribean scouts etc.
After that we went to bed. The boys told us that they found it hard to sleep with Skip snoring. It was funny, ‘because we could hear it from our tent.

Day 7(2/8). At 7:00 we got up with the ISTs banging on pots and pans. It was a bit annoying! Afterwards, we packed and went on a nature trail. It was fantastic. We picked and
tried raspberries, lingonberries, clover and we were lucky to find blueberries! When we stopped for a bit, we played a game with horseshoes against the Swedish (Hanna
was our secret weapon!) Whilst we were walking, we had to play another game. There were plastic bottles which were connected to a rope and we had to take them and
follow the rope to the end. Up and down, left and right. There was a time where we had to go up the hill and down again. When we were finishing the trail, we tried some raw
fish with potato. That was strangely nice. Later we tried caviar with some sort of dry biscuit and later some raspberry soup. Swedish food is weird, but tasty!
After the nature trail, we left the campsite. In the bus, the Polish sang with their guitar songs like «Halleluiah (from Shrek) and the jamboree song «I’m changing the world
today». We found out later that they were our neighbours!
When we arrived, we had free time. Some of us went carving hoi-hoi sticks (you rub two sticks together and the propeller spins...). After that, back at the campsite the English
came over for dinner. After dinner, we gathered in a circle and did sketches. We learned songs like «lama», «Elephant», «Bugaloo»etc. Allaga tonka worked well as usual.
After that, the Irish visited and then we went to bed.

Day 8 (3/8). When Skip’s team was on duty for breakfast, me and Natalie went shopping to get some cheese, bacon, nectarines, bread, and butter. When we got there, we
started looking for the ingredients. There was no bacon, no cheese, no cheese spread, and no nectarines. We got the butter, and we were wondering whether or not to get
some Yoggies, since the shelf was full of them (Yoggie is a type of drink that is half milk, half yoghurt). When we came back, we were sent back to get some Yoggies and
some apples. When we got there for the second time, we got the apples and – no Yoggies! That shows how much everybody loves them. And when we got back, we found
out that everybody had finished off  the bread and everything else. Good thing there were still the beans and egg.
Afterwards we went to «People». We had to discuss about some pictures, made little decorations and played a game, and then we went to see a theatre. Jessica, Natalie
and Elena went as representatives to the «Gathering of scouts of the Commonwealth» Later, we went to the tower and it was really beautiful! We could see the whole
campsite! After that we had free time. When we came back, we got dinner ready, because we were going to have the Americans over for dinner. It was interesting to talk to
them.  After that we went to a concert and danced. It was fun. At 23:00 we went to bed.

Day 9 (4/8). We got up and went to the church service. Afterwards, we went to take our photo for the website. Later we had time to go to the built Tivoli (amusement park). The
haystack climbing was quite difficult. Today we had «Culture Day». That meant that every campsite had to present something from their country. We put out Cyprus Delights;
people could sign our flag, and make woggles. Later some of our scouts danced traditional dancing. Other countries had all sorts of things to do like the Polish (our
neighbours) made biscuits and put some red cream on, the Italians had roasted apple to try, and the English had some sort of scones to try. The Japanese wrote on people’
s arms a word in Japanese such as «food» or «peace». After that, there was the «Culture Festival». In the end, everybody was dancing. At 23:00 we went to bed.

Day 10(5/8). Today we went to «Quest». It was one of the best of the module activities (I liked Camp in Camp the most). In the beginning we were dancing Y-M-C-A. When it
was time to say Y-M-C-A, the music would stop and everybody would yell Y-M-C-A. We went to «Viking» first, where we played games, such as the one where somebody got
on the A-frame, and we lowered it so he/she could get the beanbags.
Next was the «Medieval Times» where we played a game which we had to take the golf ball through the pipes and get it to the end, and another game where we pulled
strings and had to be able to put the tin can into the castle (we ended up just picking it up with our hand and putting it in).
Later we went to «Conquest». It was a-maze-ing. We went into a maze, and had to find our way to find the numbers by doing activities and unlock the lock at the end.  
Last, we went to do an obstacle course and follow the «Green Dragon». It was fun!
After we finished and had free time. Some of us went to finish the Irish bracelet (we gave the photos in as proof that we had eaten with the Irish, and then we made an Irish
flag and finally brought in the receipt that we’d eaten at the Irish restaurant . Skip had given us his receipt when he’d gone).
At 16:00, we met with the others and went to the 4D cinema. It was about «Countryside in Austria». It showed a lot of fun stuff, like when the man in the movie smelled the
apple, they would spray us apple scent. Or if somebody was skiing, the ISTs would jump on all four corners of the square the chairs were on, whilst spraying us with water
and the lights would flash. After that me, Samantha, Nick, Katie, Anna, Emilio and Skip went ice skating. It was funny watching people fall down!  Later at 22:50 we went to
bed. (Tomorrow was going to be a very tiring day).

Day 11(6/8). Today we started packing up the campsite. After taking down most of the campsite, me, Natalie, Anna, Nick, Hanna and Samantha went for an ice cream.
The Closing Ceremony was really good! There were quite a few singers that came. Europe had come and sang «The Final Countdown» .By that time it was POURING! We
thought that we might as well enjoy the rain since we were going to get wet anyway...The end was my favourite. The song of Katy Perry «Firework» was playing and at the
same time fireworks were exploding in the sky! The moment the song said «rainbow» fireworks in the shape of a rainbow had burst! We ended completely with the
jamboree song «I’m changing the world today» and «giving» the authority to Japan for 2015. Their motto is going to be «WA».  
It was sad watching the ceremony close...

Day 12(7/8). We got up early and started taking down the rest of the campsite and getting ready for inspection. Whilst we were walking to the place where we were going to
meet the bus, we could see that everything was coming down and changed the scenery. Then when we were waiting for the bus, the Irish came to say goodbye (they said
that we might meet them in Tivoli later).  
Later we left for Copenhagen. When we got there we got our keys for our rooms and had free time until 17:30.We were glad to have proper beds and have showers!
Everybody kept looking into everyone else’s rooms and chatted excitedly. At 18:00 we met in the sitting room and left for the train station. When we arrived in Tivoli gardens,
we saw the famous «Little Mermaid». Whilst we were walking we saw more statues. One of my favourites was a fountain that had a rider in a chariot, riding bulls. You could
see the water coming out as if the bulls and the chariot were splashing through water. After the Tivoli Gardens, we went, changed our money into Danish Kroners (the coins
have holes in them!), and some people went to McDonalds and the others went to Hard Rock.  After that, we left for the train station. A lot of people were hyper!  
When we got back, after calming down, we went to bed.  

Day 13(8/8). We got up at 8:30 and had breakfast. Then we took our waterproofs and went downstairs. We got the train and went to Tivoli Amusement Park. It was
AWESOME!!!!! The rides were fantastic! There was one where we sat in a swing, it would turn around and around whilst we got lifted into the air! There was another called
«The Dragon». It looked like a spider. There were three seats in each «leg» and each seat would toss and turn and spin! We felt a bit dizzy after it, but it was really good!
Another one was called the «Red Devil». Me and Christian sat in the front row, whilst Nick, Jessica and Hanna sat in the second row. It lasted a few seconds, but it was a lot
of fun. We turned a lot of loops. We met the Irish scouts again! Towards the end, I wanted candy floss and they told me it was going to be big, so I thought ok, whatever. It
turned out to be MASSIVE! Samantha, Natalie and Sophie «helped» me finish it off (It was a very sticky end!). We came back at 19:00. It was a fun day...

Day 14 (9/8). Today we went on the canal. It was great! We saw the Mermaid (again), the place where Hans Christian Anderson lived for a bit, and a church where they
sound the cannons at precisely 8:00.There was a time where we had to be quiet, because the people of the apartments were fed up with hearing the tour of the canal all the
time... We had to mind our heads quite a few times, because of bridges.  After the canal, we went to McDonalds and had free time until 2:30.
Later on, some people went to Louisiana (an art museum), and the rest went to «Believe It Or Not». In «Believe It Or Not» there were a lot of weird things like a calf with two
heads, or a bird with paws, or a man with double pupils! There was a statue made out of shreds of dollars, a seat made out of horseshoes, and a beetle with drawings on.
My favourite was the mirror which we could see the other people on the other side, but they just looked at their reflection not suspecting a thing!
After that we went on a Hans Christian Anderson expedition. It told us about Hans Christian Anderson’s life and some of his stories.
After that we went to the train station and bought tonight’s dinner, and tomorrow’s breakfast. When we got on the train, some people sneaked into first class! When we got
back to the hotel, people started getting hyper again (Charlie was singing and dancing, and Nick was pretending to be Sonic).
We were supposed to go to bed and get up at 2:00, but a lot of people didn’t...

Day 15(10/8). When we got up at 2:30 (or at least were supposed to) we packed the rest of our stuff and got downstairs yawning. Some people were saying that the bus was
going to be a double decker. It didn’t really matter, because the airport was two minutes away... When we arrived, everybody got their luggage and because we were so
sleepy, we started lying on each other’s luggage and closing our eyes. After the check-in and getting to the gate, we huddled up again. I repeat: everybody was like zombies!
I was so tired, that I didn’t even feel the plane lift off! Once in Vienna, we checked in again and took off. In Larnaca, it got hot again (no!). I was just hoping that my luggage
didn’t get lost again! Good thing it didn’t! Skip asked us who wanted to go back to the Jamboree. Any other time I would have said yes immediately, BUT RIGHT NOW I
It was a fantastic Jamboree! I have some crazy experiences to remember!!
By Eva Karekla.