53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Three Peak Challenge UK 2018.
53rd UK Three Peak Challenge 2nd and 3rd June 2018.
On the 1st June 11 members of the 53rd meet in
Manchester. Skip, Isaias, Andreas, Nafsika, Christianna and
Emilios flying in from Cyprus and Christos, Alex R,  Nich E,
Samantha and Michael  from southern parts of England. At
mid day we started the long drive up to Fort William in
Scotland with a stop at Glasgow Airport to pick up Hanna,
Laura and George K. Now the 53rd Three Peak Challenge
team were all together and ready for this adventure after
talking about it for so long. At 8pm we arrived at our Lodge,
unpacked and went into Fort William to buy supplies for
dinner. After looking at the weather and hike route we all
went to bed to rest before the early start the next day.
It was a quick bathroom break and hello -
goodbye to Clare, Lulu and Anna and by
5.00pm we were all in the two cars and back
on the road. By now it had started to rain and
the drive to Scafell Pike was 6 hours. It rained
all the way and stopped just as we entered
England. We had a stop in Gretna for a bath
room break and something to eat. At 11pm we
arrived in the Scafell Pike parking area.
Looking up the mountain you could see the
lines of hikers with their torches coming down,
not many seemed to be getting ready to climb
at this time. This summit only 8 would be
going, Nafsika and Isaias we need for driving
so they got some rest.  After nearly three hours
climbing with our torches we finally reached
the summit of Scafell Pike at 1.50am. By
3.30am we were back in the car park to find
that Mastou had also joined our support team.
After coffee and hot soap prepared by Mastou
and Laura we were all on the road by 3.50am.
Co-drivers Nafsika and Samantha now guided
our drivers Skip, Andreas and Isaias to Wales
while we all slept to recover for the last climb.
Saturday 2nd June. Early wake up 6.30am. Breakfast and out by 7.00am. Rain expected in the afternoon. By 8am
we were all at the Ben Nevis visitors center and ready to hike with our new 53rd three peak challenge T- Shirts. 10
Hikers for this summit. Skip, Laura, Andreas and Samantha ( who was injured ) stayed behind to rest and
geocache. They also had a visit from Clare, Lulu and Anna Morari, starting off the 53rd Reunion part of the
weekend. For us it was a long uphill, in sunny weather. Closer to the top we also saw some snow. After 4 hours
we finally reached the top, Ben Nevis 1344m, and the start  time to our three peak 12.30pm. Now the 24 hour
clock was ticking. We took much longer than expected to come back down. We reach the visitors center at 4.40pm.
At 7am we made another stop for breakfast and by 9am we
were in Wales at the start of the PYG Track to Snowdon. By
now we were exhausted by flying on adrenalin. At 12.06pm we
reached the summit of Snowdon. The 53rd Three Peak
Callenge final time  23Hrs and 36min. A big success for the
53rd Network. Hikers Christos Sk, Alex R, Nicholas E, Hanna,
Christianna V, George K, Michael H and Emilios. Well done to
all for making this dream come true and thank you for those
who sponsored us. We had a very good support team and our
hikers were always up for the Challenge. A true Scouting
attitude as always. The next Three Peak Challenge has been
set for June 2020 so get training.
Once we all arrived back at the Hotel
in Manchester it was time to party
with the 53rd's UK Reunion. Eros
and Dalia showed up and it was
time for scouting stories over dinner
and drinks.