Keep on Scouting.
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
The 53rd will keep on Scouting. We are introducing a new participation badge, Keep on Scouting, for our Explorers,
Scouts and Cubs. Every Sunday a task will be posted; this task may be done with other family members with you
wearing your kneckers. You must take photos and send them to the 53rd’s Email and we will post the collection on
the 53rd’s Facebook Page and Web site. The idea is to get our members away from the screens and spend two
hours doing something simple they would normally do during our weekly meetings. Email:

TASK Six ( 19th - 25th April )
This week’s task is Keeping Fit. Watch the video on the 53rd's Facebook page, then download the Keep fit Progress
chart and follow the instructions. You must do the cycles every day and send back by email. No Photos need for this
task. Lets get in Shape before we get back.
To see requirements for all badges Click Task 3,4,5 or 6
on the progress chart below. All badge work must be
completed and handed in by the 9th May.
Cub Sportsman  Badge Requirments
Scout Sports Enthusiasts  Badge Requirments
Scout Writers Badge Requirments
Take the Challenge. Click here to open
the  53rd Keep fit progress Chart