Keep on Scouting.
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Since the Lockdown the 53rds has started a new participation badge, Keep on Scouting, for our Explorers, Scouts and Cubs. There are 8
Tasks to be done and Members must do all 8 to get their Badge. All tasks must be finished and sent in by the 16th May. Some of the tasks
can also be used for Award Requirments by the Section Leaders.  Members must complete this task and take a photo wearing their 53rd
neckers, sending it to the 53rd’s Email to be posted on our Facebook Page and Web site.

Parallel with the Keep on Scouting participation Badge, 53rd Cubs and Scouts also have the chance to do some badge work. These
badges are posted together with the Task of the week. Badges done to date are Book Readers, Artist, Cooks, Writers,Sports enthusiasts
and Crafts.To see requirements for all badges Click Task 3,4,5,6 or 7 on the progress chart below. All badge work must also be
completed and handed in by the 16th May.

TASK Eight ( 3rd - 16th May )
This week’s task is Planting and Growing. Plant a seed and look after it until it grows. You will have two weeks to complete this task.
When complete take a photo and send to the 53rd email. The 53rd Email address is