53rd Trip to KISC Switzerland 12th - 23rd July 2017
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Day 1 Wednesday 12th July. Everyone was at the Scout hut by 7am.  At the Scout hut our leaders gave us a card with contact
details so we attach on our suitcase. We packed the bus and by 7:30 we were on our way to the airport. You could hear the
excitement in everyone’s voices when they spoke determined to make many memories on this extraordinary trip. After a long bus
drive, we made our way to our gate. Had some free time to do some shopping and eat, and by 9:45 we were ready to board the
plane. It took a while for everyone to be seated, especially those wanting to sit with their friends. At 10:30 the plane took off.  Some
were sleeping , some were talking and playing. At 12:15 we arrived in Athens and everyone ran to the gate so we wouldn’t be late.
At the gate there was a  kiosk, so we all bought water and food, and waited for our gate to open. Turns out there was a delay with
the plane being prepared so we had to wait another 10 min to board. By 2 o’clock we were all seated on the plane and took off. A
long 2 hours later we were finally in Switzerland!!! Everyone rushed to get their bags so we could get on the bus to Kandersteg. By
the first hour and a half, everyone on the coach was seated nicely but by the end of it, everyone was scattered around, playing
cards, sleeping or talking. When we entered kandersteg everyone on the coach was screaming from excitement. We all got our
bags, went to our assigned rooms, unpacked and went down to our table. Skip took us for a tour around the campsite and showed
us the BP campfire and told us the history of the campsite. We arrived back ate our dinner, showered and went off to bed, Excited
for what the further days hold for us. By Melissa
Day 2 Thursday 13th July. We woke up at  6.30am and prepared for the fun day ahead. We had
breakfast which was cereal and fruit. Group one and two began with the Discovery Trail: a Route around
the campsite of KISC, to help us get to know the area and Group 3 the Green Chalet trail and food
shopping. We learnt some very interesting facts about the area and its history. The KISC campsite
includes two tunnels (one which has a map of all the countries that have attended KISC), a Sauna, a
Tower and a Chapel. In front of the Chapel was a Rock which had Symbols from every religion, This
Rock symbolised that we may all seem different and have different ideas and beliefs but at the end of
the day we are all the same. We later returned to our campsite for some free time where we all dunked
our feet into the freezing cold river. For lunch we all ate pizza with fries and then we split into our groups
again to do the Kander Trail. This Trial involved a lot of beautiful scenery and exploring the village. We
finished the trial in the village where we had some free time to do some shopping and then we caught
the bus back. Dinner was Chicken and Potatoes with salad. After dinner we got split up again and we
went on the light trail. We were given lanterns and we talked about making the world a better place, our
loved ones and how we could change for the best. We finished at a small campfire in which we made
some friends and sang calming songs. After, some hot Chocolate and a shower and then bed. By Irene
Day 3 Friday 14th July. We woke up at seven this morning and prepared for our long but fun day ahead. We
had breakfast which was cereal, ham and cheese sandwiches. We were supposed to be going to the glacier
lake and the sled run but since it was raining we had a change of plans and we hiked to Blausee instead. We
made our Sandwiches and set of for our 9 km hike to Blausee. There was a gorgeous blue lake that amazed
us and a park with lots of fun things to do ( for example: Big rotating swings, huge slide, rope climbing ect.)
we had free time for about an hour in which we ate lunch, we had sausages that we grilled at the park by
Group 3 and had lots of fun in the park. After that we took the bus back to a place near Kisc and we went
geocaching in the really pretty village. We saw a ‘ropes park’ with rope swings. We also did some bonder
bashing which a lot of us where scared to do. After we had a small walk back to Kisc and had free time for an
hour so we could go shower and relax. After that we had dinner which was burger and chips and after fruit
yogurt for desert. We then cleared up and got ready for the international campfire. There were lots scouts from
various countries. We sang lots of fun songs and watched lots of sketches. There was also a performance I
particularly enjoyed which was a girl singing a song that was written by herself while playing her ukulele.
Campfire finished at 10 and we went back to our kitchen for hot chocolate and we went to bed. By Carys.
Day 4 Saturday 15th July
Group 1:
Today we got down to the kitchen at 6am because our group was duty for breakfast. After that we went on  the Evolving Alps hike with a Pinkie. Our route
lay along a beautiful river. During this hike we were told how the Alps were formed and how to identify different rock type. When we came back we had a sandwich
and some free time. At 2:15 we went to do a Pioneering Competition. There we built a tripod and a Bridge. After that we had more free time to take a shower and
get ready for dinner. In the evening we played volley and had hot chocolate. Finally we went to sleep. By Alexey. K
Group 2: We woke up at 6am and we had breakfast at 7am. The breakfast was cereals and a sandwich. After breakfast we got ready for our hike to Gastental. At 8:
30 we left the centre and made our way. We had a pinkie  that was guiding us. We stopped at a Hotel in the Forest for a 20 minutes break and we had some fun
on a zip line. We continued walking towards Selden. Because of time limit  we had to stop for lunch midway and then turned back. For lunch we had sandwiches
and fruit. On the way back we stopped at the same Hotel and had ice-cream and we had some more fun at the zip line. Then we returned to the centre. We had
showers and we went to the village by bus for 40 minutes. We returned back and we had dinner which was spaghetti Bolognese. After dinner we had free time  in
the Chalet then went to bed. By Stylianos.A
Group3: On Saturday we woke up bright and early and started to get ready for our hike. At 7 we ate breakfast and got split up into 2 groups one left at 7:30 and the
other at 8:00. We started our hike by walking to one of the steepest cable car in Europe. After we went up the cable car we started walking through a lot of uphill.
Our guide explained to us that the hike was separated in 3 parts the first part of the hike was all uphill until we reached the peak of Bundersplitz mountain. The
next 2 parts were the downhill. The first part of the downhill was the ‘mordor’ and the second part of the downhill was a killer downhill. When we came back from
our hike we went and had showers because we were all very sticky. After we finished our showers we relaxed a little bit and then we had dinner.  Then we had
some free time so we can rest from our hike. A little bit later we all had some really nice hot chocolate and at 10 we all went to sleep so we could have energy for
the next day. By Vassiliki
Day 5 Sunday 16th July
We woke up at 6:30 got dressed in our uniform and went down for breakfast at
7. We had English Breakfast which was my favourite breakfast so far. At 8 we all
took the traditional 53rd Group photo and then headed on to BP’s campfire
where Skip Presented the Republic Award to our new Five leaders and then
went and did flag break with the rest of the Groups. Later on we headed back to
the chalet and had free time. Today was a relaxing day for all. The leaders went
and had a day to rest and recover and we had free time and a few fun activities.
Then we all got on parade and went to the International sports day. It was a
great way to get to know other scouts and learning a song or sketch from their
country. When we got back we went to get ready for campfire. At around 8:30 we
set off for campfire and the other groups went to bed. We had fun at the
campfire, sang a few songs, cooked sausages, and toasted bread. At 11:30 we
returned back to the chalet, had hot chocolate to warm us up and went to bed
after a long day. We had a nice a relaxing day. By Stephanie.K
Day 6 Monday 17th July
Today we woke up at 6:30 because we had duty again. One person from group one went with group 2 rafting.
After breakfast we washed the plates and at 9 am we had a work shop Nature Explorers with a Pinkie. After that we had
15 minutes of free time. Then, we went into the forest with Maria to do the Eco-I-Spy. When we finished we had free time.
After the lunch time we did the Alternative Energy Work shop. When we finished we had free time until the group 2 came
back and we did the Green Chalet Trail. After, we prepared the dinner. Then we had to wash the plates and when we
finished we had the International evening. At the international evening we traded badges and Antonis and Max danced
the traditional dance of Cyprus. After we finished we had hot chocolate and we went to sleep. By Kyriakos A.
Group 2: On Monday morning we woke up at 7:00. We packed our backpacks and headed down for breakfast. After that
we made our packed lunch and got a bus that took us to a train station. At the station we went on a train that took us to
Interlaken. When we arrived at the centre we had a small snack before preparing ourselves to go white water rafting.
The Rafting centre provided us with wetsuits, helmets, lifejackets and water shoes. We then walked down to the Simme
river where we were instructed about the basic way to keep safe while doing the activity. The rafting was amazing and
we all had lots of fun. At around 2:30 we finished and sat down to eat. We had to be quick because we had to catch
another train back to Kandersteg. After we all got back we had our showers and then went on a trip to the village. When
we came back to Kisc we completed the Green Chalet Trail which was really interesting. At about 6:45 we finished and
went to have dinner, soup. After dinner we started getting ready for bed and started to receive our daily hot- chocolate
after this we prepared our stall for International evening where we danced traditional Cypriot dancing. The night was
great and we got to trade many badges. After we went bat watching near a pond but we didn’t see any bats unfortunately.
We were all very tired after our amazing but long day so we all went straight to sleep. By Sophi I.
Group3: On Monday breakfast was at 7, so we woke up at 6:30. For breakfast we had the traditional cereal and
sandwich and then prepared our lunch and snacks for the hike we were about to conquer. We packed our bags, put on
our gear and set off on what would be a challenging hike. We started by riding on the same cable car as we did to
Bundersplitz and once again we could see the amazing views from the car. Instead of going straight up we turned left
and continued onwards to the cow hut and also finding Geocaches. As we were heading to the hut, we came across
beautiful views, landscapes and many cows. We got to the cow hut, had lunch and filled our bottles. When we finished
we hiked back down the centre, had showers and then had free time. We went to the village, came back and completed
the green Chalet Trail. During the trail we learnt about saving energy and materials. We then had dinner which was
avgolemoni soup and prepared for International evening. We gave out sweets, swopped badges and watched
traditional dances from the different counties. As we had to wake up early the next day we went straight to bed.
Day 7 Tuesday 18th July
Group 1:
Today in the morning we woke up at 7:30 to eat breakfast. Later we went to do the World Scout  workshop with a pinkie. After, we had free time. We did a requirement for our Eco- I-Spy
and later ate lunch. After that we went on a hike to the Hoh view point which was amazing and had many beautiful views. Once we finished we ate dinner and we took the rubbish to the recycle
bins. Later we did some Geocaching around the Campsite. Once we finished we had hot chocolate and went straight to bed. By Alexandros P
Group 2: We woke up at 6:30 and as we were on duty to prepare breakfast we were down at 7. We had breakfast which was cereal, toast, milk, ham and cheese. After we finished breakfast we
cleaned up and we went to BPs Scouting workshop, which was mostly active games. The workshop finished at 12:30 and half an hour later we had lunch. It was Pasta with corn, tuna and
mayonnaise. Then at 3 we started hiking to the hoh view point, but unfortunately it started raining heavily. Instead we went to the village and had some free time to buy food for the hikes. We came
back with the bus at 5 and we started the Eco-I-Spy which was a requirement we needed to take pictures of specific things like animals and plants that would give us points to achieve the goal
which was 50 points. At 6:30 we had dinner which was fish with potatoes and salad. We went to the recycling centre where we placed items in the correct bins. At 7:30 we went to the spiritual
scouting workshop which made us think more about scouting. Then we came back at 8 and we got ready for the next day. At 9 we had a shower and went to sleep. By Demetra. K
Group 3: We woke up bright and early at 6am so we could eat breakfast and pack our lunch for a big day at the high-ropes park and white water rafting. We set of to the bus station so that the bus
could take us into the village so that we could catch the train. Our first stop was to Spiez, which was half an hour away. After that we switched to a different train to Interlaken where the Outdoor
Interlaken Centre was.  When we arrived we struggled into our wet suites and hopped into a mini-van which took us to our destination. Our first rapid! We got our safety briefing and then climbed
into our rafts and crewed down the river side, with a small break to practice what we would do if we fell out of the raft. We then flowed into a large lake and packed the rafts and stacked ourselves
in the mini-van back to the centre. When we got back to the outdoor centre we ate our lunch and hiked to the Adventure park where we did the high-ropes park. We got put into our harness and
were taught our basic skills on how to use each clip on the course. We then where tested and after everyone passed we were able to try all the levels of the high-ropes park. After a small hiccup
with Stephanie.k and her go-pro falling (it is fully intact and still being used) And Max getting stuck on the hardest level, everything ran smoothly. We then made it back to the train station to go on
our way back, when it started raining. When we arrived at Kandersteg we all, even Skip, had to run for the bus so we could be back at the International Scout Centre just in time for dinner. After
dinner we had our hot chocolate and got ourselves ready for a goodnights sleep, ready for another early but exciting morning.  By Stephanie. V
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