53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Switzerland Trip 11th - 22nd July 2013
Thursday 11th July.
Today was the start of our journey and adventures! We had to be at the scout hut at 3 am so most of us got up at 2
am so we were on time. We handed in the last medical form and loaded our bags on to the bus which then took us
to Larnaca airport. Turns out that we were slightly early for our check in when we arrived but it didn't really matter. So
we checked in, went through security and passport control, and then hung around in duty free for a while, waiting for
our flight. Our flight was taking us to Zurich airport in Switzerland, and the flight was around 3 and a half hours, so
we were able to get some sleep! Once we landed in Switzerland we took a bus to Kandersteg International Scout
Centre (KISC) ! Everyone was really excited by this point as we were getting closer and closer! After a 2 and a half
hour drive we finally arrived at KISC! We were sorted in to our rooms and settled in by sorting out our person kit.
(The rooms are amazing, with really comfy beds!) After some quick lunch of sandwiches provided by Andreas and
Maria, we had some free time to start making friends, which we have done with some Scottish scouts! We then had
dinner, but this was prepared by the Pinkies (Staff here at KISC) and it was chicken, rice, carrots and string beans,
but vegetable soup was also offered along with it. After dinner we did our first activity, "Race the World Challenge"!
We were split into groups with other scouts, which gave us the chance to talk to them and meet them, and we had
to complete a series of races. After having lots of fun we were all very tired and then went and had some nice hot
showers and then lights out at 9 pm. Tomorrow shall be the start of the real activities!
                                                                                                                                                              By (Charlie)
Friday 12th July.
Group 1
: We woke up early, got ready for breakfast. We had breakfast and set off for our busy fun planned day. We walked around
kandersteg looking for different wildlife, as we were doing the Eco I Spy. We saw amazing views of lakes, mountains, waterfalls and
forests.  We returned back for lunch. After lunch we did the Eco I Spy Quiz, where we had to look for answers in a specific room. We
eventually had free time and mingled with scots, Dutch and Denish. At night we went to the international campfire, where we learned
new songs and skits from different countries. It was an amazing day and it was only the second day.        Tia (scout)

Group 2: We woke up early and showered, got dressed and ready for breakfast, around 7 o’clock. We ate either sandwiches or
cereal, as usual. Then group 2 were split up into 2 groups to do the photo challenge. We walked around the entire campsite looking
for pictures, clues and answers, it was amazing, the view, the mountains , the weather, everything was perfect. Later that evening we
had dinner and got ready for international campfire. I thought it was going to be weird seeing new people but we already made
friends with the Scots, Dutch and Danish. The campfire was brilliant. We saw different skits and songs, they were interesting and
fun. Although we’ve only been here for 2 days it’s been an unbelievable adventure.     Eleni (scout)
Saturday 13th July.
Group 2
: We woke up at 6 am, we got ready and then had breakfast at 7 am.
We split up in 2 teams with Tracey and Elena to do the Eco I Spy and the Eco
Quiz. So we had to walk around to find specific things. Later when we  were
nearly finished , we went to the waterfall and we also saw many Parasaliors
there. Then we came back and had lunch which was beans. Later we went to
the campsite and did pioneering competition with a few other scout groups, it
was very fun especially when we had a stretcher race. Then we had dinner,
chili con carne, which was delicious but unfortunately we were on duty and to
clean up, which was tiring. After that we were talking with the other scouts. We
went to our rooms, all tired after our long amazing day.     Anastasia ( scout)
Sunday 14th July.
Group 3
: We woke up at 6:30 and went down to breakfast at 8. After, we had to make packed
lunch because we were going to be out the whole day. We then all hiked down the village to
the cable cars where we where we had to split into teams of 4 for each cable car. The view
was fantastic! Later we went tobogganing, where there was a kind of slide built into the hill,
made out of metal and each person had a “car”. That ride was awesome. A lot people went
at least twice. After that we all hiked down to the lake which was beautiful. It was surrounded
by the snowy mountains and waterfalls. We were told to go in the lake for a swim and we
Monday 15th July.
Group 1
: We woke up at 6 am ready in full uniform for breakfast. It was our first international flag break. We met 15 different countries
and more than 200 people. We all shouted our chants and off we went. At 9 am group 1 were off to the kandersteg high ropes park.
The park had 6 levels, we had training for half an hour and off we went, off in teams of 2 or 3. Level 1 and 2  was simple but a tiny bit
scary. I had gotten stuck and shouted skip and started crying. I didn’t do level 4 because I started to get a fear of heights after that.
Tuesday 16th July.
Group 1
: We started the day by waking up and having breakfast (as usual a choice of cereal or a sandwich). After breakfast we got our first activity, the photo challenge.  In that
activity we got picture of places, and we had to go there and answer questions. Everyone had seen the places before but the hard part was to find it. The next activity was the geo-
cashing, where we had to find three boxes in different places using a GPS. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do but we found all three in the end.  We came back in time for lunch a bit
tired from walking. After lunch we had free time/washing time. Then we all were eager and excited to go abseiling. We went abseiling on a huge rock. In my opinion it was easier
to climb up then to get down. But it was an amazing experience. When everyone had a go we returned back for dinner. When we finished dinner we started doing the last activity of
the day, ‘ the Kanderchallenge’. In this activity we got split up in to teams with other scouts. We did lots of fun activities together. In the end we all were wet but happy! Switzerland
is one of the best experiences of my life! I would never forget it.                                                            Elin (scout)
Group 3: We woke up at 6:50 and had breakfast at 7am, then straight after we left for the train station where we would get the train to Interlaken, at the train station we met the
“outdoor Interlaken” company, and were taken to their centre. Once we arrived we were given an overview of what to expect. We changed into our wet suits and set off to do level 3
and 4 river rafting. It was amazing; we had to do safety drills in case of an emergency. We were out on the water for around 2 hours, we went back to the centre where we ate lunch
and relaxed in the sun before we went canyoning . We suited back into our wet suits and left to start a memorable experience. We started the canyoning by abseiling down a cliff
into the freezing cold river. It was scary! As soon as we all descended down the cliff we moved further downstream to come to a jump of 8m high waterfall. It took a lot of courage to
jump but we all eventually managed. We also had a few body slides and more jumps before we came to the end of the life changing adventure. We went back to the centre and
changed into our dry and warm clothes. We got back to the scout centre by train and we had the rest of the day off. We all went to bed early as we were exhausted from our long and
inspiring day. ( I’m really tired)     Taylor (Explorer)
had a picture taken. They didn’t tell us how freezing it was going to be! Yes, it was very cold. Andreas told us whoever stayed in the longest can get double dessert and no duty for
the rest of the camp. It was a difficult choice. We then went in rowing boats in groups of 4. I went with Hannah, Samantha and Elin. It was nice. When we got off the rowing boats,
group 3 where going to go on a hike to a hut, for a badge, and me and Alex were allowed to go with them. The uphill was a bit tiring, but the view made up for it. We could see the
lake, which was “too blue!” Like a few people said. The snowy mountains ( which group 3 are going to climb another day ) and the rest of the green , looked like it was a 3D
painting. We got to one of the huts, filled our water bottles and set off to the next one. We saw some cows along the way. When we got to the top and found what we were looking for
it was mostly straight from there. People had the chance to take pictures. We also saw some sheep witch were climbing the mountain, we went to the cable car and were walking
down the path when we saw the bus passing. We all started running but it didn’t see us. So we had to wait for the next one, that gave a chance for people to get emergency rations
for tomorrows hike, we waited for the bus to come at 5:45 pm ( half an hour later). Finally it came , we got to the campsite and what awaited us was the international BBQ. The meat
was lovely. After a afternoon of fun, we had showers and went to bed.                                      Eva (Explorer)
As usual I was convinced to do the Line jumping off a 30 meter cliff, it was Alex  and Tia and me who did it. The instructor made me stand at the edge of the cliff holding onto a bar
and I was told to let go.  At that moment I had tears in my eyes  and I let go. It was the most amazing experience and to end the night we had an international evening and learnt 4
different Scottish dances. Kandersteg is truly a fantasy.                                    Jessica  (Explorer)

Group 2: After lunch we set off to our 2 day hike to the cow hut, Ueschinenhutte. We all walked to the Allmenalp cable car which is one of the steepest in Europe and while we
were in it we saw many waterfalls that you wouldn’t see from a distance. We also saw lamas , goats and cows. The hike was mostly uphill and it was difficult. We saw many cows
and surprisingly they liked us. When we arrived the first thing we saw was scouts from the Netherlands and loads of cows that smelled. We had an amazing dinner and played
fun games with our leaders, and cleaned up. Then we had a campfire, but we didn’t stay long because we got distracted by the cows. After  it was lights out The next day we woke
up at 7:30 and had breakfast and sat outside to look at the beautiful mountains. We packed up and headed back to the campsite, luckily the Dutch came with us on the hike. Our
hike was downhill, which made it easier for us. We saw beautiful flowers and mountains. I saw many unforgettable views that I wish we could stay longer but over all we all
enjoyed ourselves.                     Isis (scout)

Group 3 After breakfast it was time for us to begin our 2 day hike, the Lotchenpass. We all new that this hike was going to be our toughest challenge yet, but we were determined
to succeed! We had a kit check and met with our pinkie, and by 9 am we were off. Almost straight away the uphill started, but this uphill was steeper than any we faced in Cyprus,
we suddenly realised how unfit we were. We followed the river up the mountain, watching the fantastic views ahead of us. When we came to same flat road it was time for us to
have our first break as we had already been hiking for 2 hours! We got to know our pinkie, as she played games with us, we also made friends with some cows! We then
continued going higher and higher, giving us same fantastic views. We stopped and had lunch where we were able to see our night spot. We were told that it was going to take 3
hours to get up the mountain, but seeing how professional we are, it took us only 1 hour!  We had dinner at our night spot (pasta) and got an early night.
We woke up the next day and left at 9am it was up hill all the way so it was tough. We saw an avalanche above us and saw all the people and sheep running across the
mountain. When we got to the glacier we had to wrap up and get our ice picks out. We stopped for lunch and a snowball fight before we got to the mountain peak. We then hiked
down the valley and down into a town where we got the train back to kandersteg. We get back to camp around 8:45pm. It was a great hike but also very tiring, but I am sure it is
one that none of us shall forget                                         Charlie (Assistant Cub Leader)
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