53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Switzerland Trip 4th - 14th July 2010
Sunday 4th July.
We got to the airport at 10 and we had some free time to do what we wanted. We went to the shops and looked at the chocolate, and took photos,
we bought some magazines and some drinks. Then after that we went back to the seats and we started to get on the plane. The food was very good
and tasty and the movie was good as well. We arrived at Kandersteg in the afternoon and it was raining. The campsite is really nice. We settled in
the rooms. The rooms are nice, big and cosy. The old chalet is awesome! All the girls are in one big room with lots of beds made of wood! After we
settled in, we walked to the village and we saw  lots of little houses and cows. We had dinner at the pizzeria. We were hungry! The food was
excellent. Ham and mushroom. Yum! Then we came back, had showers and went to bed. We were exhausted!  Harriet  
Monday 5th July.
We woke up this morning at six thirty and had a very nice breakfast. After breakfast we went  to our rooms
and packed for a hike for the next day. Then we went on the Discovery Trail and we saw the barn, the East
Wall and Uncle Sam's place where they stored wood. We went up the slope and tried to find the cross. We
also saw lots of other scout troops from all over the world. Then we had lunch. It was perfect!!! The dessert
was excellent! Doughnuts! After lunch we were split into two groups. One group went to the zip wire and the
other crate stacking. I went to the zip wire. I had lots of fun. I did it twice! After that we had free time. We played
cards and relaxed. Then we went to the International Barbecue and we put up a stand for Cyprus. We had
the flag and Cyprus Delights. We swapped lots of badges. For dinner we had burgers and sausages and
salad. I also tried Dannish liquorish. I didn't like it. It was very bitter! The second day was  a nice day. At nine
o'clock lights out.  Christos S
Tuesday 6th July.
Team 1:
We woke up at six and had breakfast at seven. Then we did the photo challenge around the camp site. We had to look at pictures and find where they were and some
information about them. After that we had lunch. Later we went on a hike to the Oeschinensee . On this hike we had to go on the cable car up to the lake and then we had to walk
for about twenty minutes to the actual lake. We only saw a small part of the lake but it looked really big. There were cows next to the lake. After that we had to walk down the
mountain which was very tiring. Then we had to walk back to the campsite but when we were close to the campsite we got a bus because we were late for dinner. After dinner we
did the bat-watching. We didn't see any bats but we could hear them on the bat detector, we only found frogs. It was a good but tiring day!  Maribelle

Team 2: We woke up at six and had breakfast. After breakfast we had free time and we got to meet new scouts from all over the world. After that we went on a photo challenge
which is a game where we go around the campsite and find out the history by looking at pictures as clues. Once we finished the challenge we had to go to our rooms and get
ready for the hike. Jack, a 'Pinkie' explained to us what we need to take and what we would be doing on the hike. And then we started hiking to the cable cars. We took a cable car
to the top, saw lamas and then hiked to the hut, which half of it was uphill. When we reached the hut, all hot and sweaty, Jack showed us around the hut and he told us to choose a
room. We let the leaders take the room that smelt of cows and we got the cosy room. We met new scouts. The toilet was on a wooden plank and it had a hole where everything
went. They made it snazzy by putting a pink toilet seat on it. It was horrible and smelly!! We had dinner which some of the scouts made for us, sweet and sour chicken with rice and
I was on cleaning duty with Natalie, Anna and Jessica. After that we went to our cosy beds. It was tiring but fun!  Sophie

Team 3: We started hiking at 9 and we went up into the mountain following the river and we saw the swiss army  base. We crossed some bridges that go over the river and we
saw the road the cars take. After hiking a bit more we saw where the two rivers met and we saw the different colours. And then we walked passed the only hotel in Switzerland
without electricity. And then we met some cows that Steph got friendly with. We were walking for about an hour when we got to this place where the oldest German bible was. We
got to a wobbly bridge which was made of two planks of wood and two strips of wire. We walked through a forest that just kept going on and on and on. Then we had lunch. We
started climbing the glacier but it was so steep that we went up in zig zags. And on the way we saw an old path that the old romans used. Once we reached the start of the glacier
we got out our ice axes and wrap up warm. After a long and difficult hike across the glacier we walked up a side of a mountain that was covered in snow. We finally reached the hut
and we had lots of really nice food and beds to sleep in. Charlie
Wednesday 7th July.
Team 1: This morning we woke up at 6:30 to get ready for breakfast at 7:15. After breakfast we had half an
hour to get our bags ready for Evolving Alps hike. We went south until we came to a junction where we
walked up a small road until we came to the river. We followed a steep hill until we came to a wooden
bridge, where we had to cross over. Then we just kept going up and then stopped. First Emmy, a guide,
explained how the Alps were formed and then we played a little game which picture goes where in the
evolution. Then we continued along the river until we came to another bridge where we crossed over
again. Afterwards we reached a little area near the river and we picked up a stone and we had to create a
facebook profile of it. After going to a hotel with no electricity we turned back. When we arrived back at
camp we found skip waiting for us ready to go for lunch. After lunch we had half an hour's rest and then
we went on a treasure hunt through the village. It was educational and really fun. We got back and had
dinner and after dinner we got Olivia a cake and celebrated her birthday. Overall, it was a hard and
rewarding day! Hugh  

Team 2: We woke up at eight o'clock and had bread, salami, cheese and nutella. Then we packed our
rucksacks, said goodbye to the other scouts, which were Spanish, German- American and head out to the
cows. We hiked back to camp which was all downhill. But it was a nice hike because it was through the
forest. Effie decided to skip which apparently helps you from falling. I tried that but it didn't work! As soon
as we arrived on camp we were thrilled! When we got back we just lay on the grass! Then we found out
we had another hike to go on! It was the treasure hunt, which wasn't that bad. We also surprised Olivia
because it was her birthday! It was a good but exhausting day!   Sophie  

Team 3: We woke up at about 6, had breakfast and left by 7:20. We started walking downhill at a very
steep angle but as we got lower it got less steep. We entered a forest and the path was rocky but then we
reached the bottom of the valley. We then caught the bus to the next village where we got the train to
Kandersteg. That journey only took 11 minutes! We then hiked from the train back to camp. We had dinner
at 6 and then we had cake for Olivia as it was her birthday! It was very challenging especially taking the
bus and train!  Charlie
Thursday 8th July.
We got out of bed today at six o'clock this morning after a difficult day. Today we had breakfast and left off to a small village high up in the Alps called Zermmat. We went up there by
coach which then drove on to a train that took us under the Alps and went higher up by taxi. There we went for a ride on a cable car that started in the village to Schwarzee paradise
but we only went half way because there was a problem higher up. There was a lot of snow up there as well as a beautiful view of a mountain called Matterhorn. We also had our
packed sandwich we had made earlier in the morning when we got down to the center of the village we had half an hour to go shopping. We came back at the camp and had a
wonderful dinner with sweet corn soup. After that we had a challenge called the Kander challenge where there were ten groups from troops all over the world!  We had seven
different courses. For one of them we had two piecesof news paper and two paper clips. With that we made a hat that could hold water and be on our head at the same time.
Everyone got absolutely soaking wet! Another one of them I had to trust my team to hold up a plank so I could pass over a freezing cold river to get a message in a bottle. The
message congratulated us for all the courses we completed...  Ian
Friday 9th July.
Today was a very busy day! We woke up at six thirty. We had to have breakfast and be out of the campsite by seven thirty. We took the train to the village where we did
water-rafting. First when we got there we had to wear a wet-suit, a waterproof, boots, a lifejacket and a helmet. The instructors explained to us all the safety rules and what we
have to do if something goes wrong and then we all set off in the river. The first part was really smooth until we got to the second part, which was really rough. We also had a
team call which was: 'hoo-ha'. When we finished water-rafting we all jumped into the freezing cold water with all our equipment on. It was fun floating down the river. Then we
got on the train and came back to camp. We had showers and free time until eight when we had the international campfire. The 53rd took part in the campfire by doing most of
the sketches. It was really fun looking at other scouts' skits and songs from their country. The 'pinkies' (staff) sang a really funny song that had funny movements. They were the
best act. It was an awesome day and we would rather go water-rafting than go on a hike!  Natalie
Saturday 10th July.
In the morning we had a lay-in till seven thirty and we had breakfast at eight. We went to the lake by cable-car after breakfast. It was really calm at the lake and there were cows in
the lake. We were allowed to hire a boat to go around the lake for half an hour. Then we were allowed to swim in the lake for half an hour. Then we got ready to leave the lake. We
walked up the hill to go tobogening, which was really fun. After that we got the cable-car back into the village of Kandersteg. Then we walked back to the campsite and had our
showers. After showers we had free time. Then at six we had dinner. After that we had some more free time and then went to bed.  Jessica I
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