53rd Trip to KISC Switzerland 12th - 23rd July 2017, Second Page.
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Day 8 Wednesday 19th July
Group 1:
We woke up for 7:30om for breakfast. Then we had and exciting Solar workshop for a badge we all got at the end, it was really fun. Group
3 set up lunch and then we had a pinkie with us for the Backwards workshop. Unfortunately, it rained so it got cancelled and we tried the short
ropes park, it was still raining. We got back at 4:30 and had free time until dinner. We had a campfire after dinner in a camp area. It was so much
fun but sadly ended and we had our usual hot chocolate before going to bed. I Loved this day. By  David.
Group 2: We woke up at 7 and got ready for breakfast. We had a really good breakfast which was baked beans, sausages, toast and cereal. After
this delicious breakfast we packed our hiking bags for the Sunnbuel hike which was approximately 4 hours. At the start of the hike we took a cable
car which had a beautiful view. During the hike we also did some geocaching and we found more than five with some being really hard to find. The
hike was a bit difficult as Switzerland is completely different to Cyprus but it was worth it as at the end of the hike there was a large lake where we
had lunch. We took many pictures and relaxed. After resting a bit we headed back to the cable car station. Unfortunately, the weather was so bad
that we had to wait at the cable car station for one and a half hours until the storm past. When the weather got better the cable car started working
again so we took it and went back. Then we walked back to the campsite where we had dinner at 6:30 which was chicken with mashed potatoes
and salad and for desert we had chocolate mousse. Afterwards we showered and put on warmer clothes for the 53rd campfire in which we sang
many songs that we had learnt from the international campfire. At the beginning of the campfire we saw the large Swiss toblarone which we all
bought and we had a small piece each and at the end of our campfire two scouts from Denmark came , Maya and Mess and preformed one of their
own sketches and  we invited them back for hot-chocolate. We said good night and we went to sleep to get some rest for the next day. Today was
difficult but we had loads of fun. By Sotiria.
Group 3: We woke up at 7 for a nice cooked breakfast by Group 3. After having breakfast we had some free time and then at 9 am we started our
service. For the service project we met with the pinkie Pepe from Spain and he sorted us out into groups and assigned us different duties; one
team had to cut the low hanging branches off the trees, another was cleaning a path of weeds, my group was collecting wood chips and placing
them around the crate stacking area to make it more safe. It was really fun and our Pinkie was fun, giving us breaks in between for him to get to
know us a bit better. After we finished our service project at 11:30 we went to prepare for lunch which was great and then at 2 we set off on a hike to
Hoh view point. It wasn’t a long hike and when we got to the top we could see the whole village of Kandersteg, but once we got up it started to rain.
We had to run down the mountain to the village. When we arrived, not too drenched, we bought the 4 kg toblerone we had ordered and hurried our
way off to the bus. Once we arrived we had some free time and then dinner which was delicious. At 6:30 we went to the campsite for campfire, we
had a great time singing songs and eating our toblerone, not forgetting the great company we had of our Danish friends, who joined us. After that
we all went to get hot chocolate together with our Danish friends and got to learn a little more about them, which was really interesting. All in all we
had a great day and we all can’t wait till tomorrow.  By Anastasia.
Day 9 Thursday 20th July
Group 1:
We woke up early in the morning at 6:30 because we were on duty. After we ate and cleaned up we got ready for our
interesting trip to Tun. Once we were all ready we went to the bus station and waited for the village bus to take us to the train
station where we got on a train that took us straight to Thun. Our first activity was a question game were we had to go to the
church then to the castle and finally to the town square. After we went near the river in Thun and had a ice-cream and lunch.
After we had free time and we got the train and came back to Kisc. We had dinner then we went to the light trail, which was very
fun. Then we had hot chocolate and a shower and went to bed. By Celia I.
Group 2: We woke up at 7:45  to eat breakfast. We then had some free time and did some geocaching. Next we helped with
the shopping in the village. We had lunch and walked up to a cable car. We then hiked to the cow hut where we were to spend
the night. We arrived at the Hut  at around 5:30. It was super cosy and nice in the hut. We played some board games and card
games. We then finally had dinner which was mac and cheese. It was a fun day but also tiring. At ten we went to bed for gain
energy for the hike back the next morning. -Joss        
Group 3: Today we had to wake up at 6am to have breakfast and get ready for our busy ahead. After breakfast we got our bags
and our guide checked if we had all our equipment for one of the longest, highest and hardest hikes we would have done in
our lives. At first we took a 15 minute bus ride to the starting point and then set off on our journey, about 30 minutes in we
reached our first stop where we were already about 1847 meters above sea level. The first stop had a hut where we could fill
up water and go to the toilet. While we were relaxing Ioanna found Edelweiss and everyone was very excited since it was one
of the last requirements for the Eco-I-Spy. We then continued up the Lotschenpass taking multiple breaks. After a few hours of
walking we reached the glacier. We thought we were walking on rocks but then we saw a thick layer of ice under our feet. After
another hour of walking uphill climbing rocks pushing through clouds and taking in the beautiful view  we reached the top and
everyone rushed into the café to warm up except mac and I. We took our shirts off and took some amazing pictures. After an
hour at the top we headed back down with a lot less breaks but it started to rain, luckily we had our waterproofs. Once we
finally reached the end we collapsed to the floor and some even fell asleep. After 40 minutes of waiting we got on a bus that
took us to the train station then we took a train back to Kandersteg. When we reached the centre most of us showered and
unpacked. We then had dinner and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Today was an exciting, action packed day with many
unforgettable experiences. By Michalis.
Day 10 Friday 21st July
Group 1:
We went down to eat at 7:30. At 9 we went crate stacking, which was so much fun. The record
in our group was 24 by Thraso. The event lasted for 3 hours and when it was over we went and had
lunch and free time. After we went abseiling and all enjoyed it so much. We walked back to the
campsite where we had International campfire but before that we had dinner. When we came back
from the campfire we had hot chocolate and went to sleep.
Group 2: We woke up in the Ueschinen Hut to pillows flying all over the room. We had breakfast which
was bread with ham and cheese or jam. We packed our personal things and cleaned the hut and at
about 8:15 we left the cow hut to finish our overnight hike. At approximately 11 we arrived back to KISC
and had two hours of free time which we all showered and relaxed for a bit until 1pm when we had
lunch. After a bit of free time we headed to Jacob’s Ladder. It is a winging ladder which had gigantic
steps and every time we get to another step the gap gets bigger. Most of us got a bit scared but a lot of
us managed to finish it. I didn’t manage to finish it because I got scared that I would fall. After that we
had dinner which was chicken curry, rice and salad. After our dinner we had an International campfire.
We all had lots of fun there and after campfire we had some hot chocolate to warm us up and then we
went to bed. By Carys.
Group3: Today was a chill day after the tiring day we had the day before. We woke up at 7 and went
down for breakfast at 7:30. We then had free time to continue recovering from our hike. After 9 we had
an activity called Eco-I-Spy which involves us looking at all the different plants and animals which we
had seen throughout our trip. We finished that at around 10 then had some more free time until lunch.
After lunch we had team building activities which included Jacobs ladder, abseiling and plank walking.
For dinner we enjoyed a lovely curry which Maria cooked for us. Then went and soaked in the spirit of
scouting at our final international campfire. We ended the day with hot chocolate and a nice early bed
time. By Mac.
Day 11 Saturday 22nd July
We woke up at 6:30 as we were on duty. We got dressed and we went down to prepare
breakfast which was the usual. After, we packed our bags and made our packed lunch
we hiked to the Village and  took the cable car that led us to the sled run. The sled run is
like a huge slide and you go really fast. We had two turns each but most of us liked it a lot
so we bought more tickets to go again. At 11 we started heading to the glacier lake where
we swam and we ate our lunch which was sandwiches. Then we went rowing. We got in
boats in teams of 4 and each team rowed to the waterfall and back. After we dried
ourselves we went to the village where we had an hour shopping to buy souvenirs. Then
we got back to camp and we packed our bags. We had free time and we had dinner at 6:
30 which was pasta bolognas. After we sat down at the tables and the Team Leaders  
presented us with the  badges that we worked on . As it was raining we didn’t have a
campfire but we had hot chocolate and a piece of large toblerone. Then we went to pack
the last things and had a shower and went to bed. This was our last day here but it was
very fun and we definitely enjoyed this trip. – Soteria
Day 12 Sunday 23rd July
We woke up 6:30 overwhelmed by the shock that we were leaving that day. We
packed our bags and made our way down to breakfast. It was our last breakfast
and our last morning in KISC. Saying our goodbyes to all the friends we made,
we loaded on to the bus and drove off to the airport. Most of us slept the entire
way and Hawkeye made sure to take photos. After 2 planes rides which were
quite long (so more sleep) we finally made it back to Cyprus and so that is
when the heat wave hit us. Overall, it was an amazing trip , which we all enjoyed
immensely. So much effort was put in by every Leader and all the cooking staff
to make sure the trip was fun and a great memory for everyone. My favourite
parts were all the activities especially rafting and the cow hut hike. International
events were great ways to be aware of other cultures and make you realise
how many people are actually living around you. International Campfire taught
us so many new songs and sketches and International Evening was a great
way to get to talk to new people. The trip was amazing and I can’t wait for
Switzerland 2020. By Lynne.