53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Scout Summer Camp Platania 2015
Day 1
We all met at the Moutayaka scout hut at 7:30 in the morning on Friday the 14th. We made our way by bus
to the Platania camp site  then unloaded the bus, set up our tents with our camp beds, bags etc, changed
and did some  pioneering projects and camp gadgets. We all got ready for lunch which was lentils and
had some free time. Then we went up to the football pitch to play some baseball and "bang bang" with the
cubs. Next came rofima which was rice pudding. After that we did some badge work with our Leaders a
little more free time and then dinner which was kalamari with french fries and salad. We then went to the
koisk and got some ice-cream and fizzy drinks only to be followed by campfire. We all had a good laugh
and then we got ready for bed. It was a great and successful first day. Ireni ( Scout )  
Day 2
We all woke up at 6.45, we did morning exercise next to our camp site. After our exercise we ate cornflakes for breakfast.
Then the leaders told us to wear our scout uniform because the commissioner would come for inspection. After
10minutes the commissioner came to inspect us. After Inspection we wore our daily clothes to do some badge work like
using axe and saw and putting up tents and learn about types of wood and fire lighting. Around 11:30 the parents came
and we all ate souvla for lunch. We enjoyed a great game of bingo and the parents left. All the scouts then split into 2
teams for more badge work. Team one  did posters about camp hygiene and team 2  a presentation the "Circle of Life" of
plants. After that we had free time , most of scouts went to the kiosk like yesterday and enjoy their ice cream. We also had
a shower and then we got ready for bed. This day was great !!. Stylianos (scout)
Day 3
We  were all woken up at 6:45, we would normally get on parade and walk up to the football pitch where we would do our
morning exercise, but today we were on duty so we had to set up the tables for breakfast . After breakfast we quickly headed  to
our tents as we were to be inspected ,shortly after inspection we started to head up to the waterfalls where we had the chance  
to go into waterfalls and we had watermelon. When we came back we were given free time to change and then have lunch. After
lunch we had time to get something from the kiosk and then not long after we were split into two groups in which we did a
presentation about trees and about life cycle for our forestry badge, we did a lesson on  first aid and we built a survival shelter.
Then after that we had dinner ,then our showers , we watched a movie and then after the movie we got ready for bed. I
personally believe the activities we really fun and still educational . Joanna ( scout ).
Day 4
In the morning we had breakfast, today we were on duty and we clean up. We split into two groups some of us going with Hawkeye to learn and find edible plants while the rest
with Zimba (Christo) to learn how to filter dirty water, and then switched after a while so that everyone could gain both requirements for their survival badge. After that we had free
time and the boys went up to the football pitch and we  played football with the 280 scout troop. We lost 10-7, I scored 1 goal. After lunch we then went with the Explorers to learn
knots and lashings for our Awards and badges which some us had forgotten! After we went and cooked burgers the were delicious and then we had free time until dinner. We
then had free time to spend with our new friends from the 280 and we played uno, about 9:30 went to sleep. By David ( scout ).
Day 5
We woke up at 7;00 then we had breakfast. We got our bags ready and at 8;30 got on the bus to the forest department where we
learnt about flowers and wild life and how the Troodos mountains were formed. We next set off on bus to get to the starting point
of a hike. We then hiked down the E4 hike route to the fire department and on our way saw some amazing views, though it did
get very hot! At the fire department we had lunch which was,chicken,salad and rice. After that we walked back to the campsite
where we set up tents at the old campsite where we would be staying with the 280 scout group and later had showers. Then we
had dinner then some free time. Later when it was dark we met on parade for a wide game which was great fun. We then
headed up to the campsite and went to bed for night in the woods. Joss (scout)
Day 6
We woke up at the old Camp site at 6:45 packed all the equipment and went to Camp and had breakfast. After we went back to
the old camp site and did the commando course, it was fun. At 11 we finished the course and returned to camp for showers
and then Lunch. After lunch the leaders went to rest at a hotel with a pool in Kakopetria. The Scouts where split in to 2 groups,
one group went to the forest and made bivouacs for the survival badge and the other group went to play games.Then we went
to the camp fire area to collect wood for tonight. Then at 8:30pm we had the traditional 53rd party that we do every year it was
fun! After the party we went to the woods to sleep. Max (scout).
We woke up at  6:45 and made breakfast.Todays theme was the Hunger games. We got split up in five teams and then the
games started! The first thing we had to do was to make shelters. After that the Leaders gave us a bag and inside was a  
bottle, scissors and toilet paper. With that equipment we had to make clean water. Then we played a game that the Leaders
had five cups and which ever team chose the cup popcorn inside lost a life. When we finished that every team  had to find a
box that was hidden. Then we went to get rofima,we went back to the Hunger games , after that we went for lunch .The next
game was a relay race.When we finished we had to find some more boxes After that we went for rofima, then come back
and make catapults so inside we could put water balloons and throw them to the other teams. The last activity was to throw
water balloons on the Leaders. After that we had to have a shower ate dinner and then  we went for the camp fire and in the
end  we went to sleep.By Demetra ( Scout ).
Platania 2015
Being given the chance to run the Scout summer camp program has been a challenge, an honour and an adventure to say
the least. All 22 Scouts successfully completed the Forestry Badge, 7 the Survival and 16 the Campers Badge. From
building fires to taking part in 'The Hunger Games', every Scout has shown enthusiasm during the past week, as they
experienced real scouting activities and I am proud of the results they have produced. I know that they have learnt some
valuable skills and lessons which I am sure they will talk to their parents about for hours. A big thank you to Zimba (Christo)
and Hawkeye (Stephanos) who have been by my side, giving 100 percent as their enter their new lives of leadership in the
53rd, and I wish them all the best of luck in September. Charlie Mackenzie.