53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Scout Program for Platania Summer Camp 2016.
Day 1. Saturday 30th July.
We all arrived at the scout hut early in the morning. When the bus came we all jumped in and went to the Platania campsite. Then we all went to our
tents unpacked our things and changed out of our uniform. After we set up the gates that we made. It was finally time for lunch, we were all very
hungry. For lunch we had beans with meat and salad. When we all finished we went to the Tuck shop for ice cream. Then we had some free time to
eat our ice creams and play different games. After, it was time to go for a shower because we were very dirty. When we were all clean we went to
the restaurant for dinner. We had burgers with potatoes and salad, they were very tasty.  Later on we had a campfire which was a lot of fun because
we enjoyed many nice songs and sketches. When the campfire finished it was time to go to bed, we were all very tired from such a great day. By
Demetra K (scout).
Day 2. Sunday 31st July.
It was Sunday and we woke up, stretched with some good music. We had nice breakfast, we had ham, haloumi and
bread with jam and butter. Then we did some badge work, talking about how to put out a fire and learned more about
fire fighting. After that we were told that we are going to have a test about fire. We had free time until lunch playing
around in are tent. Then we had amazing lunch, meat with salad and potatoes. We had free time and everyone
rushed to the ice cream shop. Then we went to and set up the volley net and played volleyball for about 30min. We
went to have showers and boys were first. We had dinner and we went to the ice cream shop again. We were all
tired from the amazing day. By, David Ph (scout).
Day 3. Monday 1st August.
Today we woke up earlier than normal because we had church service. We finished the church service at 8 O’clock.
Then at 8:30 we had are breakfast which was ham, cheese and hot chocolate. We had a little bit of free time to clean up
our tents and then we had inspection. After that Cyta came and talk to us about the internet safety. Next we had a
presentation for the meteorologist badge.  Then we welcomed all the older scouts that had just come from Monaco.  We
had a bit of free time and then for lunch we had yuvesti, then we walk to the water falls and every scout was in charge of a
cub. Then we walk back to the campsite and we had free time so we decided to play some games. After that we had
dinner which was some delicious pork chops. Next we watched a movie with the cubs but the scouts where allowed
another movie. By Ellie M (scout).
Day 4. Tuesday 2nd August.
Rise and shine at 6:30. We had breakfast which was corn flakes. Then we all went back to our tent’s and we got our bags ready for the hike. The bus came and picked us up
from the camp at 8:30 and took us to the geo park. There a lady gave us a tour of the place and told us how Troodos was created.  After that  we walked to a weather station. Next
we walked to the botanical garden where the man that worked there showed us a movie about the rare plants in Cyprus. After that we started our hike. Half way through the hike
we had our lunch which was chicken with salad and rice. Next we continued our way to Platania and we arrived there at 6:00pm and we played a bit of football, had showers and
then we had dinner. After that we had a fun game of beetle drive and then we got ready for bed. By Alexey (scout).
Day 5. Wednesday 3rd August.
We woke up at 6:30 am had breakfast which was sandwiches with ham, cheese and hot chocolate and then we changed into our
summer uniform for flag break. Next we had inspection. Then four older cubs joined us to do work on the navigators’ badge.  After
that we hiked to the Fire Department and there we saw a lot of things like fire engines and a demonstration of the fire hose.
For lunch we cooked hamburgers while we were out they were delicious we hiked back to the campsite and got back at around
four o clock. Then we had some free time and then the leaders decided to have the Meteorologist quiz. Next we played relay tic tac
toe and football. We finished then ate dinner which was fish and chips. After that we had our showers and got ready for a PARTY!
We had a lot of fun we had drink and food. We finished at 10:30 and went to bed. By Joss H (scout).
Day 6. Thursday 4th August.
We woke up at 7:00am, got dressed and went down for breakfast. Breakfast was cereal. After breakfast we had flag break and then inspection.
The leaders checked our tents and made sure they were tidy. Later on we got changed out of our uniform and went down to the cub room for
our first aid badge. There we learnt about cuts, burns, fainting, and nose bleeds. We then took a test to make sure we earned it. After that we
went back up, joined the scouts, and helped with the navigators badge. The scouts then took a test to make sure they earned their badge. We
all then hiked to the waterfalls and rock climbed. Some for the badge, and others for fun. When we arrived back at the camp site we went
straight for dinner. Dinner was macaroni and chicken. When we finished we had showers and got ready for our traditional game, the wide
game. We played two rounds and then got ready for bed. By 10:30 it was lights out. We had an amazing day and we really enjoyed the rock
climbing! By Stephanie K. (scout).
Day 7 Friday 5th August.
Today, it was our last day and it was perfect. We woke up at 6:30 and we got dressed. We had breakfast that was bread with jam or butter
and eggs. After our breakfast the games started. Our leaders divided us into groups of 8 and every group had a different name of a
country. We chose Japan, Monaco , USA,  Madagascar , France and Canada which was the winning country. At the beginning we made
our flags and then we played games. First we played football and then 2 cubs and 2 scouts from each group played javelin with
broomsticks and shotput with rocks. The games then stopped and we had rofima which was lemonade with biscuits. Then we went back
to the games and we played tic tac toe and balloon throw which was the funniest of all because at the water throw everyone got wet. We
had lunch which was beans with potatoes.  After a lot of games the winners, Canada took their medals and we all danced . We all helped
cleaning the campsite from the water balloons and we had showers. After we had our dinner which was salad with pastitsio and we had
some free time then to relax and to find what songs we wanted to sing at the campfire. The campfire was so fantastic and we had a lot of
fun. After the campfire we went to sleep. By Sotiria T (scout).