Roverway 2009 Cyprus Contingent
The Cyprus Scouting Association is going to Roverway 2009 Iceland with 27 members.
There will be two teams one from Pafos and one from Limassol.
The teams will leave early morning on the 19th July and arrive in Iceland late afternoon
in time for the Opening Ceremony on Monday Morning 20th July. We will be returning
back to Cyprus on the 29th July.
Σώμα Προσκόπων Κύπρου
Lemesos Team:
Team Leader:
Chris I                   53rd Scout Group

George K               53rd Scout Group
Ahmad F                53rd Scout Group
Anna M                   53rd Scout Group
Laura M                  53rd Scout Group
Stavria C                61st  Scout Group
Ioanna C                 61st  Scout Group
Michael C                61st  Scout Group
Marios K                  61st  Scout Group
Andrea P                 16th  Scout Group
Antonis P                 16th Scout Group
Constantinos C    143rd Scout Group
Yiangos Y               143rd Scout Group
Andreas V                 40th Scout Group

Roverway activity:
S04-Westmann Isles  
Pafos Team
Team Leader:
Stephanie M              53rd Scout Group

Ioanna H                 266th Scout Group
Panagiota H           266th Scout Group
Ifigenia A                266th Scout Group
Christos G              103rd Scout Group
Anastasia N           103rd Scout Group
Xenia C                    52nd Scout Group
Georgios L             266th Scout Group
Anthi E                     103rd Scout Group
Christina K             103rd Scout Group
Maria F                    103rd Scout Group
Konstantina K        103rd Scout Group

Roverway activity:
REY08: Iam sailing...
After the Opening Ceremony the teams will join with other Scouts to make Tribes of 50 and then will be  transported to different base
camps all over the country where they will spend the next four days. We call this part of Roverway The Journey. Each team has chosen
three activities for their Journey. Only one will be chosen by the Roverway organisers.
Below are the names of the two teams and their three Journeys.
Cyprus Contingent Leader: Richard Vlamis  Group Scout Leader 53rd Scout Group
                                                     Contact Info: Tel 0035799604211
On Friday, 24th of July 2009 everyone will come together at the Ulfljotsvatn Scout Centre for the third part of RoverWay, which we call
Althingi. The programme at Althingi will include outdoor activities, workshops, roundtable discussions, challenges, campfires, diverse
cultural activities and basically having a great time together.
The Closing Ceremony of RoverWay 2009 will be on July 28th.

Why Iceland: How many of your friends or neighbours have ever been to Iceland?
Probably not many. It is really a unique country which is worth visiting. Not only is its nature unique, but the culture and atmosphere is
something you must realise. And why not use the opportunity when our favourite movement is having an event exactly for your age level
in this unique place - this is your once in a life time opportunity - use it - Open up.  They are not promising sunshine all the time (but it
could be) and they do not offer beaches where you can get suntan. But it is not either as cold as the name of the country implies - but you
must bring warm cloths along. It could rain, probably not snow :-) and it can be windy. But you will survive and have an experience of your
life time - and be the one who had been to Iceland!
Latest News:
12th Feb:
Pafos team grows bigger.
11th Feb: Flight details are 19th July : Larnica leaving 05.00 - London HR 07.55 CY then London HR 21.10 -  Iceland 23.10 FL.
                                       29th July: Iceland Leaving 16.10 - London HR 20.10 FL then London HR 22.00 - Larnica 0425 ( 30 July ) CY
10th Feb: You will have a chance of designing our Cyprus Roverway Badge. Please send me your ideas by 28th Feb 09.
7th Feb: A one day hike about 14Km is being organised on the 28th Feb starting at Limassol District Building at 8.00am where we will
leave by bus for the Troodos Mountains. More details to come.
26th Jan: Cyprus Contingent Roverway 2009 page has been created on Facebook to keep Participants more informed.
16th Mar: The Cyprus Scouting Association is going to Roverway 2009 Iceland with 27 members.
01st Apr: Journeys have been sent for both Lemesos and Pafos Teams.
13th Apr: Roverway Badge has been selected.
6th May : Polo Shirts with the new Roverway Badge have been ordered and when ready all Teams will have meetings.
3rd June: Team Pafos will meeting in Pafos on Wed 17th June and Team Lemesos in Limassol on Fri 19th June.
12th July : Last Roverway Participant meeting in Limassol 10.00am. Click Here for Newsletter and Medical form.