53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Mini Jam Monaco 24th - 30th July 2016.
Day 1. By Lynne.
Tired, we all met at the district office at 12:30 am. We all have been counting down the days till we leave and it was finally here.
We all said our goodbyes and blew our kisses and soon we were on our way to Larnaca airport. On the way some of us fell
asleep while the rest were singing and being really loud in the back.
After waiting for ever in security and showed our passports about a hundred times we were finally through so we split up in
groups and went shopping in duty free. We stuffed our faces with chocolate but then soon we had to get on the three hour flight
to Warsaw, Poland. Since it was 3:00 in the morning we all fell asleep. The air hostess woke us up to serve us our breakfast
which was a sandwich and a cup of tea. When we arrived in Poland, we had 3 hours to kill, so to make use of our time, we
practised the sketch we had to perform that night in the opening ceremony to represent Cyprus. We didn’t practice the sketch
because we thought we’d memorised it. After a long wait of doing nothing we went to board to Nice. Another 3 hour flight past,
(we slept a little more) and we finally reached Nice. We were all hoping to see celebrities during our stay. By the time we
reached Monaco another 30 mins had passed and we were greeted by many friendly people. We watched as every Ferrari,
Maserati, Lamborghini or Bugatti passed and if we saw a Porsche it was as if it belonged to a poor person.
Day 2 - By Irene.
We had our usual wake up at 7:00 am and went down to have breakfast, which
was bread, jam, cereal and milk. After that we had flag break and the prince’s visit
(we were on TV!). Later we split into our international patrols, each one having
people from each of the seven countries that attended the mini jam , and the
leaders being hosts (Monaco was the hosting country). We headed off to the
town, to start our first activity, a treasure hunt . The aim of the game was to find
some given locations and take a group photo in front of them. We had three
locations. On the second location we had a short session on Monegasque, the
official language of Monaco, a mixture of Italian and French. After the hunt was
over, we had lunch and went to the beach to do life-saving and snorkelling while
some others went to the oceanographic museum. We then had a short
swimming test which was compulsory, only to find out that we were going to a
beach on the outskirts of Monaco to have a BBQ. There they served hot dogs,
kebabs, salads and later some catered desserts. We sang songs and learnt
many new ones from other countries. We made many new friends that night. It
eventually was time for us to head back to our campsite where we showered and
went to bed at 23:00. It was a great start to a great week.
Day 3 – By Ioanna.
We woke up and started getting ready to go to mountains where we would stay there for the night.
Three teams went by train and the rest by bus. We had a great time in the bus. The bus driver had the chance to see how loud Cypriots can
sing! For two and a half hours. As we stopped at the camp place, I searched around. I noticed how different types of green trees there were.
Some of them were tall and dark and others were short with bright leaves. You could see the fog around the mountains; like you could see
ghosts flying above you. If you went deep in the forest you might find a troll, a hobbit or even a monster! First, my team and I went to the park
called “Arco”. It was an amazing park with lots of tree climbing games. It was really cool! We were secured by ropes and we had to climb from
one tree to the other. We we’re given the right safety equipment and a lesson on how to use it.  I felt like I was flying because the games were
really high! After our thrilling time at the park we went rafting in a very cold river. It was extremely dangerous because we got stuck on every big
rock in the river and we had to swim in the cold water and push the boat to the other side. We ended our fantastic day with lots of dancing
around the campfire and everyone sleeping in a big tent at our lovely mountains. That was the best day ever!  
Day 4 - By  Stephanie K.
We all woke up at 5.30 and it was freezing!  Most of us couldn’t feel our legs. We got out of our sleeping bags and
went outside to get breakfast and to sit by the fire to warm up.  We then got changed, packed up our stuff and then we
got split into international patrols.  My group went hiking while others went to the “treetop adventure course “and
rafting.  The hikers walked a long way in the Alps and the height gain was 1800m steep.  Can you believe it!  At the
end of the hike we saw a view of a beautiful lake called “Frogs Lake”.  We then headed back and on the way a few of
us picked wild strawberries.  When we reached the campsite we grabbed our stuff and headed for Monaco.  Some
went by train while others went by bus.  We reached the campsite in Monaco and had showers and  got ready for the
International Evening. Four of us put on the National Costumes and later on we performed two dances.  We had a
table full of Cypriot food like Loukoumi, Shoushouko etc.  Everybody enjoyed our food and our dance performance.  
Later on we had the chance to show the others the dance steps so they all joined in.  We got a chance to exchange
badges with the other scouts.  It was a fantastic day and I really enjoyed swapping my badges and meeting people at
the same time.
Day 5 - By  Stylianos
We all woke up at 7.30.  We ate breakfast at 8.00.  We then split into 3 groups : group 1 went to an old
people’s home to sing .  Group 2 went to a music school called the Princess Stephanie school of arts to
learn some rhythms on the drums and group 3 remained at the campsite to build water rockets, they
would launch them the next day.  We then had lunch and split into 2 groups.  Group 1 went to the rowing
and sailing and group 2 went to the Oceanographic Museum.  After this group 1 returned to the campsite
and group 2 went to the beach for 1 hour.  There we relaxed and bought ice cream.  We returned to the
campsite for dinner and we had a church ceremony and each country acted out the creation from
Genesis.  Then we had free time until 11 o’clock.  It was a great day  with lots of amazing experiences.
I really enjoyed the drumming.  We will play 2 sessions in the closing ceremony tomorrow night.
Day 6 - By Sotiria
We woke up at 7.30 and we got dressed.  Then we had breakfast at 8.00.  Out breakfast was bread with jam
and honey or if someone wanted something else he could have cereals.  We finished our delicious
breakfast at 8.30 and we left the campsite at 9.00.  We took the bus and we went to a mountain.  There we
launched the rockets that Irene, Max, Michalis and Ikaros made yesterday.  We finished launching the
rockets at around 10.30 and we were given small model satellites from SES.  After we took our wonderful
presents, we had lunch which was sandwich, chips and fruit and a juice.  At 12.30 we came back to the
camp and my group got ready to go to the Oceanographic museum.  At 1.00 we left the campsite and we
arrived at the museum at 1.30.  The museum was so beautiful.  It had many fish of different colours, many
different sizes and many information about them.  We touched real sharks.  We learned that sharks are not
dangerous to man-kind but are actually scared of us.  We left the museum at 3.00 and we went souvenir
shopping for half an hour.  Afterwards we had free time for 1 and ½ hours.  Afterwards we had time to make
some Sketches for the closing ceremony which was very beautiful.  After we did our sketches we went to
dinner which was couscous with herbs, pasta, snitzels and pizza.  The dinner was delicious and our day
perfect but the perfect day didn’t finish.  We went outside from camp to another place dressed in full
uniform.  We walked through the streets of Monaco to the place where the closing ceremony was to take
place. The group pf drummers performed and we had drinks and dancing.  We exchanged badges and we
said goodbye to our friends. We won the Triathlon prize and the next two Euro Mini Jams will take place in
…Faroe Islands and ….. Gibraltar.  After the closing ceremony we went back to camp, we packed all our stuff
and we slept.  It was a wonderful day and a wonderful Mini Jam!
Day 7 - By Michalis
Our last morning in Monaco we woke up at about 6.00 and realised that some of our things were missing.  
We realised we got pranked so we decided to walk down to find out where our things were.  It turned out that
all the Monaco Scouts took whatever people had left outside the tent and hung it on a rope going from one
side of the football pitch to the other.  It took us a while to get our things but we did it in the end.  After that we
had breakfast, took down our tents and left for some quick shopping.  We took a little more time than we
expected but we made it in time for the airport in the end.  We got on our flight at 2.00 and departed for
Warsaw.  In Warsaw we landed at about 5.00 and had free time until 9.30 since our plane departed at 10.30.  
The flight was great and we landed at about 3.15 in the morning.  We all had a great time at the Mini
Jamboree in Monaco and were very sad to leave.  It was an amazing experience to meet scouts from
Gibraltar, Montenegro, Faroe Islands, Lichtenstein and Monaco.  We look forward to seeing them again in the
next Jamboree.
Last Day - By Max A.
My experience in Monaco was great. It was a beautiful place and they are very polite people. The
idea of the mini jam is a really good thing because you socialize with people from other small
countries and islands around Europe. The nice thing about doing international teams is that you
socialize and make friends with people from other countries. Monaco was the perfect place to do
the mini jam. The park we stayed in was beautiful it had a brilliant view to see the sea and the
royal family’s palace and the service there hosts the kitchen and the Monaco scouts and leaders
where very helpful. We made lots of friends there. I’m hoping the mini jam will come to Cyprus
some time so we can invite all our friends here and hope we can help them as much as they
helped us. I hope we can go to the next mini jam so we can see and make new friends.
They guided us to our part of the camp which was at the very top, so we got the best view of the castle and the sea. Luckily our tents were already set up so all we had to do
is choose who we have to sleep with and unpack our stuff. We got split into international patrols eg red, yellow, green, purple, blue and orange. Our first way of interacting
with other people was talking about Pokemon go and playing football and from there we started making a lot of friends. The people we became the most friends with were
the children from Gibraltar. We had our first dinner at the campsite and it was chicken, bread, salad and potato. After that it was the international evening where we had to
perform our sketches and that is when we realised that we hadn’t practiced that much so we were really nervous. But after we finished we felt better and we thought we
were one of the best. So, to celebrate the arrival of so many countries there was gourmet catering and we all danced to the light, jazzy music. As it came closer to bedtime
we decided to go up and stare at the stars while lying on the grass. But soon after a long and tiring day, we hopped into our sleeping bags and fell asleep.