Keep on Scouting November 2020 - Jan 2021.
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
All sections of the 53rd Cubs, Scouts and Explorers have now got Messenger Chats up and running.  All of these Chats keep the
Group Scouting. A guide line on how these chats are to be use can be found in this weeks newsletter.  
Left is the 53rd's Keep on Scouting 2020 badge which will be Awarded to all our members who completed the 8 Tasks during the
first Lockdown and those who are taking part in the present online meetings and tasks ( a full program list can be found on the
Calender Page ). Section Leaders are keeping a participation List.

Task One. The Knot Challenge.
All Cubs, Scouts and Explorers taking on this challenge must tie the chosen knots using one piece of rope in one minute. Cubs and
Scouts can choose any of the Eight to do.
Click Here to see Video.
Knots to be used:
Reef Knot,  Bowline,  Figure of eight Knot,  Cats paw,  Sheepshank,  Sheetbend,  Fishermans Knot,  A Hitch.
( Click on the knot to see how its done )
Cubs, Scouts and Explorers who completed the Knot Challenge.
Task Two. Online Meeting.
Cubs, Scouts and Explorers must take part in their Sections
Zoom online meeting on Saturday 28th Nov. Just as a normal
meeting if you missed it find out what happened from your
Leaders so you don't miss out on the tasks given out.
Remember we are now in full Uniform. On the 28th Scouts
sent in their ovens.
Click Here to see Video.
Task Three. Getting into the Christmas Spirit.
The Main Task will be posted on Friday 4th December.
53rd Explorers are collecting specific Clothing and shoes for the Charity Funraising. Please bring unwanted mens tracksuits, jeans and shoes ( trainer's if possible )  that are in
a Very Good condition to the Moutayiaka Scout hut on Saturday 5th Dec from 3pm to 4.30pm.
Click here to see video
Task Seven. Online Meeting.