Keep on Scouting November 2020 - Jan 2021.
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
This Weeks Task. The Knot Challenge.
All Cubs, Scouts and Explorers taking on this challenge must tie the chosen knots using one piece of rope in one minute. Cubs
and Scouts can choose any of the Eight to do.
Click Here to see Video.
Cubs must tie 4 knots in one minute.
Scouts 6 knots in one minute.
Explorers 8 knots in one minute.

Knots to be used:
Reef Knot,  Bowline,  Figure of eight Knot,  Cats paw,  Sheepshank,  Sheetbend,  Fishermans Knot,  A Hitch.
( Click on the knot to see how its done )

Cubs, Scouts and Explorers must send in a video doing the challenge dressed in full uniform by Friday 27th Nov. Do not edit the
video as we are going to put them all in a Group Video. Send to: