53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Trip to Karpenisi and Athens. Greece 31st March - 5th April 2018.
Saturday 31st March. Day 1
On Saturday 31st of March 19 Scouts, Explorers and Leaders me at the Moutagiaka scout
hut to get ready to leave for Greece. At 3:30 am we boarded the bus and after 1 hour we
arrived at the airport. We checked in and dropped off our bags. We had 15 minutes to buy
breakfast and snacks. We boarded the plane at 6:30am we were flying towards Athens. At 9:
30am we arrived in Athens. Soon we were on our bus which held 20 people. 3 hours later
we arrived at the 1st Air Scouts hut in Lamia. They had a beautiful scout hut where we
played games and ate lunch. Our bus then took us to the wooden huts where we will spend
the next 4 nights, Livadaki Forest Hotel. At 5:30pm we want on a small hike with a hike
guide who took us to see an old gun powder mill and a bridge. The mill was built by the
river. The mill was powered by the energy of the river. The current of the water makes the
mill move which in turn moves the “palikari” (i.e a mortar). The “palikari” grinds the
ingredients together to make the gun powder. We ended our walk at the village of Mavrilo.
We were then taken by bus to Livadaki were we eat burgers for dinner. We played board
games and later went to sleep excited for the coming day. By Jessica T.
Sunday 1st April. Day 2
We woke up at around 06:15 and at 07:00 we had breakfast which was toast, jam,
honey, ham and cheese and a bowl of cereal. At 08:00 we got on the bus for a 2 hour
long bus ride to Tavropos river to go rafting. The river was beautiful and rafting was
really fun and exciting. At about 13:30 we finished rafting change out of our wet suits
and had our lunch which was souvlakia and chips and it was delicious. After that we
got on the bus to go to the village of Karpenisi. We arrived at 16:30 and we were given
free time to explore the village. We also had time to get our self some extra snacks and
souvenirs. It then started raining which meant it was freezing!!! It was really cold so
most of us got ourselves hot chocolate or tea to keep us warm. After our free time we
went to a pizzeria for dinner and we were given the choice of past Bolognese,
carbonara or pizza. We then went back to Lavadaki at about 20:00 and we spend 2
hours playing bard games, chatting and having hot chocolate. It was a nice relaxing
way to end our amazing day. At about 22:00 we went back to the lodges to pack, have
our showers and go to bed, ready for another fun day ahead. By Carys
Monday 2nd April. Day 3
We woke up at 06:35 and then we had breakfast which was toast, jam, honey, cheese, ham, a bowl
of cereal. At 08:00 we got on the bus and visited a very nice Monastery and there we had a
geocache which I,  Andreas, Harry, Kyriacos and Alexios were going to find but we run out of time
and went back to the bus. We arrived at the Via Feratta where we got suited up and hiked 1 km to
the balck cave and started climbing it. It was very beautiful. It was an amazing experience and I
would love to go again. We headed back to the start where we changed clothes. We went back on
the bus heading for rapelling and archery. Following the guides instructions we divided into 2
groups; the first group went to do archery and the second rapelling; switching teams when done. It
was fun. Afterwards we visited Megalo Chorio (i.e. Big Village) were we had free time for about 20
minutes. We returned to our lodges were we had showers changed clothes and went for dinner.
We had pastichio with salad and yoghurt with honey for dessert, which I loved. We finished eating
and played board games before going to bed at 22:00. By Ty A
Tuesday 3rd April. Day 4
We woke up at 07:00 and we had breakfast at 08:00. After breakfast we packed our
rucksacks and prepared packed lunch. At 09:20 we went on the bus and started our
new adventure. We split into 2 team. The first team went for mountain cycling and the
second team went to the “Saloon Park”. I was part of the first team. After half an hour
journey on the bus we reached the start of the cycling route were we met our guides.
We were given our bicycles and started our 14 km ride towards the village of Karpenisi.
The ride wasn’t easy. We went through mud, we got splashed by muddy water and had
a lot of uphill. But it was all worth it at the end because we went through a 6 minute
downhill were we picked up a lot of speed and it was amazing, especially the view. The
ride lasted 1 and a half hours and it was mainly through the forest. The second team
went on flying fox and had horseback riding at the “Saloon Park”. The bus collected
both teams and took us to the village of Korishades. We had our packed lunch
followed by free time in the village. Subsequently we visited the museum of the village
were we learned about the history fo the village and its part in the Second World War.
At around 15:00 we arrived at the livadaki campsite. We packed all of our staff and we
had free time until 20:00. At 20:00 we had dinner. After dinner we played board games
and at 22:00 we went to sleep. By Kyriacos A
Wednesday 4th April.  Day 5
We woke up at 06:00. We packed all of our things and cleaned up our cabins. We took our bags
and we put them near the gate and at 07:00 we had breakfast. We were in the bus at 08:15 and on
our way. After about 2 hours  we stopped at Lamia. We had a toilet break and bought some snacks.
We changed to a bigger bus and then we continued our trip to Athens. We arrived at the hotel at
12:00 were we changed to full uniform  in order to visit the Acropolis museum to see some ancient
ruins. We saw the sculptures and the Caryatides but they were only five of them the sixth one is at
the British Museum. After the museum we visited the Parthenon. We took some amazing pictures.
During the visit of Parthenon we did geocaching. We had lunch at Plaka. We eat gyros and chips.
We went to Monastiraki and went shopping for souvenirs. We had ice-cream and played Ninja. We
went to the hotel were we packed and went to bed and slept.  By Lukas
Thursday 5th April.  Day 6
We woke up at 07:00 so we could pack our things and be downstairs for breakfast at 08:00. We finished
breakfast at 08:20 so we had some free time until 09:00. At 09:20 we went down to explore Athens. During our
walk we did some geocaching. After the geocaching we went to Syntagma square. We viewed the  the changing
of the guard ceremony, performed by the Presidential Guard, conducted in front of the Tomb of the Unknown
Soldier on the area between the Syntagma Square and Parliament building.  After we visited the Olympic Games
stadium and museum were we had two races. Afterwards we visited Zappeion Congress and Exhibition Hall.
Next we went geocaching and had a break in the national park. After we went to the Greek scout shop. We had
lunch at Thanasis were we eat gyros and chips. Next we went shopping in the street of Athens. Next we went
back to the hotel and got our luggage went on the bus and went to the airport. When we arrived we checked in
and had time to shop. We got on the plane and flew to Cyprus. We arrived a t Larnaca airport got on the bus and
drove to the Moutayiaka scout hut. By Alexandra