53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Trip to Greece 1st - 9th April 2015.
Wednesday 1st April
8 members of the 53rd meet at 1.30am on the 1st of April at the 289th Air
Scout Group of Ayia Phyla. Together 40 Scouts started their adventure to
Karpenissi, Greece. At 7.20am we all landed in Athens and in no time were
on our bus heading for the Greek Air force Base at Tanagra for a tour. At
10.00am we arrived at the base. First the base commander explained to us
what the role of the two Squadrons were and then we spent time in the flight
simulator. After we were given a tour of the mechanical section, which was
very interesting to see how they take apart the Mirage 2000 for servicing. Out
on the tarmac there was over 20 old fighter planes which we had time to take
lots of pictures with. Just when we thought the tour was over they took us to
the main runway where we saw at close range 4 Mirage 2000 taking off, this
was the highlight of the tour. At 1.30pm we were back on the road after
having lunch and after 4 hours in the bus we finally arrived at our main night
spot, the Forestal Village Livadaki near Karpenissi. Everyone had time to
shower and unpack before dinner and then bed as we were all really tied.
Thursday 2nd April
We started the day at 08:00; a bit tired from the day before but ready for the day ahead of
us. We had  breakfast at Livadaki which consisted of cereal, bread with jam and hot
chocolate. As soon as we all finished breakfast we left for the activities at Via Feratta.
We arrived at the centre where they gave us all wet suits, which were very
uncomfortable however it was all worth the adventure we experienced. We then made
our way by bus to the start of the hike to the Black Caves. We followed the river up the
mountain, which seemed like a forest wonderland. To get to the top we had to rock
climb. It was amazing. After the hike we went to a meat producing factory in the area.
The meat was delicious and we were also told of the process of making it. Later on, we
went to a Tavern for lunch. There was a choice of Spaghetti bolognaise or chicken with
chips. After lunch we visited the Monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa. It is one off the
oldest Monasteries in Greece with beautiful artchitecture. We finished the activities of
the day and returned to Livadaki Forestal Village. We are resting right now and later on
we are having pizza for dinner. We all enjoyed the day and are excited for the skying trip
tomorrow.  By Elin.
Friday 3rd April
Today we woke up at 7:30 and had breakfast. After breakfast we got on parade and got on
the bus to go to the ski resort of Velouxi, the bus drive took about 1.5 hours. When we got
there we were handed our skiing gear, and got ready for our lessons. When everyone was
ready we set out for the mountains, our instructors taught us the basics of skiing and then
we went down a mountain a few times. The view was fantastic and the weather was great.
We then returned our equipment and went down the ski lift and played games in the snow.
We had a competition of who could build the best snowman in groups of 5 and then when
the winners were picked we had a snowball fight. After that we got on the bus and went to a
pizzeria in Karpenissi and ate lunch. We had salad, chips with cheese and ham and pizza.
We then went round the town looking around for an hour and then got on the bus and went to
our homes at Livadaki. Once we arrived we unpacked had showers and cooked Dinner. We
cook fish fingers, rice and vegetables. We then talked for a bit and went to sleep. Today was
a lot of fun and a great experience. By Michalis K.
Saturday 4th April
We woke up at 8:00 and breakfast was at 8:30. After we all finished our breakfast we started
getting ready for the visit of the 1st air Scouts from Lamia. Around 10:00 they came and we
played 2 games to get to now them the one I enjoyed the most was a game which we stood
in a circle and there was one person that was standing in the middle and they had to say  for
example whoever is wearing a green fleece change place. Next we played five Scouting
games which we all really enjoyed. After that we had to cook lunch which was spaghetti and
tomato sauce for us and the other troop. Then we had a treasure hunt which included 6
games such as archery and then we mingled with the other scouts and we made a lot of
friends. After we watched a presentation about the joining of the 289 scout group and the 1st
Air Scouts. At the end of the day we had dinner which was chicken with rice and it was
deliceous. Once we ate dinner we said good bye to the air scouts. And then we got ready for
bed. Today was really fun and we are really excited for tomorrow. By Vassiliki.
Sunday 5th April
Today we all woke up at 8:00 we were all a bit tied but we were all very excited for todays hike through
the forest.  We had breakfast which was cereal or bread, butter and hot chocolate. Then we had a
7Km hike from Megali Kapsi too Mavrilo. It was tiering but fun and rained all the way!! Our guide Mr.
Vassilis hiked with us and told us alot about the  forest. He showed us beautiful trees and interesting
tracks and a stone bridge.  After that we went to a mill  which was used to make bombs and bullets
from the year 1821. It was very interesting. Then we went by bus to the Museum of National
Resistance in Korichades. After we went to eat lunch.  It was very nice but some of us didn't like the
food, Fassoles, but we all still had a good time.Then we came back to Livadaki to shower and rest.
Then at 20:00 we had dinner and then we had a indoor campfire around the fireplace. Then we got
ready for bed and went sleep at 23:00. By Max.
Monday 6th April
We started our day at 8:00 to the sound of thunder and rain. When we had finished getting dressed
and packed for our day we set off for breakfast. After we had finished eating and had tidied up we got
into the bus to start our adventure river rafting down the Tavropos river. When we arrived it began to
rain, hard! So we sat in the bus till it slowed down. When it had finally calmed down we grabbed our
rafts and headed off to the river. It was an amazing experience, we went over huge waves, crashing
over us, brilliant old bridges which look just fantastic, and going over, under and round obstacles
such as rocks and trees. But the current got too strong so we had to leave the boats just before the
finish. On the way the view was just breath taking, it was like being in a foggy jungle with the river
streaming past us and the trees hanging into an arch, dripping in water. When we had finally got out
of the beautiful view we got on a bus, it was raining the whole time, and we were driven to the finish.
As soon as we got there the food was there waiting for us. Chicken soup. After we had finished our
food we got onto the bus again to head back to our current home.  We all had our showers and
cooked pasta and tomato source, we were ready for bed. Now we are resting so we will check back
with you tomorrow. By Stephanie.
Tuesday 7th April
Woke up at 7:00am and got ready for the day. We had breakfast 8:00 then got on the bus and started our journey toward the Thipotamos. Once we arrived we put on our
harnesses and helmets. We then Que for a 250 metre long aerial runway that went across the two rivers. It went at a high speed and was extremely fun. After that we had an
adrenaline rush as we prepared ourselves for the rappel off the side of the 25m bridge. You would be an idiot not to be scared of that as you climbed over the railing and not
being able to see the floor below. Once we got started it was fine and it was one of the most memorable moments of my life. Once we got down we went to do archery and
as we were shooting Skip went across on the aerial runway and our friend Giannis said that he was an easy target. We then got on the bus and visited the footsteps of the
virgin Mary on her way to the monastery that we visited on Thursday. We then had the chance to visit the Megalo Chirio that is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever
seen. We Once again hopped back on the bus and visited the Saloon Park  where we looked at the deer and had a little snack or in Elins case a giant chocolate soufflé and
a club sandwich. We then went on a little adventure in the town of Karpenissi and then went to a traditional taverna . We had pork chop and we had to teach Elin how to eat
one properly. While we were eating there was a string duo of the bouzouki and guitar and everyone was dancing and it was a fun evening. Once we got home we got
showered and went to bed. By Mac.
Wednesday 8th April
The day started with a phone call from skip asking me to bring him his
camera, I got up and quickly got dressed to go to his room, as I opened the
door I saw snow! Lots of it! I ran back in to tell the girls there was snow and
they ran out excitedly to look. I went to skips room and told him that it had
snowed and he didn't believe me so i made a snowball and threw it at him
whilst he was still in bed. We played in the snow for half an hour before
breakfast which was at 8am. After we ate we were allowed to spend more
time in the snow which was great fun because it was still snowing. For
some people it was the first time they had seen snowfall. The most popular
activity was kicking a tree truck so the snow would fall off whilst someone
was stood underneath. After spending 2 hours in the snow we came inside
to play a 'minute to win it', we split into 6 teams with the 53rd being one of
them, we played a total of 15 games and we came 3rd place. Once we had
played the game we had lunch which was fish fingers and mash potato. It
was then time for rest and showers till we came back to the main building to
play a card game from the Join In Jamboree. We were given free time to
prepare for campfire tonight, until dinner at 8. After dinner we will have our
final campfire and a karaoke party till bed. By Taylor.
Thursday 9th April
All were up at 6.30am and packed, ready to leave. There was a problem, it had snowed the
night before and the bus could not move. We had breakfast and waited for the Snow
plough to come. At 10am the Plough came and opened the road. We started our long
journey back to Athens, 5 hours, with a stop in Lamia. The 1st Air Scouts brought us Pizza
at our stop which was very nice of them, truly brother Scouts. We arrived in Athens at 2.30
pm and went straight to the Acropolis Museum. At the Museum we had a guided tour and it
was very interesting. Looking at all the exhibits and then looking out the window at the real
thing, the Parthenon, was an amazing feeling. We had time to walk up the rock and visit the
Parthenon. Looking round you can see there is major rebuilding going on. Next we headed
into Plaka to eat and then shopping in Monastiriaki. At 7.00pm we where on the bus to the
Airport to catch our flight back home.

It was a Great trip and I would like to Thank our fellow Scouts Αεροπρόσκοποι Αγίας Φύλας ,
Marios Koudounas and Christo Kassinis for making the 53rd feel so welcome and part of
this unforgettable adventure. I am very Proud of our 7 members who participated in this
adventure with such a Scouting spirit.