53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Explorer Program Summer Camp Platania 2014
Day 1
After a lot of preparation and packing the mini van from last week Summer camp Platania 2014  
was finally here, we arrived at the scout hut nice and early at 7:30 am where we then packed the
bus and a truck with all of our equipment and then headed off for Platania scout campsite. We
arrived at camp around 9:30 where we set up the shelters and unpacked our personal stuff as
well as the mini van. Then we were given some free time until lunch, after lunch we started to build
a monkey bridge which the cubs had to cross later on. We then took everything down and
afterwards changed into our polo shirts for dinner. After dinner everyone was preparing for
campfire and we all really enjoyed it and heard lots of funny sketches. After all this it was time for
bed and lights out was at about 11pm.         By Christos Sk    
Day 2
The exploreres woke up at 7am, got ready to go on the hike, then we had our breakfast. Afterwards at about
8:30am the bus arrived which drop us off at Olympus which then we did the Artemis trail which was about
7km. Once we finished the hike we got on the bus and came back to camp and had lunch. After lunch we got
ready to hike again and hiked up to blue rock. When we arrived back to camp we had to clean up the church
area for tomorrow morning, then we had free time and we all had showers, then dinner and then we watched
a movie. By Alex C
Day 3  
We woke up at around half 6 and got in to our full uniform ready for church. The service took around one hour where a few of the
Explorers took part holding the icons. Then we went for breakfast. After that we where very busy fixing the bridge that crosses
the river in front of the gate. We could see that their bridge had passed its days so Andreas came up with all the tools we
brought the wood and we were ready to fix it. Two Explorers helped Andreas fix the bridge and the rest cleared the walk way
down to the bridge, laid stones down, made the ground level and moved all the stones. Then we had lunch which was yvesty.
Straight afterwards we went back to finish the bridge, fixing every last detail and laying the missing planks. It was a very big job
but at the end we all looked back  and saw that it was well worth the time. We then had a break, had dinner which was fish and
then we went to bed early as we have a big day tomorrow. By Anthony
Day 4
We woke up st 6:30am and got our hiking bags and overnight bags ready for the hike. Then we had breakfast which was cereal
and milk. After that we set off on the hike to loumata. The hike was very hot and tiring.  On the way there we stopped at a picnic
area and ate sandwiches and about half an hour later we arrived at the camp site. Once we arrived at the camp site we set up our
tents and the shelters to eat under. About 15 minutes later Peter brought us lunch from Platania which was chicken and rice. After
lunch we went up to the cross which is no longer apparently there but is a very steep uphill climb which took about 20 min to get
up and we stayed up there for about an hour and came down after that. Then Peter came again with the dinner which was burgers
and chips. After dinner we played a game of cards called palermo and went to sleep. By  Nik D.
Day 5
We woke up at 7:00am and quickly packed our bags and tents before breakfast because we had to start
hiking early. We hiked back to the campsite together with the scouts. Half way through the hike, Peter
brought us orange juice and biscuits for snacks to keep our energy up! We arrived at the camp just in time
to have lunch which was beans. After a quick ice cream break, we went and added the finishing touches to
the bridge we were building. Once we were done, we went and started cooking burgers on the fire with the
scouts. We then had free time and had showers. We later had fish fingers for dinner! The best dinner yet!.
After dinner we joined the cubs in their game night, and went to bed. By Ian.
Day 6
This morning we woke up at 7:00am and got our gear ready for our rock climbing trip. As soon as we had our breakfast, Demetris (our rock climbing instructor) came to
pick us to go rock climbing. When we got there I was quite scared, as the outdoor wall was 40m high! But once I was strapped in to the harness I felt safe enough to go
down the wall. It was an amazing experience. When we got back to camp we had lunch which was lentils. Afterwards we played with the remote control cars that were hard
to control. After that we had lunch which was delicious it was meatloaf and pilaffi. Then we had the Platania party, it was so fun especially with all the music and food. Last
but not least the Explorers played they Greek version of the wide game with the other scout groups, where we had to go all commando and crawl our selves back to the
front gate without the leaders catching us at night. Finally we brushed our teeth and went to bed. By Deme.
Day 7
Today we woke up at 6:30 by the sound of Ian's loving voice due to the fact that we were serving the
breakfast. After we had finished clearing up the breakfast we went over to the football pitch to start World
Cup Platania. We played football, crab football, human size table football and water balloon volley. When
we had finished having fun we came down to serve lunch. We cleaned up lunch and then helped the
scouts with their obstacle course. Everyone got really muddy and wet. We also shot Alex when we were
finished. Then, we returned to the campsite and had showers. After dinner we had campfire witch was
really great and gave them the wooden plaques that we have been preparing all week. By Christianna
Last day on Camp
I think over all this was yet another successful summer camp with laughs, loads of fun
and obviously lots of work. It was a new and exciting experience for me to become the
Explorer leader for camp but i couldn't have done it with out the Explorers, who at times
were a bit difficult  and obviously tired.  I believe we are all one big family with loads of
memories and we are truly an Explorer unit. Running the program was interesting for me
with its ups and downs, always having to be awake and (to quote Skip)  "be on the ball".  
It was a hard camp but we got through it and some came out of camp with badges but
we all came out with new memories I am sure we will talk about for a while. Christos