53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Explorer Program Summer Camp Dhekelia 2017
Friday 30th June.
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Saturday 1st July.
Explorers: On saturday we woke up at 7:00. We got ready and had breakfast which was cornflakes and
sandwiches. Right after that we started working on are values badge. We did some exercises while
being blind and then eight one of the ventures had to be blind for 1 hour. After that we were given a paper
that had on the braille alphabet which is the blind alphabet. We had a bit of free time to learn the braille
alphabet then we had lunch which was some delicious spacetti polonassie and then we were
blindfolded and we had to read 5 uno cards. After that we got split up in 2 teams. One team when
geocaching outside the campsite and the other stayed back and learned how to back splice and eye
splice. Once the first team came back from geocaching we changed and the other team went geocaching
and the other stayed back. When we all finished the ventures and the wannabes started to build the raft
for the traditional raft race but we didn't finish so we decided to have dinner which was chicken with
potatoes. Then we went back and finished the rafts and went down to the beach to cool down after a long
and hot day. We came back had showers. We played the wide game and then we all went to sleep
because we all had to wake up early the next day. By Vassiliki.
Sunday 2nd July.
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Sunday 3rd July.
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