53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Explorer Program Summer Camp Platania 2013
Day 1
When we arrived at the scout hut at 7:30 we all helped pack the mini van with all the equipment we needed. When we had finished that and
the bus arrived, we got on the bus and headed for the Platania scout camp. Once we arrived, we had to unload all our personal equipment
and put them in our tents and then we started setting up our campsite. We made a swing for our project which took up most of our day,
since it was hard work. We finished at around 5. Of course we did have several breaks in between including a delicious lunch of meat and
chips and our afternoon snack. When we finished we heard the other group staying with us playing instruments in the dining area. Curious,
we went to see what was going on and we saw that three of the leaders where there playing trumpets and flutes and trombones. We asked
them if we could have a try, and they let us! Apparently we were all naturals but i think they were just being kind to us because we sounded
terrible. Anyway before we knew it, it was dinner time and we had spaghetti. After that we had free time and waited for it to get dark so we
could start watching the movie "The Great and Powerful Oz." The film finished at around 10:30 and it was lights out for us.
By Ian.
Day 2
We all woke up at 6.30 am to hear the philharmonic band from Limassol practicing their music, we got ready for
breakfast at 7.30am, once we had breakfast we came back to camp and got ready for the hike. The bus arrived at
camp to take us to our starting point of the Artemis trail which is around 8km. The cubs and scouts took a different
route to the explorers so we weren't all together. The older scouts which are coming up to ventures also hiked with
us so we could bond with them, Skip was with us hiking and thought it would be a good idea to have a competition
between the older ventures and the new ones coming up. We were given different questions and challenges to
complete against each other. To begin with the older ventures were in the lead by quite a bit but then the newer ones
caught up. After the hike the score was 8-8, and we got the bus back to camp for lunch which was faggi and chips.
We then had to do a camp service project which was to clean the church area for the church service tomorrow. We
showered had diner which was pasta. Then we all gathered for our camp fire which was really entertaining as we
tried lots of our new songs and sketches we learnt from Switzerland. We came back from campfire and got ready for
bed as we were all very tired.
By Taylor.
Day 3
We woke up early this morning to go to church, on camp and had a full church service where the priest explained everything in detail. After
church we had flag break and went down for breakfast, after breakfast we took photographs in uniform and then went to change. After we
changed we got our bikes ready and loaded them on the mini van and head off to the start of our bike trail. We rode to a world heritige site the
Agios Nickolas tis Stegis, Skip then brought us lunch and we head off to the adventure park. At the adventure park we all climbed the wall twice
to make it 100 meters representing the 100 years of scouting in  Cyprus. Then we played paintball, it was a draw . Next skip drove us back to
camp where we had free time, then we had dinner and went for showers. Then we played the wide game and went to bed.
By Christos.
Day 4
We woke up in the morning to have breakfast. After breakfast we went and helped the cubs light fires and make hamburgers
as part of our service award. We had to teach them how to light fires and cook on an open fire.  When we had eaten everything,
we packed up Skips tent and did some jobs helping the cubs move into their rooms. After lunch we all moved from our tents to
the rooms. The boy explorers went into the scout boy room and the girl explorers went into the cub girl room. We finished
packing all the tents and packed stuff away in the mini van ready for when we leave on friday. When everything was done we
had free time until after dinner. After dinner we went on a night hike to the water falls. We came back and we played the wide
game. After everyone had been found we watched the scouts go swimming for their badge and then had showers.  We  all
showered and sat with the leaders and another leader from a different group and had a barbeque. B
y Christianna
Day 5
We woke up at around half seven and got ready for breakfast then after breakfast we went for flag break. After flag break we got split in to our groups and got ready for
survivor  platania. The five group names were Monster inc, Army ants, DJ mesners,Fyfes minions and the Munchikens. In our groups we all had to come up with a dance
there were all quite funny then we started the games. The first game we had to move a come of water from one place to another without touching the cup. Then we played
a few more games and then headed to the pool. The first game at the pool was blowing up a lilo and floating on it. Next game we had to drag to rope and pull ourselves
laying on the lilo. After that all the Explorers had to dress up as mommies using toilet paper then we had to throw the water balloon and the one with the least paper would
win it was very enjoyable. At this point it was close to the end we all had our showers and  got ready for dinner and just before that finish our last two games. We had
dinner got ready and went the the partayyy were the winner of survivor platania was anounced.
By Anthony
Last Day.
On this years summer camp only five Explorers attended,  since most went to the trip to
KISC. The target was to have an enjoyable and a challanging  program. Taylor took the lead
in preparing the Program. The hightlights were the bike trip to Ayios Nicholas , the climbing
and paint ball at Kyperounda and Survivor Platania. The Explorers helped for one morning
with  the Cub program and also were team leaders for the survivor game. They say pictures
paints a thousand words and looking through the photos it is evident that the Explorers had
fun together.  I would like to thank them for raising to the challenges set before them and for
all their hard work.  Well done to all.