53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Cub Proficiency Badges
Below are all the Proficiency Badges available and there requirements.
Before starting any badge remember to inform Akela  First.
Crafts Badge
Environmentalist Badge
World Conservation Badge
Guides Badge
Church Helpers Badge
Observers Badge
Archaeologists Badge
Collectors Badge
Music Badge
Jobsman Badge
Gardeners Badge
First Aid Badge
Cyclist Badge
Home Help Badge
Athlete Badge
Sportsman Badge
Computers Badge
Cooks Badge
Communicators Badge
Canoing  Badge
Science Badge
Sailing Badge
Journalist Badge
Campers Badge
Interpreters Badge
Explorers Badge
Activities Section
Personal Development  Section
Abilities  Section
Interest Section
Service Section
Books reader Badge
Entertainers Badge
Artist Badge
Astronomers Badge
Modeling Badge
Photographers Badge
Fisherman Badge
Naturalist Badge
My Faith  Badge