53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Cub Program for Platania Summer Camp 2016.
Day 1. Saturday 30th July.
Once we arrived we packed everything and a big truck came to take our camp beds. We got
on the bus to the camp and once we arrived we put up our camp beds and found our bags.
We were all very hungry so we had lunch, beans with meat and potatoes. So then we were full
we had free time for half an hour to rest. After free time we started to build our gates and
camp gadgets. My tent built a quadpod for our gate and a cup holder. Then we all sat done to
talk about or badged we are working for on camp. Then we had dinner which was burgers
and mash potato. After dinner we went to camp fire with the two troops on camp. We sang
songs and sketches which was very fun. Then we went to bed. By Michael M ( Cub )
Day 2 Sunday 31st July.
We woke up in the morning and did exercise then had breakfast. After breakfast we got changed into summer uniform and had flag
break, after we had inspection. We then changed out of uniform and started our badge work. We were split into four groups with four
stations to do. The first one was Morse code, then phonetic alphabet, translating code, and semaphore flags, we learnt how to say
our names and SOS. Once we finished we had juice and biscuits for a break. Then we had to pretend to make an emergency phone
call with a partner.  We had a fire drill so we know what to do if there is a real fire. We had lunch which was Sunday roast it was nice.
We had free time after lunch and we got some pocket money to buy ice cream. We went down to the football pitch to make stretchers
in two teams and we raced I didn’t win. We had showers before dinner which was carbonara. After dinner we had an uno competition
and Constantinos was the winner. We got ready for bed after a good day. By Pavlos S ( Cub ).
Day 3 Monday 1st August.
We woke up at 7am and went to church before eating breakfast.  We sat down for a CYTA presentation where the ladies told us about
safety on the internet. We changed out of our uniform then split into two groups , where we pitched tents and made a shelter. After we
had a surprised inspection and played a game.  After lunch we got ready to hike to the waterfalls.  We got into groups of cubs and
scouts and all went together.  The waterfalls were very nice.  Then we came back and had a shower and had dinner.  Later we had
movie night and watch Zootopia.  Then we to bed. It was a nice day. By Alexandra A ( Cub ).
Day 4. Tuesday 2nd August.
We got dressed quickly to go on our hike. First we went to the Museum of the Forestry
Department at Troodos  where we saw stuffed animals with rocks  in exhibits ,after we saw a
video about Troodos, then we got in a bus and headed to the start of the Artemis trail to hike for
7km and took us 3 hours it was high and tiring. The trail went around the peak at Mt. Artemis.
Once we got back to the campsite we ate lunch and then we worked for the jobmans badge  
and did key holders.  We put on a mask to protect our eyes.  We had dinner and after dinner
we went to the scouts and played Beetle Drive.   It was fun and Max won in the end.  It was a
fun day.   By Oresti A ( Cub ).
Day 5. Wednesday 3rd August.
Our day began with a tasty breakfast, flag break and inspection.  After that we did badge work for the Explorer’s badge; we learnt the tracking signs to find Taylor and Ian.  In the
middle of the day we cooked burgers on the campfire and they were tasty because we made them by ourselves. We finished our key holders and painted a wall for the Jobsmans
badge.  We also played an exciting quiz game called Trivial Pursuit for cubs.  The team called Dragons won.  At the end of our busy day we cooled off with a water balloon fight and
just before bed time we had a fun party by the campfire. By Andreas I ( Cub )
Day 6. Thursday 4th August.
We woke up and had breakfast.  We got ready to go on a hike.  We went to the fire station in Platania.  Then we played games in the park,
it was fun.  Then we hiked back to camp.  Then we had lunch.  We had free time and ice cream.  Afterwards we went with Andreas who
showed us how to make book holders with wood.  He told us how to look after the tools and how to use them and then we made book
holders.  We went for showers before dinner and then we got ready for the wide game.  A wide game is a game we play in the dark.  The
leaders have to hide with their lights and the cubs and scouts have to go to the main gate without the leaders seeing them. I liked this
game.  Then we went to bed. By Ismini ( Cub ).
Day 7. Friday 5th August.
First we had to have breakfast and then we went to flag break.  Then we went over to the scout
areas and made teams and then we made our flags.  Next we started the Olympics.  We played
football and after this we threw big rocks to see how far we could throw.  Next we played Tick tack
toe and then games with water balloons.  I liked the game where we wrapped up our leader like a
mummy then we threw water balloons at them. Afterwards we went for showers.  Tonight is
campfire.  It was a fun day. By Marianta ( Cub).