53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Cub Program Summer Camp Platania 2015
We met at moutagiaka scout hut at 7:30 and we put our stuff in the truck. Then we took the bus to platania.
When we arrived we played a game and then put our stuff in our tents. Later on we built our gates and
made camp gadgets. Later we had lunch. Afterwards we sat a table and cut paper and we collected leaves
around the area for the papermix and we made a booklet. After that we went and had rofima and then
played baseball with the scouts. When we finished baseball we made sugar crystals. After the crystals we
went and had showers. Then we played ninja. Later we ate dinner. Then we had free time where we
practiced our sketches. After it started getting dark and we went and did campfire. At campfire we sang and
me, Kyriakos, Pavlos and Alex did our sketch which we made from a joke. When we finished campfire we
brushed our teeth and went to bed.  By Kyriakos K ( Cub ).  
Day 3
In the morning we woke up at 7am got dressed and then prepared the iron and cereal
experiment to see iron particles come out of cereal. We then joined the scouts for morning
exersice before breakfast. We then looked at the experiment which was fun. We had
inspection and went to flag break. We went to the campfire area where we learnt about fire
saftey before lighing fires to cook eggs and hamburgers. After lunch we had to go clean
up part of the campsite as part of a requirement for our badge. We went and played some
games on the football pitch before we had showers and then dinner. After dinner we went
into the hall to watch a movie before we went to bed. It was a fun day. By Pavlos (Cub)
Day 4
In the morning we went to the old campfire site, we watched insects for
about an hour and tried to catch an insect from the river, when we came
back we got some free time to get some rest and played a few games,
after that we made vanilla ice cream and we put it in the freezer. Then we
ate lunch, and after that we went and bought ice cream from the tuck
shop, then we went to our tents and had some rest, after we got some
rest we went and played a lot of games and then we ate dinner, brushed
our teeth and we went to bed. By Melianthi (Cub)
Day 5
In the morning we woke up, got dressed, and we had exercise. During exercise we learned about
how our heart works and about how it helps us carry out our daily acticities by pumping blood and
oxygen around the body. We then took the bus to the forestry department information centre.
There, we learned about how human activity affects the environment around them, about the
balance in nature and about the food chains that exist. A man also talked to us about the troodos
national park and the rare species that live there. Once we were finished we walked up to troodos
square and played in the park for a while. Later, we went for a 5 km hike, starting and ending at
the park. We had lunch after the hike at the park, which was chicken and potatoe. When we got
back to camp we had free time until our next activity which was making an leaf diary. We painted
one side of the leaf and quickly pressed it down in our books to make a print of the leaf. We also
stuck a few down. After that comes my favourite part of the camp (so far!) We made rockets. We
used vinegar and baking soda to make them. When they react together they form a gas which
creates pressure in the bottle and causes it to shoot upwards. We had a competition to see
whose bottle went the highest. We tried the same with coke and mentos which didnt really work.
By the time we finished with the rockets it was time for dinner. After dinner we all played the wide
game twice and went to bed at 10. By Kyriacos A. ( Cub )
Day 6
We woke up at 7am and ate chocolate cereal and then got ready for inspection , Eva combed my
hair and i got 17 points. Then we checked our crystals and took photos of them before we could
eat them, and they were nice and sweet. After that men from cyta came to talk to us about the
Internet but it was a bit boring because they were talking about things i didn't really understand.
Then we went on a hike and did tracking where we learnt the different signs we use for directions.
We were also taught the country code and about the mouflon. Then we did an experiment with a
Cd and the sunlight to make rainbows on the ground which was really interesting and i liked it.for
lunch we had beans which wasn't really nice but we also got hot dogs which was nice.  Then the
Raksha came to visit us and we walked to the fire station and learnt about how were running out of
water and it the mountains there are very big chances of fire so we have to be very careful. Then
Eleni and Steph hid sweets around the park for us and we had to go around finding them and i,
luckily, found 4 when everyone else found 3. On the way back we sang all the campfire songs and
finally arrived where we showered and had dinner which was fish fingers. Then again another
inspection before we got to go up to the party. where we danced, ate pizza, had juice, cookies,cake,
pop corn, chips  and all my favourite treats, it was a fun way to end the night and then we brushed
our teeth and went to sleep. By  Ireni ( Cub )
Day 7
In the morning, after we woke up, we had exercise, then breakfast and finally inspection. We were all excited because today was the "fun day"! This years' theme was the
Hunger Games! At 10:00 am we got on parade outside the kitchens where they split us into our 5 different "districts". Later we all moved up to the football pitch where to
our surprise stood a large pioneering project. The leaders said that it was the center of our arena. Throughout the games the leaders would put things at the center
which we needed to build a shelter for our district. We would all rush to it when the whistle blew to collect the things. We then played many different games and took part
in different activities which we had to win in order to get points. My favourite part of the games was when the leaders would randomly attack us with water balloons. If we
got hit by them we lost a point. At around 1 pm we went for lunch and then continued with the games once we were done till dinner time. After dinner we had free time. At
around 8:30 we started our last campfire of this summer camp. Once campfire was over we brushed our teeth and went to bed. By Pavlos (Cub)
Platania 2015
We have just come to the end of a successful summer camp at Platania, although there were only 7
cubs on camp we had an amazing time and bonded together over the 7 days. We did a large range of
activities and covered the requirements for 4 badges, the science, world conservation, campers and
explorers. We had day trips out of the campsite which made the camp even more exciting. I have
watched the children bond with one another and gain scouting knowledge which makes me very proud.
I would like to thank my three leaders on camp, Hanna, Eva and Ian for all their hard work. I have loved
being the Cub Leader on camp and can not wait for the next camp. Taylor ( Akela ).
Day 2
In the morning, we woke up got dressed, had inspection after that we went and did
exercise. After exercise we got on parade we prayed, and had breakfast. Then we went to
a room and started to make paper. When we finished the parents came, we showed them
around the campsite, played a few games, and then ate. Then we played bingo after we
finished bingo the parents left. Then we played a few more games, had showers, had a bit
of free time, then when it was night time we went and saw the stars. After when we
finished with the stars we went and brushed our teeth and went to bed. By Alex P (Cub)