53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Cub Program Summer Camp Platania 2014
Day 1
When we arrived at the Camp we started putting our personal
belongings into our tents. Then we had a tour of the campsite we were
told the rules. Then we had lunch, for lunch we had beans and salad.
Then we finished our camp gadgets and gates. After that we had free
time until campfire .At campfire we sang songs and acted out sketches
then we brushed our teeth and went to bed. By Joss
Day 3
We woke up really early this morning because we had a church service.  After we finished with the service we went
for breakfast.  Next we went to the old campfire site to observe ants for our Naturalist badge.  We laid down bread
and jam and watched the ants carry it to their nest.  It was quite interesting how they worked together as a colony.  
When we came back we made our own ants it was a lot of fun.  Then we went for lunch.  After lunch we went to the
tuck shop and then we had a visit from the Cyber Police who talked to us about how to keep safe on the Internet.  
Next Taylor gave us a presentation on migrating bird and endangered species in Cyprus and after we collected
leaves and did fun leaf printing pictures.  Then we went for our showers and came back to learn about the life cycle
of a tree with Eva.  Then we made posters showing the life cycle of a tree.  I had a lot of fun. By Sophie.
Day 4
We woke up quite early because we had duty. That means that we had to clean the area that we have food and prepare the breakfast,lunch and dinner. First we removed
the tables and chairs from were we eat. When we did that skip gave us our  jobs, some had to remove the plastic bags from the bins and some had to sweep the floor.
When we finished we had breakfast. It was cornflakes,yum. Next we did our jobsmans badge. We made a key hanger or a letter box or a book holder. After that we had
lunch which was chicken with rice. It was amazing. When we finished lunch we had some free time for the leaders to get ready a water balloon course. While that was
happening in our free time we changed into our swimming costumes and was called to go to the course. The course was that we had to jump into hoops and then go
through a mud puddle and  through a tire and that was it. While we were doing that we had to hold a water balloon. Next we had a  balloon fight,  boys plus me won, yes!
Immediately after that we had showers! Afterwards we had dinner which was fish and chips. It was great!  At night we had game night so we got out different games and
played, it  was awesome! We next brushed our teeth and then went to bed. The day was just fantastic!!!  I had a great time!!! By Alexandra Ch  
Day 5
We woke up and had breakfast. Afterwards we made hamburgers and ate them. It was super tasty. Then we went to
have lunch and had free time. After we went to change clothes and we washed our cub t shirts. Then we made a
washing line and we hung on the wet t shirts and then we played UNO. After we had rofima (drinks) and then we had
showers. Then we changed and we had dinner. After we had free time and played board games like uno and chess.
Afterwards we brushed our teeth and put our pyjamas and went to bed.       by Nefeli (Cub)
Day 6
We woke up and had breakfast. After we went on a 6km hike. Charlie went to hide lollipops in the park
when we were taking photos. We found all the lollipops that were hidden. Then we went  to the park and
took photos on the zip wire. Although the lunch wasn't my favourite i managed to eat most of it. Afterwards
we relaxed in our free time. Then we drew our own Cyprus map for one of our badges. Later we had dinner
which was delicious!  The leaders had saved the best for last...the Platania Party! It was fantastic, because
there was brilliant music. Finally we brushed our teeth and went to bed.                                 by David (Cub)
Day 7
We woke up at 7.00 and went for breakfast. After breakfast we got separated into teams to take part in the World Cup Platania. There were four games to play, the first one
was normal football then crab football and giant table football and last of all water balloon volley. We had a great morning taking part in World Cup Platania. Then we went
for lunch which was sovula. After lunch we took down our camp gadgets and gates to pack ready to go home tomorrow.  Once we had taken down our gates and packed
everything away we did a treasure hunt looking for stamps. At 6.00pm we got on parade to be awarded our badges we got on camp. We also found out who won World
Cup Platania, which was Germany. After that we had diner then free time till 8.30 when we went to campfire. After campfire we got ready for bed.  by Ellie (Cub)
Day 2
We woke up and got ready and then after breakfast we went on the bus to the start of the Artemis
Trail.  We had to do the hike as part of the Naturalist badge and we had to collect things from nature
for later. We saw different kinds of trees and some nice scenery.  It was an easy hike and I liked it.  
We came back on the bus to the campsite and then we had lunch.  After lunch we went to the scout
area for Michalis' birthday.  Afterwards the new cubs did work for the campers badge and the older
ones did work for the first aid badge.  After dinner we went again to the scout area this time for
Ioanna's birthday and then we watched a really nice film. I really enjoyed this day especially the first
aid badge work.  By Natalia