53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Cub Program Summer Camp Dhekelia 2017
Friday 30th June.
Once we got to the Dhekelia Scout wood camp site we set out our tents and
when we finished we ate burgers. After Lunch we did our science badge and
presented many projects one was where we had to get a piece of paper and
a candle put the candle under the paper  and the paper started moving. After
that we ate pasta with chicken. We played a few games which were really fun
and then the leaders called us on parade and we had the first night
Campfire and at 9.30pm we got ready to go to sleep. By: Michael M (Cub)
Sunday 2nd July.
We woke up at 7 o’clock then we ate breakfast after that we went to the beach. When we were at the
beach we also finished our swimmers badge and we finished our communicators’ badge. Samantha
came to cubs and showed us how to paste pictures on to flat rocks.
After that, we made an obstacle course and during the obstacle course people were throwing water
balloons we had to go throw a rope and walk in wheels. When that was done, we went to go clean
ourselves and had free time, for about a half hour.  We had dinner and ate cake for desert then we
watched a film, Home Alone.  By: Alex L (Cub)
Saturday 1st July
On Saturday morning we ate delicious breakfast, which was a selection of cornflakes or
eggs with sandwich and jam. After that, we went to the sea and did our swimmers badge
but did not finish it. But two other cubs did the canoe badge because they already did their
swimmers badge! Then we washed ourselves in the shower. We next had delicious
lunch. After that, we were doing our communicators badge but as well did not finish it. We
split into two groups. In one team we were doing semaphore and code language. Then,
after the communicators badge we had free time to do what we wanted. Next we had
dinner and it was also delicious. Finally we had the wide game, first we had teams and in
the second one we had to capture the leaders. When that was finished, we all got ready
for bed and went to sleep. By Harry S (Cub)
Monday 3rd July
We woke up to loud and fun music. We had breakfast which was eggs, bread, ham, cheese and milk. We were told to put
our uniform on so we could take photos for the website. We got on the bus and we set off to explore the botanical gardens
at Cyherbia. We had to go around the gardens and answer about the herbs.
When we arrived back at the campsite we changed and  had lunch, which was lentils with some delicious watermelon. We
had a bit of free time in which we changed into our swimming and completed our set duties to prepare for… Game of
Thrones. It was essentially a series of activities- build a throne, an obstacle course, build a stretcher, fireball (volleyball)
and a speed eating competition. We were all divided into houses, some of which were the Targaeryens (the winners!), the
Lannisters and the Starks (we were five all together ). We had a lot of fun completing the activities and had an even better
time washing off the dirt and sweat at the beach in the evening. We quickly ate our dinner which was pork with mash
potatoes, and ran off to the beach. After about half an hour we all came back and had our showers and at around nine o’
clock we had a campfire.