53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Cub Program Summer Camp Platania 2013
Day 1
On Sunday 11th of August we woke up, went to Moutayiaka Scout hut and got ready for the
camp. Once we arrived in Platania, by bus, we took our things and we went to the tents that
our leaders told us to go. After we opened up our camp beds and we put away our stuff. Then
we got on parade and went to eat. Once we finished our lunch (Meat and potatoes) we built
our gates and boundaries around our tents. Once we finished the leaders had a talk with us
about the camp rules and how to look after ourselves. After we went for dinner (spaghetti
bolognaise )  and  we finished the day by watching a film called "The Great and Powerful Oz".
A lot of us got scared but the Powerful Oz beat the nasty witch. Right after that we all went to
By Sotiria ( 246th )
Day 2
We got up and brushed our teeth. Then we went on a hike. We got the bus and we went to mount Olympus and hiked the 8Km Artemis trail. Nick R was my partner. The
hike was fun. When we got back we had lunch. We had lentiles. Then we did our science badge. We made compasses (we got a needle, rubbed it on a magnet, we put the
needle through a cork and we put it in the water and it pointed north) and saw how hot air rises(we got paper and cut it into a spiral and put it over a candle). Next we
planted seeds that grow quickly and watered them. After that we had our showers. Then dinner time. Yuvetsy. Then we had campfire. After campfire we saw the shooting
stars. Then we went to bed.
By Joss
Day 3
We woke up and got dressed in our uniform. Then we went to the small church at our campsite for church service.  Then we ate our breakfast and got ready to do the hike
to the waterfalls.  We paired up and started the hike. 45 minutes later we arrived at the waterfall and some cubs and scouts went under the waterfall.  It was freezing.  We
ate watermelon at the falls and then headed back to camp.  We got back in time for lunch. After lunch we had inspection and some free time.  At 3 o'clock we started
some requirement for our science badge by finding seeds in the fields.  Then we talked about the types of seeds and how they travel.  After that we made seeds of our
own from tin foil and put them in the river to do races.  We made parachutes and  helicopters for our seeds.  We had our showers and had dinner.  Later on we played
bulldog and a wide game before bedtime.  I had a great day.
By Sophi.
Day 4
We woke up and went down for excersise and had breakfast. We had bread ham and cheese. A little bit later we went down
to to the campfire and made burgers. they were delecious! After we packed up and moved to the huts and ate beans. A
while later, we did some die tie's (you get material and tie it in different forms to make patterns and then you die them in a
colour) and then we did some tracking. Tracking is when you find signs and arrows to show you whats ahead of you and
were to go using the tracking signs, we went up to the football pitch and found logs and ropes to make strechers. We went
up to the pool and back with someone on the stretcher. After that we went to have a bath and then we went to have dinner. It
was fish fingers and chips. Now we're going to play uno and go to bed. I had a wonderful day.
By irene
Day 5
We woke early in the morning. We then ate breakfast and had flag break. After flag break we seperated into our tribes for the day. My tribe
leader was Anthony. We then made flag, bandaners and a poster for our tribe. After that we played the first coupleof games. We then had
lunch which was chicken and patatoes. After lunch we free time until the next game which was an assualt course Charlie,Alex and Eva had
built. Then we had a break before we did the pool activatites.  We then had free time until the last two games. The two games were making
a paper cup and blindfold drinking. Then we had dinner. We then had to do alot of jobs because we leave tomorrow. After that we had party
and King Louis played some music. It was fantastic. Finally to end our fantastic day we went to bed.
By  Aris.
Last Day
Unfortunately the end of another summer camp has come all too soon.  The
children had a very busy programme in Platania this year and the smiles on
their faces implies that they have all had a great time.  They enjoyed two
hikes, one to the waterfalls and another round the Artemis trail which was
8kms.  The had a fabulous last day when they joined forces with all the other
members and played a special game of 'Survivor Platania'.  The cubs
managed to complete the work for a lot of badges, 6 campers, 8 science, 13
explorers badges and two second stars requirements were finally
completed.  All this would not have been possible without the young leaders
who gave up their time to come and help run the program and look after the
cubs.  I would like to thank my wonderful helpers Eva and Charlie for their
endless assistance.  I would also like to thank the Explorers who also gave
up some of their free time, choosing to spend time with the cubs.
By Akela