53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Trip to Crete 5th - 12th July 2016.
5th July – Day one.
We went to the Limassol District building at 11.30am so we can go on the bus to
the airport and start our trip to Crete.  It was a one hour flight then we landed and
got our bags and got on another bus to the Paradise Scout camp site near the
town of Rethymno. When we arrived we unpacked, changed and set up the
dining area so we were able to have our dinner. After we ate and settled down
we had a shower and went to sleep so we were ready for the tomorrows
activities. By Aris
6th July – Day two.
We woke up at 7 in the morning and had our breakfast, which was toast, eggs,
ham and cheese. We then headed to another section of the campsite where
we did some pioneering, we recreated Leonardo DaVinci’s rope less bridge
and built a skylon flag pole. After that we had lunch which was chilicon carne.
7th July- Day three.
We woke up at 7:00 and had breakfast which was bread, ham, cheese, eggs, milk and
off to Chania by Bus. We had a tour in Chania and visited the Venizelos Tomb,  Chania
market and the Nautical museum. In the museum we saw nice detailed model ships
and some old things from the war that was on display. After that we went to the marina.
First, we did some souvenir shopping and we had some free time to sit at the cafés or
buy more things. Then we went back on the bus and we arrived in Kalives village next to
the sea, there was a lovely view. There we had lunch which was pork chops with
potatoes and salad, after that watermelon and cherries. Next, we headed to Kournas
Lake  and there we went on a pedal boat. We also attempted geocaching but we
couldn't’ find the chip. After that we had about 15 minutes to get ice cream and drinks
and got ready to leave. We then headed back to our campsite to have a shower and to
rest a bit. After that the scouts from Crete came and we had a cretian/Cypriot night. There
was Cypriot and Greek food and traditional  dancing. We had a great time there. After that
we went to bed. By Carys.
8th July- Day four.
We woke up at 5:00 in the morning to prepare for the hike we were going to have later on. We all went
downstairs to make sandwiches for the hike and have breakfast. After breakfast everyone went to the bus
which was going to take us to the area where we were going to start hiking to Samaria Gorge. The bus
ride was two hours long. When we got to the start there was a strong breeze and everyone was cold. We
all started the hike nice and easy at 9am. But later hike got harder and harder, we walked 12.8km. At the
end of the hike we had to take a ferry to the bus which was going to take us back. We arrived back, had
showers and then ate and went to bed.  By Thrasos
9th July – Day five.
We woke up at 7:00 in the morning and had breakfast, which was bread, ham ,
cheese, eggs and milk. Then we took a bus to go to Rethymno. When we arrived
we had a tour of Rethymno by two local scouts. We visited the port, castle and old
town of Rethimno and they also gave us some time to do some souvenir
shopping. After that we arrived at a Greek restaurant to have our lunch which was
pita with pork and fires. Then we went to the port to do some rowing and
swimming in the sea. Then we took a bus to head back to the campsite. When we
arrived we had our dinner witch was pizza. Then we prepared for our campfire with
the scouts from Crete and then we went to bed. – Alvaro.
10th July – Day six.
We woke up at 7:00 and had breakfast. We did our duties and then at 9:00 we got on the bus to go to nearby villages. We visited Arkadiou Monastery. We then went to our
second stop which was Zoniana Caves.  It was really cool and we got to stop and buy things from the shop. At the third stop we went to Anogia for lunch at a tavern. We had
chicken and fries. After that we proceeded to our final stop which was a small village with a few shops and cafes. We had some free time to go buy souvenirs  and visited the
house of N. Xylouris. We then went back on the bus and went back to the campsite where we had our showers and ate our dinner which was meatballs and potatoes. Later
we changed into our full uniform and headed down to the campfire to join the Scouts from Rethymno.  At the Campfire we have a Twinning Ceremony between the Limassol
Scout District and the Rethymno Scout Area. After the ceremony we went to bed. By Sophie.
11th July – Day seven.
We woke up at 7:30 and had breakfast and when we were done clean up and got
ready. At 9:00 we got on a bus to the village of Rethymno where we had two and a half
hours of free time. Later on we went to the scout shop to do some shopping there.
After we all went to find a nice restaurant to eat. Then we went to the beach for the last
time until we had to go back to camp. At camp we had showers and packed up all our
personal thing ready to leave. At 7pm we started a Camp fire with Scouts from Italy,
France, Mainland Greece and Crete. Over 120 Scouts singing and dancing until
11pm, stopping for Dinner. When everything was done we went to sleep. By Max.
We then packed our hike bags to visit the Milli gorge with its water mills, it was a lovely view. The hike was
about 1 hour and then we had a chance to visit at Military Museum of Chromanistiri, in a nearby village. After
that off to the beach for a relaxing swim and some food shopping. We then went back to our campsite,
showered and had dinner and then went to bed.    By Irene.
Crete 2016.
It was a Great trip and I would like to Thank Andreas, Stefanos and Taylor  for making this
trip an unforgettable adventure for the  53rd Members. In total 25 Scouts and 5 Leaders
from the Limassol Scout District explored Crete with the highlight being the never ending
hike of the Samaria Gorge.  I am very Proud of our 14 members who participated in this
adventure with such a Scouting spirit. The 53rd was part of the Twinning between the
Limassol Scout District and the Rethymno Scout area meaning that more activities
between Crete and Cyprus are expected.  Skip.