53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the Week and Month 2020
Picture of  January.
Starting the New Year by cutting the
53rd's 2020 Vassilopitta on during
the Meetings on the 11th January.
19th - 25th January.
Cubs enjoy a game with  Ryan a
Scout District Youth Commissioner
in Worcester UK visiting the 53rd.
25th Jan - 1st Feb.
53rd Leaders having  their
traditional lunch on the one day
hike at Check Point three.
Picture of  February.
53rd Explorers build two towers at
the Yermasoyia Scout hut during
their meeting.
1st - 9th Feb.
Dimitris from Chironas School of
Health and Safety for once again
running an Emergency First Aid
at Work course for our members.
9th - 15th Feb.
A proud moment for the 53rd
running team, 6 complete the
Mitsero Mine run, getting the
famous Kouspo.
15th - 22nd Feb.
53rd Explorers on their Miandros
One project. This year's theme:
People with mobility problems
getting around Limassol.
22nd - 29th Feb.
Scouts reading prayers at the
Thinking Day Service on the 22nd
Feb at the St Barnabas Church.
29th Feb - 7th March.
53rd Tigers Patrol with their
presentation table, Australia, for
the International Village meeting.
7th - 15th March.
53rd Older Scouts at the CSA Scout
Sections Anavasi Camp which was
held at the Kornos Camp site.
Picture of  March.
53rd Explorers plant trees to help
make Cyprus Green.
21st - 28th March.
53rd Members busy on the Keep on
Scouting Badge requirments, Task
One. Stay Safe Stay Home.
28th March - 4th April.
53rd Members camp indoors on
Tuesday night for Task two of the
Keep on Scouting Badge.
Picture of  April.
The 53rd Participation Badge,
Keep on Scouting while staying
Home and Staying Safe.
4th - 11th April.
53rd Members proudly show their
baking for Task 3 of the Keep on
Scouting Participation Badge.
12th - 18th April.
53rd Members enjoy making their
own games at home for Task 4,
Keep on Scouting Badge.
19th - 25th April.
Happy Easter from 53rd Members
who make decorations at home for
Task 5, Stay Safe - Stay Home.
26th April - 2nd May.
Parents and Friends of the 53rd
stay safe by staying home and take
part in an Online Yoga Class.
3rd - 16th May.
53rd Members enjoy making their
mini pioneering projects at home
for Task 7, Keep on Scouting Badge.
Picture of  May.
The 53rd's Keep on Scouting  
Participation Badges for Cubs,
Scouts and Explorers.
17th - 23rd May.
All smiles for Task 8 finishing the  
Keep on Scouting Badge, Planting
and Growing.
23rd - 30th May.
53rd Members take part in this
years Jambowlree by playing
bowling games online.
30th May - 6th June.
53rd Explorers, Network and
Wannabee members take part in an
online Talent Show and Campfire.
Picture of  June.
53rd Explorer Natalia presents her
mini pioneering project for Task 7
made from spaghetti.
6th - 13th June.
53rd Cubs work on their First and
Second Stars by completing  
Experiments for the Science and
Nature requirments at home.
13th - 20th June.
Back to Scouting. 53rd
Explorers at their first meeting
in 3 Months getting ready for the
traditional raft race.
20th - 27th June.
During shutdown two Explorers
carried on building their balsa wood
aeroplane models at home and are
now ready for the flight tests.
27th June - 4th July.
Explorers enjoy playing one of the
new 53rd Game during their Meeting
at the Moutayiaka Scout Hut.
11th - 18th July.
53rd Leaders and Explorers spend
the weekend getting the Platania
Scout Campsite ready for this years
Summer Camps.
Picture of  July.
53rd Explorers beat the Wannabee
Explorers in this years raft races.
18th - 25th July.
53rd Cub climbs the cargo net
built as part of the obstacle
course at the last meeting for
the Summer.
26th July - 1st Aug.
53rd Explorers Kayaking along the
white cliffs of Governors Beach.
1st - 12th Aug.
Jessica Receives her Republic
Award Necker from the Chief
Commissioner of the CSA.
Picture of  August.
53rd Explorer Jessica receives her
Bronze D of E international Award
from the Chief Commissioner.
12th - 22nd Aug.
53rd Members help St Charbel
Church load all that has been
collected for Lebanon.
22nd - 29th Aug.
Kayaking along Governors White
Cliffs with some 53rd Parent
Committee, Network and Leaders.
10th - 19th Sep.
53rd Leaders present Elin  with a
photo to remind her of the 12
Years Scouting in the 53rd.
Picture of  September.
Starting a new Scouting Year, all
sections of the 53rd  have separate
meetings on the 5th Sep.
20th - 26th Sep.
Young 53rd Leaders at the CSA
Training Campsite in Kornos
starting their Leader Training
26th Sep - 3rd Oct.
A new addition to the 53rd Cub
Room made by the Cub Leader
Elin who left for studies abroad.
3rd - 10th Oct.
53rd Scout Leaders introduce the
SDGoals to the new members
during the meeting.
Picture of  October.
53rd Explorer Patrols working in
their Bubbles challenge each other
in a Tower Building Competition.
17th - 24th Oct.
53rd Scout PLs and APLs have take
shifts collecting Jid codes from
Patrol members at home for Joti.
24th - 31st Oct.
53rd Cubs Complete their first
Online Camp with the support of
Parents at Home.
1st - 8th Nov.
53rd Explorers take part in a
collective Beach Clean removing
plastic items as part of their  SDGs.
Picture of  November.
Taking on the Pioneering
challenge 53rd Scouts build mini
pioneering projects at home.
14th - 21st Nov.
53rd Explorers meeting online and
doing a quiz about the UN on the
Kahoots app.
21st - 28th Nov.
Making 53rd History, Three 53rd
Explorers make their Promise
online becoming members.
28th Nov - 5th Dec.
53rd Scouts make ovens out of
card board boxes at home and
cook a meal.
Picture of  December.
This years Keep on Scouting
Christmas Cake is the last made
by Pamela for the 53rd.
12th - 19th Dec.
53rd Members make cup cakes
and give them to friends or family
spreading the Christmas Spirit.
19th - 31st Dec.
This Years Best Cub, Scout and
Explorer 2020 were presented with
their Plaques by 53rd Leaders.