53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the Week and Month 2019
6th - 12th Jan.
53rd Explorers and Scouts at
the Theophania Church Service
in Potamos Yermasoyia.
Picture of  January.
Starting 2019 with the cutting of the
Vasilopita at the Moutayiaka Scout
Hut on Saurday 12th Jan.
12th - 19th Jan.
53rd Cubs build Catapults during
their Meeting on the 12th Jan.
19th - 26th Jan.
53rd D of E Bronze Award hikers on
their practice Adventurous Journey .
26th Jan - 2nd Feb.
12 Explorers complete the First Aid
at Work course on Saturday 26th
Jan at the Moutayiaka Scout hut.
2nd - 9th Feb.
53rd Explorers have a visit from
Ricardo Martins who is cycling
around the World on a Bamboo
Picture of  February.
53rd Scouts start 5 different badges
from Photography to Collectors.
9th - 16th Feb.
53rd Cubs, Scouts and Explorers
enjoy a day at the Riverland Bio
Farm feeding the animals.
16th - 23rd Feb.
5The 53rd Senior Patrol collected
contributions to support the
Karaiskakio Foundation.
23rd Feb - 2nd March.
53rd Explorers on their Bronze
training hike at Milomeri falls.
2nd - 9th March.
53rd Cubs get in the Carnival
mood during their meeting in  
Moutayiaka on the 2nd March
Picture of  March.
17 Hikers at the start of this years
53rd  Walkdown, Platres Trout Farm.
9th - 15th March.
53rd Explorers having dinner
during their night hike on Friday.
15th - 23rd March.
This years Bronze D of E Hikers
on their Expedition hike exploring.
24th - 30th March.
All the 53rd Flags at the District
Lantern March on the 24th March.
6th - 13th April.
Seven 53rd Scouts at the Going
Up Camp which was held in
Limassol on the 6th - 7th April.
13th - 20th April.
53rd Cubs and Scouts enjoy a
joint meeting at the Yermasoyia
Scout hut.
Picture of  April.
Celebrating 60 years of Air
Scouting in Cyprus 53rd Explorers
build flying gliders.
21st - 25th April.
Six 53rd Explorers receive their
Republic Award neckers at the
Maindros Two camp.
4th - 11th May.
Candidates for next years PLs
and APLs on a training Camp at
the Yermasoyia Scout hut.
11th - 18th May.
Parents Kebab Cooking team at
this years 53rd May Fete.
18th - 25th May.
Winner of this Years 53rd
Jambowlree Highest Patrol
Avarage, Eagles Patrol
Picture of  May.
53rd Explorers have fun pioneering
getting ready for Summer Camp.
25th May - 1st June.
Lions Patrol win the years
53rd Patrol Competition of
Saturday 25th May.
1st - 8th June.
53rd Leaders at the D of  E
Ceremony where Stephanie and
Vassiliki get their Gold Award.
Picture of  June.
53rd Explorers and Older Scouts
take part in the Yermasoyia Flower
Parade on Saturdy 8th June.
15th - 22nd June.
Families BBQing at the  Family
Camp in Polis over the Kataklismos
29th June - 11th July
53rd Cubs, Scouts and Explorers
have a joint fun meeting finishing
this Scout Year.
Picture of  July.
53rd Explorers bet the Wannabee
Explorer 2-1 in this years Raft race.
11th - 20th July.
Investiture of a new Cub Leader
during the Summer Camp at Scout
Wood in Dhekelia.
20th - 27th July.
53rd Members at the Timvos
Makedonitissa Service on 20th
July, showing their resects to
all who fell in 1974.
27th July - 20th August.
53rd Network on Saturday 27th
July Explorering the Coast line.
Picture of  August.
53rd Members at the 24th World
Scout Jamboree in the USA.
20th - 27th August
Eight 53rd Members are back in
Cyprus after spending a 10 day
Scouting adventure at KISC.
28th Sep - 5th Oct
53rd Explorers having fun
pioneering at their first
overnight Camp.
Picture of  September.
53rd Scouts start the Scouting
year with their PL and APL
training Camp.
12th - 19th Oct
53rd Scouts at the CYTA safe online
ambassador’s Presentation in
Picture of  October.
53rd Explorers and Scouts at
the finish of this years K1.5 Hike.
20th - 26th Oct
53rd Scouts with their JOTI board
on the Sunday morning after a
long night collecting Jid codes.
26th Oct - 1st Nov
This Years Leaping Wolves at the
Going Up Ceremony with the
Going Up Log.
1st - 9th Nov
53rd Explorers pose at this years
Halloween Party which was enjoyed
by over 100 Cubs and Scouts.
9th - 16th Nov.
53rd Explorers at the District
Explorer Camp in Arsos Village
9th and 10th Nov.
Picture of  November.
53rd Cubs having fun at the
Riverland Bio Farm on the 9th Nov.
16th - 30th  Nov.
53rd Leaders at the 23rd CSA
Wood Badge Reunion on
Saturday 16th Nov.
1st - 7th Dec.
53rd Explorer help at the St
Barnabas Church Christmas
Fete on the 30th Nov.
7th - 14th Dec.
Parents and friends enjoying this
years 53rd Christmas Dinner
Dance fund raiser at Ceti Locale.
Picture of  December.
53rd Explorers geocaching on the
Persephone trail on the 1st Dec.
14th - 21st Dec.
A proud moment for the 53rd, 8
Explorers get their Lappels on
this years Christmas Camp.
21st - 27th Dec.
The Best Cub, Scout and Explorer
of the Year with their Awards at the
Christmas Campfire.