53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the Week and Month 2018
20th - 3rd Feb.
53rd Explorers spend time with the
dogs at the SPDC dog pound in
Yermasoyia on Saturday 20th Jan
as part of their Maindros One Activity
Picture of  January.
53rd Leaders 2017 - 2018.
3rd - 10th Feb.
53rd Explorers spend the day in the
snow on Troodos on Sunday 4th
Feb, Hiking and Geocaching.
10th - 17th Feb.
53rd Leaders and Explorers help at
the 303rd Apostolos Lukas Scout
Group on Saturday 3rd and 10th Feb.
Picture of  February.
53rd Explorers and Scouts at St
Georges Church the end of the one
day hike on the 11th Feb.
17th - 25th Feb.
53rd Cubs dressed in
Carnival Costumes at their
meeting on the 17th Feb.
25th Feb - 4th March.
53rd Explorers at the District
Thinking Day event at the Old
Port on 24th Feb.
4th - 11th March.
53rd Scouts enjoy team building
games at an overnight camp to
become next Years PLs and APLs
Picture of  March.
53rd Explorers help at the Pafos
Marathon giving water to the
Marathon Runners.
11th - 24th March.
53rd Scouts on top of the
Kakomalis mountain on their
night hike on Friday 9th March.
24th - 31st March.
The 53rd Marching Band on the
Lantern March from Yermasoyia
to Moutayiaka Village.
7th - 15th April.
53rd Explorers at the Epitaphio
Church Parade in Yermasoyia at
the Prophitis Elias Church.
Picture of  April.
53rd Members at the Parthenon
during the Scout Trip to
Karpenisi and Athens, Greece.
15th - 21st April.
Eagles Patrol win this years
53rd Patrol Competition Camp
on the 14th and 15th April.
21st - 28th April.
The 53rd on Parade at St
Georges Day 2018 at the
Apostles Varnavas and Ilarionas
Church in Peristerona.
28th April - 5th May.
The 53rd Cubs, Scouts and
Explorers help in Yermasoyia with  
Lets do it Cyprus 29th April 2018.
5th May - 12th May.
53rd Scouts learn more about
recycling from Demos for the
Yermasoyia Municipality.
12th - 19th May.
The 53rd would like to Thank
everyone who came to our May Fete
fund raiser on Saturday 12th May.
19th - 26th May.
53rd Parents Committee sell
bric-a-brac left over from the
fete at the Linopetra Market.
Picture of  May.
53rd Explorers show 53rd Scouts
coming up to Explorers how to
make a raft preparing them for the
Wannabe Explorer Raft race.
26th May - 2nd June,
Foxes Patrol launch water
balloons at the other Patrols at
the Kataklysmos Meeting.
Picture of  June.
53rd Leaders and Network
Members in Scotland getting ready
for the UK 3 Peak Challenge.
9th - 18th June.
The 53rd Explorers win the raft
race against the 53rd Wannabe
Explorers on the 9th June.
18th - 23rd June.
Explorers, Scouts and Cubs
enjoy this years fun Camp at
the Yermasoyia Scout Hut.
23rd - 30th June.
53rd Scouts at the 6th Cyprus
Scout Jamboree 5 day Camp
on Troodos.
30th June - 15th July.
53rd Cubs build a Monkey Bridge
while on their Summer Camp at
the Yermasoyia Scout Hut.
Picture of  July.
The 53rd at the Church service
and Wreath laying ceremony on
the 15th July in Yermasoyia
23rd July - 20th August.
53rd Members at Madurodam
Exploring the Hague after
Roverway 2018.
Picture of  August.
53rd Members at the main
campsite Zeewolde taking part in
Roverway 2018 in the Netherlands.
25th - 31st August.
53rd Leaders and Explorers at the
start of the Artemis Trail for a
Moonlight hike, 25th August.
4th - 9th September.
53rd Network and Explorers spend
the day hiking together with fellow
Scouts from the St George Air Scout
Group in Eygpt.
Picture of  September.
53rd Leaders at the 60th Year
Celebration Sunset cruise aboard
the Catamaran Salone.
15th - 22nd September.
Leaders from the 53rd take part in
a Basic Leader Training course at
the  Kornos Scout Campsite.
23rd - 29th September.
53rd Explorers on Camp at the
Vavatsinia Scout Campsite.
30th Sep - 6th Oct.
Four of the 53rd Explorers at the
beginning of their three day hike.
Picture of  October.
53rd Explorers and Scouts at
the K1.5 Hike finish, Troodos
Square on Sunday 7th Oct.
14th - 21st Oct.
53rd Scouts and Explorers at the
Lemesis Cycle around Limassol
on Sunday 14th October.
21st - 27th Oct.
53rd Scouts at the end of their Joti
camp on Sunday 21st Oct.
27th Oct - 3rd Nov.
The 53rd Marching Band on the
27th October's Lantern March.
3rd - 11th Nov.
Four 53rd members at the
Limassol Scout District PL training
course at the Kornos Campsite.
Picture of  November.
53rd Cubs from Blue and Green
six at their Campfire during the
overnight Camp at the Moutayiaka
Scout Hut.
11th - 17th Nov.
53rd Cub Sixers and Seconders at
the Limassol Scout District sixer
training on Sunday 11th Nov.
17th - 24th Nov.
53rd Explorers pioneering at their
overnight camp at the Yermasoyia
Scout hut on the 18th Nov.
24th Nov - 1st Dec.
53rd Explorers with Santa at the St
Barnabas Church Christmas Fete.
1st - 8th Dec.
53rd Scouts Cycling along
the Cycle path from
Polemidia to Moutayiaka.
Picture of  December.
Our Traditional Christmas Cake
made by Pamela, this year
marking the 60 Years of Scouting
for the 53rd.
9th - 15th Dec.
11 Explorers receive their
Explorer Lapels and Beret at the
Christmas Camp in Vavatsinia.
15th - 22nd Dec.
Leaders and Network members
present t
he KISC Sketch at the 53rd
Gang Show.
22nd - 28th Dec.
The Leaders of the 53rd would like
to wish everyone a very memorable
Christmas and a healthy, happy and
prosperous New Year.