53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the Week and Month 2017
7th - 14th Jan.
53rd Cubs paint their favorite game
for the Painting Challenge.
Picture of January
The cutting of the 53rd New Years
Vasilopita on Saturday 7th Jan at
the Moutayiaka Scout Hut.
14th - 21st Jan.
53rd Explorers build Igloos in
the Snow on Troodos.
21st - 28th Jan.
Lions Patrol exploring Kolossi
Castle as part of their Archaeology
Badge on Sat 21st Jan.
28th Jan - 4th Feb.
The 53rd Cubs and Scouts at the
Pafos Castle on Saturday 28th Jan
4th - 11th Feb.
The 53rd Scouts visit the Kyrenia
Liberty boat in the Limassol
Marina on Saturday 4th Feb.
Picture of February.
53rd Explorers at the St
Lazarus Church on their
overnight trip exploring Larnaca.
11th - 18th Feb.
The 53rd Scouts collecting  food at
the Smart Discount Shop on
Kolonakiou as part of this year
Thinking Day Community Service.
18th - 25th Feb.
Lions Patrol with their Monaco
Stall at the 53rd International scout
meeting on the 18th Feb.
25th Feb - 5th March.
The 53rd Scouts with their
Jambowlree badges after this
years Competition on Sat 25th Feb
5th - 11th March.
The 53rd Explorers find a new way
to play Noughts and crosses.
Picture of March.
Eagles Patrol with their gate on the
Patrol Camp at the Moutayiaka
Scout Hut on the 5th March.
11th - 18th March.
Second star Cubs demonstrate
how  their Volcano's erupt during
the Cub Meeting on the 11th March.
18th - 26th March.
Tigers Patrol makes a stretcher to
carry an injured scout to Perapedhi
Village on the Incident night hike.
26th March - 2nd April.
Explorers on their unassisted
three day hike 24th - 26th March.
2nd - 9th April.
Tigers Patrol in front of their gate on
the Patrol camp at the Yermasoyia
Scout hut on Saturday 1st April
Picture of April.
Members of the 53rd who collected
rubbish along the Dasoudi beach
for Lets do it Cyprus.
9th - 22nd April.
Eagles Patrol win this Years Patrol
Competition Camp on the 9th April.
22nd - 29th April.
A Proud moment for the 53rd. Eight
Explorers gain the highest Award,
The Republic Award, at the Maindros
Two Camp on Saturday 22nd April.
29th April - 6th May.
53rd Cubs at their cookout during
the Cub meeting on the 29th April
at the Yermasoyia Scout hut.
Picture of May.
The 53rd Explorers at the Sayious
Adventure Park on Monday 1st May.
6th - 13th May.
53rd Scouts with their  Robotic
hands they made for the Meeting
on the 6th May at Yermasoyia.
21st - 28th May.
53rd Explorers and Scouts with
other Scouts in the Limassol
District at the Yermasoyia Flower
Parade on the 14th May.
Picture of June.
Families at the  53rd Family
Camp in Polis over the Long
weekend 2nd - 5th June.
10th - 17th June.
53rd Scouts build catapults
getting ready for next weekend fun
camp at the Yermasoyia Scout Hut.
18th - 24th June.
53rd Explorer in front of their water
slide that they built for the fun
Camp at the Yermasoyia Scout Hut.
8th - 24th July.
53rd Cubs at the Limassol
Municipal Gardens on their
treasure hunt Saturday 8th July.
Picture of July.
In the sea once again on the
Dhekelia Summer Camp, part of
the 53rd's Fleet.
24th July - 26th Aug.
Presenting Felipe, the KISC
Director, with a Thankyou Plaque
from the 53rd on our last day.
Picture of August.
53rd Leaders and Explorers
kayak alone the coastline of
Governors Beach.
Picture of September.
Two of the 53rd Scouts at the
Desmos International Camp
which was held at Platania.
9th - 16th Sep.
Seven of the 53rd Young Leaders
start their Leader Training at the
Kornos Scout  Training Center.
16th - 23rd Sep.
A new Leaders joins the 53rd,
Alan will be the new Assistant
Cub Leader.
23rd - 30th Sep.
53rd Explorers meet 53rd PLs
and APLs on the top of the
Amathus hill, learning more
about the local History.
7th - 14th Oct.
53rd Cubs start 3 new badges,  
Photography, Homehelpers and
collectors at the meeting on the
7th October.
14th - 21st Oct.
This Year only one Cub becomes
a Leaping Wolf at the Going Up
Parade. Well done Harry.
Picture of  October.
6 Scouts become Explorers at
the Going Up Parade on the 14th
Oct at the Yermasoyia Scou Hut.
22nd - 28th Oct.
Members of the 53rd in Nicosia on
Saturday receive their certificates
becoming ambassadors of Safe
Online Surfing for CYTA.
28th Oct - 5th Nov.
53rd Flags at the Lantern March
on the 27th October.
5th - 11th Nov.
The Explorer Patrol that won the
Explorer Challenge meeting  at
the Yermasoyia Scout hut.
Picture of  November.
Andreas and Hawkeye are
awarded their Gilwell Scarf and
Scout Wood Beads on the 4th Nov.
11th - 18th Nov.
53rd Cubs cook twisty bread the
backwoods way during their Cub
meeting on the 11th Nov.
25th Nov - 2nd Dec.
53rd Explorers helping at the St
Barnabas Church fete have a
chance to meet Santa.
2nd - 9th Dec.
5 Members of the 53rd Complete
the Award Leaders Training
Course to become Award Leaders
for the Duke of Edinburghs
International Award
9th - 16th Dec.
This years 53rd Christmas Dinner
Dance at Ceti Locale was enjoyed
by all that attended.
Picture of  December.
53rd Explorers visit the Theotokos
Foundation on Saturday 9th Dec.
16th - 28th Dec.
Patrol Leaders of Lions, Tigers
and Hawks 2016 - 2017 with their
certificates for last years Epathlo
28th Dec - 13th Jan.
Amazing turn out for the annual
Christmas 53rd Reunion on
Wednesday 27th December.