53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the Week and Month 2016
16th - 23rd Jan.
Scouts cook twisties during the
meeting on the 16th Jan.
Picture of January.
The 53rd accompanied the
Cross from Prophitis Elias, to
the sea as part of the
Theophania Church Ceremony.
23rd - 30th Jan.
Explorers in Nicosia on
their weekend exploration
trip on the 23rd - 24th Jan.
30th Jan - 6th Feb.
Cubs in Nicosia at the
Dinosaur Exhibition on
Saturday 30th Jan.
6th - 14th Feb.
53rd Explorers have their
meeting with the 61st
Explorer Group.
Picture of February.
The 53rd scout on their
cycle trip as part of the
Cyclist Badge.
14th - 20th Feb.
53rd Scouts visit Kolossi Castle
as part of their Heritage Badge.
20th - 27th Feb.
53rd Explorers in front the
Municipal building on
Anexartisias running stalls for
Community Service.
27th Feb - 6th March
53rd Explorers and Scouts
at the end of the One day
hike on the 28th Feb.
6th - 12th March.
53rd Members at the
Childrens Carnival Pararde
on Sunday 6th March.
Picture of March.
The 53rd Explorers with their first
Labyrinth at the Vavatsinia Scout
Camp site on the 6th March.
12th - 19th March.
53rd Cubs dressed in
Carnival Costume for their
Meeting on Saturday.
19th - 27th March.
Ariel view of the 53rd
Explorers  Labyrinth on
Saturday 19th March.
27th March - 3rd April.
Hikers at the finish of the Thales
Challenge hike 2016. Over 70Km,
four days and Memories. Well
done. A proud day for the 53rd.
3rd - 10th April.
8 Explorers hike 50Km over the
three days carrying all their
equipment and food, total
Picture of April.
The 53rd Cubs on their
first hike from Silikou to
Lophos Village.
11th - 23rd April.
Chris and Lucas finish the
GSO Limassol Marathon.
Running for the 53rd. Well
done, you did it.
23rd - 29th April.
Lions Patrol win this year
Patrol Competition camp at
the Yermasoyia Scout hut.
29th April - 7th May.
Leaders and Explorers at  the
Epitaphio Church Parade  at
the Prophitis Elias Church.
Picture of May.
53rd Leaders and their families
take a break and relax on Easter
Monday 2nd May at the
Yermasoyia Scout hut.
7th - 14th May.
53rd Cubs pioneering at
the Yermasoyia Scout hut
getting ready for their
Summer Camps.
14th - 21st May.
The 53rd taking part in the
Yermasoyia Flower Parade
with the help of Explorers from
the 16th Sea Scouts and the
289th Ayia Phyla Air Scouts.
28th May - 4th June.
The 53rd Parents Committee
Members running a stall and
selling the Bric-a-brac left over
from the 53rd Fete at the
Linopetra Market on Saturday.
4th - 12th June.
Wannabe Explorers win this
Years raft race challenge on
Saturday 4th June.
12th - 20th June.
Cubs and Scouts at Camp
fire on the three day Camp at
the  Yermasoyia Scout Hut.
Picture of June.
53rd Cubs and Scouts visit the
Historical Atlas  Medieval Park
on Saturday 11th June.
20th - 26th June.
Polis Family Camp was enjoyed
by all who camped the three
relaxing days.
26th June - 2nd July.
53rd Scouts take part in the
Limassol Scout Districts
First Aid Competition on
Saturday 25th June.
2nd - 20th July.
53rd Scouts at the Water Park
on Saturday 2nd July, cooling
off after a busy Scouting Year.
Picture of July.
53rd Members at the
start of the Samarias
Gorge route in Crete.
20th - 30th July.
53rd Explorers at the Avakas
Gorge during their Akamas
31st July - 26th Aug.
9 Members of the 53rd  with
Prince Albert at the Mini
Jamboree in Monaco in July 2016.
Picture of August.
53rd Members in Paris after
taking part in the Scout Roverway
2016 Camp exploring France.
3rd - 17th Sep.
53rd Cub Leaders Taylor and Ian
finish painting the Cub wall getting
ready for the new Scouting Year.
Picture of September.
53rd PLs and APLs at their
training camp getting them ready
for the new Scouting Year.
17th - 24th Sep.
Foxes Patrol play Taken at the
Escape room as their prize for
being the Best Patrol 2015 - 16.
24th Sep - 15th Oct.
53rd Explorers ready for action after
their camp on Troodos  preparing
this Scouting years program.
Picture of October.
53rd Explorers at their station
ready to throw Yellow dust at
participants for the Run in Colour.
15th - 22nd Oct.
53rd Scouts with their Joti
Board on Sunday Morning.
All five Patrols collected over
250 Jid codes.
22nd - 29th Oct.
53rd Explorers and Scouts at
the end on the K1.5 Assault
hike on Saturday 22nd
29th Oct - 5th Nov.
This Years Leaping Wolves at
the Going Up Parade on the
29th October 2016.
Picture of November.
The 53rd Bowling team. The
team plays every Monday in
the Famagusta Bowling
friends League.
5th - 19th Nov.
53rd Explorers taking a
break at their overnight
camp on the 5th Nov.
19th - 27th  Nov.
53rd Members at the St Georges
Day Parade in Paralimni on
Sunday 20th November.
27th Nov - 3rd Dec.
53rd Explorers with Santa at the
St Barnabas Church Fete
Saturday  the 27th Nov.
3rd - 17th Dec.
53rd Scouts visit a photo
voltaic park as part of their
Conserving Energy Badge.
17th - 29th Dec.
Have a Fantastic Christmas Pose
from Eagles Patrol at the meeting
on the 17th December.
Picture of December.
The 53rd Explorers build a Mini
Tower getting ready for this years
Christmas Camp Fire.