53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the Week and Month 2015
Photo of January.
The Town Mayor of Moutayiaka
cuts the 53rd 2015 Vassilopita
starting  another Year of Scouting.
10th - 17th Jan.
Scouts working on their Artist
Badge show portraites of BP
that they made over Christmas.
17th - 24th Jan.
Scouts visit the Kyrenia Liberty
on Saturday 17th Jan in the
Limassol Marina.
24th - 31st Jan.
Cubs at the end of their Cycle
trip on Sunday 25th January.
Photo of February.
Eagles Patrol with their
Bridge at the Yermosoyia
Scout Hut.
1st - 8th Feb.
53rd Explorers at the 266
Geroskipou Group with the
Explorers from the Pafos District.
8th - 15th Feb.
Foxes Patrol on the
one day hike Sunday
8th Feb.
15th - 22nd Feb.
Cub dressed as Pirates for
their Carnival Party on
Saturday 14th Feb.
22nd - 28th Feb.
53rd Thinking Day Service at the
St Barnabas Church on Saturday
21st Feb.
Photo fo March.
Hawks and Eagles Patrol at
Ayios Therapon on the one
day hike Sunday 1st March.
1st - 7th March.
The Cub winning team at the Cub
Olympics Games Challenge.
7th - 14th March.
Cubs enjoying their Camp fire
on the overnight Camp
Saturday night at the
Moutayiaka Scout Hut.
14th - 21st March
53rd Explorers at the
finish of their two day hike
on the 15th March.
21st - 28th March
Cubs at the Green house farm
where they collected
28th March - 4th April.
Charle and Stuart Mackenzie at the
Finish of the Limassol GSO
Marathonon Sunday 29th March.
4th - 10th April.
Four 53rd Explorers get their
Republic Award at the Maindros
Two Camp on the 4th and 5th April.
Picture of April.
53rd Members at the
Parthenon, Greece during
the Karpenissi Trip.
10th - 18th April.
Leaders and Explorer take
part in the Epitaphio Church
Service at the Prophitis Elias
Church, Yermasoyia.
18th - 26th April.
6 Scouts take part in the
first District Scout Dragon
boat race on Saturday
18th April on the
Yermasoyia Dam.
26th April  - 1st  May.
Eagles Patrol win this Years 53rd
Patrol Competition Camp 25th -
26th April at the Yermasoyia hut.
1st - 9th May.
6 of our Explorers received their
Republic Awards from the President
at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia.
Picture of May.
Campers at the 53rd
Family Camp in Polis
from the 1st to the 3rd May
9th - 16th May.
Scouts from the 16th, 61st,
289th and the 53rd take part in
this Years Flower Parade in
16th - 23rd May.
Welcome gate at this Years May
Fete on Saturday the 16th May at
the Scout Hut in Yermasoyia.
23rd - 30th May.
The 53rd Dragons are
back in the water training
for the race on the 5th July
on the Yermasoyia Dam.
30th May - 6th June.
Scouts show their model
planes to Christos the Scout
Leader of the 289th Air Scouts
6th - 13th June.
Alex passes on the Running
Trophy to Charlie who Ran for the
53rd completing the Limassol
Marathon 2015.
Picture of June.
Our Cubs with their Gold,
Silver and Bronze Flags at
Kolossi Castle.
13th - 20th June.
Leaders and Explorer take flights in
a Glider on Saturday 13th June at
the Mammari Air Srip.
20th - 30th June.
Leaders and Explorer take
part in the Escape City Hunt
on Saturday 20th June in
30th June - 4th July.
Morning Exercise at Scout
Wood, Dhekelia with
Picture of July.
Explorers race the Wanna Be
Explorers on their rafts.
4th July - 12th Aug.
53rd Dragons reach the
Semi Finals in the Dragon
Boat  race on the 5th July.
12th - 21st Aug.
53rd Members at the 23rd World
Scout Jamboree in Japan.
Picture of August.
19 Memebers of the 53rd
at the A - Bomb Dome in
Hiroshima, Japan.
5th - 12th Sep.
Hanna, Charlie, Eva and
Taylor  are awarded their Gold
International Award.
Picture of September.
The 53rd Scout Window
has been remounted in the
St Barnabas Church after
repairs to its frame.
12th - 27th Sep.
53rd Explorers paint the
Kyrenia Liberty boat in
the Limassol Marina.
27th Sep - 3rd Oct.
53rd Explorers
pioneering at the
Yermasoyia Scout hut.
3rd - 10th Oct.
53rd Dragons start training for the
race on the 17th October.
10th - 18th Oct.
Cubs start getting ready
for their camp which will
be on the 24th Oct.
Picture of October.
Explorers and Scouts at
Troodos Square at the
end of the K1.5 hike with
their new T-shirts.
18th - 24th Oct.
53rd Explorers at the Lemesia
Cycle event on the 18th Oct 2015.
24th Oct - 1st Nov.
This Years Leaping Wolves
with the Going Up Log at
the Yermasoyia Scout hut.
1st - 7th Nov.
53rd Cub Sixers and
Seconders at the District Sixer
Training on Sunday 1st Nov.
8th - 14th Nov.
53rd Cubs enjoy their Camp fire
on the overnight Camp on the
14th - 15th Nov at Moutayiaka.
Picture of November.
53rd Scouts at the Pafos
Airforce Base open day on
the 7th Nov.
29th Nov - 5th Dec.
Three Cubs get invested at this
Years  Christmas Camp at the
Vavatsinia Scout Campsite.
Picture of December.
53rd Explorers visit Santa at
the St Barnabas Church Fete.
5th - 12th Dec.
3 Explorers join 50 other Explorers
from the Limassol District for the
Miandros One Camp.
Photo of the Week:
This Years Gang Show was
held on Saturday 19th