53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the Week and Month 2014
Photo of January.
Leaders and Explorers at the
Sayious Adventure Park.
6th - 11th Jan.
Leaders, Explorers and Scouts
at the Theophania Church
Parade in Yermasoyia.
11th - 19th Jan.
The 53rd cutting of the New
Years Vassilopitta Cake at the
Moutayiaka Scout Hut.
19th - 25th Jan.
PL's and APL's axe and saw
training on the 18th Jan.
26th Jan - 1st Feb.
Explorers on the
Tower they built on
Saturday 25th Jan.
1st - 9th Feb.
53rd Bowling Team
Captain, Clive receives a
plaque on behalf of the
team for good
Picture of February.
For the first time all three
Mosaic projects on show
at the Scout Hut.
9th - 16th Feb.
53rd Cubs and Scouts at the
Kourion Amphitheater on 8th Feb.
16th - 22nd  Feb.
53rd Scout Patrol receiving their
100 Year Century Challenge pins
from the Chief Scout of the SPK.
22nd Feb - 1st March
A proud moment for the 53rd. The
Mosaic copy of the 53rd window
gets a blessing at the Thinking
Day service in St Barnabas Church.
Photo of March
53rd members and friends
at the start of the second
Bike Club 22Km route on
Saturday 1st March.
1st - 9th March
Cubs start a three week
program with a theme
Robin Hood as part of
the 100% Cub Pack
9th - 16th March.
Scouts at Silikou Village
Square on their three
day hike.
16th - 22nd March.
Alex completes the GSO 42Km
Marathon on Sunday 16th March.
22nd - 29th March.
Members and Friends of
the 53rd at the beginning
of the Caledonian Hike on
23rd March.
29th March - 6th April.
Scouts at the Sea scout
activity on Saturday 26th
March at Yermasoyia Dam.
Photo of April.
53rd Scouts at the Car
History Museum.
6th - 13th April.
Cubs with their Planetary
Solar system models for
the Astronomers Badge.
13th - 19th April.
Cubs, Scouts and         
Explorers at the drivers
awareness campaign.
19th - 26th April.
53rd Members at the
289th Group before the
Epitaphio Church Parade.
26th April - 3rd May.
53rd Girl Team at the District
Mini Football Competition.
3rd - 10th May.
Alex receives his Gold
International Award by
Commissioners of the SPK on
Saturday 3rd May.
Photo of May.
53rd Scouts at the Patrol
Competition Camp on the
3rd - 4th May at
Yermasoyia Scout Hut.
17th - 24th May.
Marco from Crest Dive
Centre handing a certificate
of recognition from Project
Aware to Akela.
25th 31st May.
53rd Dragon Boat team at
their first training.
31st May  - 9th June.
Cubs playing one on the
53rd new games at the Fete.
Photo of June.
53rd Dragon Boat
team in training on
the Yermasoyia Dam.
15th - 22nd June.
Explorers have a chance to
meet one of the SAR Dogs.
22nd - 29th June.
The 53rd, 246th and 281st Cubs
receive the 100% Cub Pack Flags
from the Commissioner of the
Cub Section.
29th June  - 12th July.
The 53rd's Fleet at sea on
Saturday 18th June. More
Kayaking will be done
during the Summer.
12th - 20th July.
Emma and Luke visit from
the 2nd Colne Valley Group
in Huddersfield on
Saturdays last meeting.
Photo of July.
The 53rd on Camp at Scout
Wood in Dhekelia 4 - 7 July.
Photo of  August
The 53rd on the last day of  
Summer Camp in Platania
with their hard earned badges.
15th Aug - 6th Sep.
Leaders posing at the flag
pole in Platania Scout
Camp Site on this year
successful Summer Camp.
6th - 20th Sep.
53rd Flags raised at the
Meeting on the 6th September
opening the Group after the
Summer Holidays.
Photo for September.
Members of the 53rd take part in
the Church Service at the Timiou
Stavrou Church in Akrotiri Village
on Saturday 13th September
20th - 28th Sep.
Explorers at their Camp fire on
Saturday 20th while on Camp at
the Yermasoyia Scout Hut.
28th Sep - 4th Oct.
Scouts on the Patrol Leaders
training Camp at Moutayiaka
Scout Hut on Sunday Morning.
Photo for October.
Explorers and Scouts at
Troodos Square at the end
of the K1.5 hike with their
new T-shirts.
4th - 12th Oct.
Explorers having lunch at
the top of the 600m uphill
climb on the K1.5 hike.
12th - 19th Oct.
Cubs at their Camp Fire during
the overnight camp at the
Moutayiaka Scout Hut.
19th - 25th Oct.
Explorers receive their Joti
Badges and show off the clap
boards with the 280th.
25th Oct - 1st Nov.
This Years Leaping Wolves
with the Going Up Log.
2nd - 8th Nov.
53rd PL's and APL's at the
District PL training Camp.
8th - 15th Nov.
53rd and 246th at the St
Georges Day Parade on
Saturday 8th Nov in Nicosia.
Photo for November.
Explorers and Scouts in
Nicosia at the end of the St
Georges Day Celebrations.
15th - 29th Nov.
53rd and 289th Explorers having
dinner at the Moutayiaka Scout
hut on Saturday night 15th Nov.
29th Nov - 6th Dec
53rd Explorers helping at the
St Barnabas Church Fete on
Saturday 29th Nov.
Photo for December.
This years Christmas Cake at
the Christmas Dinner Dance
on Saturday 6th December.
6th - 13th Dec.
53rd Explorers with their
model gligers which they
made with Balsa wood.
14th - 20th Dec.
Scouts explorer the village of
Moutayiaka during the
meeting on the 13th Dec.
21st - 31st Dec.
Best Scout and Explorer of
the Year with Edgar ( 53rd
GSL 1986 - 88 ) at the
Christmas Camp fire.