53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the Week and Month 2013
Photo of January.
The 100 Year Flag that will
fly on all the Cyprus Scout
Groups flag poles for 2013
5th - 12th Jan.
The 100 Year Badge that
every Cub, Scout and
Explorer will wear above
the Left pocket.
12th - 19th Jan.
The 53rd at the 100 Year Flag
ceremony at the Municipality
in Yermasoyia Village.
19th - 26th Jan.
Explorers with their pioneering
challenge to make tables for
the snack during the meeting.
26th Jan - 2nd Feb.
Cubs, Scouts and Explorers
in front of Kolossi Castle
after their visit.
Photo of February.
Explorers plant 100 trees as
part of their 100 Year Project
on Sunday 3rd February.
2nd - 11th Feb.
Cubs finish the second part of
the Green Cub Group Award.
11th - 18th Feb.
Parents and Explorers after
the Mini football training on
Monday 11th February.
18th - 23rd Feb.
Foxes Patrol on the one day
hike of 22km at Checkpoint
two,  Ayios Therapon.
24th Feb - 2nd March.
53rd Explorers with other
Explorers in the Limassol
District on the E4 hike Troodos.
Photo of  March.
New Explorers and Parents at
the start of the Emergency First
Aid Course on the 2nd March.
2nd - 10th March.
53rd Cubs eating Breakfast
on the overnight Camp at
Yermasoyia Scout Hut.
10th - 16th March.
53rd Cubs dressed as
Fisherman at the Children's
Carnival Parade.
16th - 23rd March.
All three Go Karts at the Scout
Hut. The race will be on the 6th
April. More on Explorer Page.
24th - 31st March.
Thank you to all who turn
up to support the 53rd at
the Lantern March in
these difficult times.
Photo of April.
Explorers at the end of the
Thalis Challenge  72Km hike.
1st - 7th April.
Well done to all who finished
the 53rd Sponsored Walkdown
Hike of 34Km on Saturday
7th - 14th April.
Thunder wins two of  the
GoKart races. Rex Second and
the Red Baron crashes out.
14th - 20th April.
The Cubs receive the Green
Flag from the Cub
Commissioner of the Cyprus
Scouting Association.
21st - 27th April.
Eagles Patrol win the 53rd
Scout Patrol Competition Camp
Photo of  May.
18 of our Explorers  at the
Camp Larnaca where 7
receive the Republic Award.
27th April - 4th May.
Samantha, Natalie, Eva,
Alex, Hanna, Charlie and
Olivia receive their Republic
Award Kneckers.
4th - 9th May.
Explorers just before the
Church Service Epitaphio
Parade on Friday 3rd May.
9th - 18th May.
Scouts visiting the Red Arrows
at RAF Akrotiri on the 9th May.
18th - 25th May.
The 53rd at the Underwater
and Beach Clean on Saturday
with Crest Diving center.
Photo of June.
40 Members of the Group
on the Family Camp at
Polis Camp site.
25th May - 3rd June.
Explorers at band practice on
Saturday 25th May with the
Commissioner Petrides.
3rd - 8th June.
The traditional Sunday
Breakfast on the Family
Camp Polis.
8th - 15th June.
The Explorers finally present the
protection cages to Turtle Watch.
15th - 25th June.
The Scouts are awarded  the
second Patrol Flag for the 100
Year Challenge on Saturday 15th.
25th - 30th June.
Cubs, Scouts and
Explorers on Camp at  
Scout Wood in Dhekelia.
30th June - 7th July.
Parents, Explorers and
Scouts on Sunday 30th
June painting the road side.
Service to the Community.
7th - 15th July.
Explorers complete their last
task for the 100 year
Epathlon during the meeting
on the 6th July.
Photo of July.
53rd at KISC Switzerland
with our 100 Year Flag
outside the Chalet.
15th - 24th July.
53rd Present the 100 Year
Flag to KISC on behalf of the
Cyprus Scouts Association.
4th - 11th August.
Leaders and Explorers on one of
the canoe trips on the weekend
of the 3rd and 4th August.
Photo of August.
53rd at Summer Camp in
Platania 11th - 16th
August 2013.
30th Aug - 7th Sep.
Eleven members are
awarded their Republic
Award at the Presidential
Place by the President
Nicos Anastasiades.
Photo of September.
53rd Explorers with the
newbies in front of the
pioneering project they
built at the first meeting.
14th - 21st September.
The badges have arrived.
This year preparations for
Joti have started early.
21st - 28th September.
Explorers make 100 cookies in
the shape of the Scout sign for
Snack during the meeting.
28th Sep - 6th Oct.
Explorers Commisioner
for the Limassol District
visits our Explorers at their
overnight camp.
Photo of October.
Andreas, Peter and Jess
finishing the roof in Moutayiaka
on Tuesday 1st October.
12th - 19th Oct.
Explorers and Scouts
at the finish of this
years K1.5 Hike.
19th - 26th Oct.
53rd and 280th Scouts
after the JOTI board with
over 300 Jid codes.
26th Oct - 2nd Nov.
This Years Leaping Wolves
after the Going up Parade
on the 26th Oct.
2nd - 9th Nov.
Scary costumes at this
Years 53rd Halloween Party
Photo of November.
Stairs in Yermasoyia used
for the first time during the
Halloween Party.
9th - 16th Nov.
On Parade on the 9th Nov
next to the finished wall.
16th - 23rd Nov.
53rd PL's and APL's at the
District Patrol Leaders Training.
23rd - 30th Nov.
53rd Sixers and Seconders
at the District Sixer Training.
1st - 7th Dec.
Explorers helping the
stales at the St
Barnabas Church Fete.
Photo of December.
The 53rd Bowling Team at  Space
Bowling just before a game in the
Famagust Bowling League.
8th - 15th Dec.
The 53rd Traditional Christmas
Cake at the Dinner Dance.
15th - 21st Dec.
The 53rd Explorers with their
snowman at the meeting.
21st - 28th Dec.
The 53rd Gang Show on
Saturday 21st December.
28th Dec - 4th Jan.
53rd Explorers and Leaders
take down the Cyprus Scout
Associations 100 Year Flag.