53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the Week and Month 2012
14th - 22nd Jan.
53rd Leaders on Saturday
14th Jan at the Scout Hut.
Photo of January.
Explorers, Scouts and Cubs
on Friday 6th Jan after the
Theophania Service in
22nd - 29th Jan
Explorers at the Tomb
of the Kings in Pafos
on the 21st Jan.
29th Jan - 4th Feb.
Cubs and Scouts at the
Eleouthkia Traditional
Botanical Park in Anarita on
Saturday 28th Feb.
12th - 18th Feb.
Explorers and Gold
Scouts planting trees at
Trimiklini Village School
on Sunday 12th Feb.
Photo of February.
Cubs at the Thinking Day
Service on the 18th Feb
at St Barnabas Church
19th - 25th Feb.
Scouts crossing the river
on the one day hike on
Sunday 19th Feb.
25th Feb - 3rd March.
Explorers on Troodos
with their Igloo on
Saturday 25th Feb.
3rd - 11th March.
One of our containers on
the move. It is now at the
27th Sea Scout Group
near the New Port.
11th - 17th March.
Two of the three Cub
teams on their 5Km Hike
on Sunday 11th March.
Photo of March.
Estelle Gaskell and support
team after the GSO Half
Marathon. Also Aaron and
Alex ran the 10Km race.
17th - 24th March.
Scouts having dinner just
outside of Limnatis
Village on the night hike
Sat 17th March.
24th - 31st March.
The 53rd After the District
Lantern March on
Saturday 24th March.
31st March - 7th April.
The 53rd Cubs at the new
Scout Hut in Moutayiaka,
Saturday 31st.
Photo of April.
Skip and Charlie with
the other Limassol
Participants preparing
for Roverway 2012
7th - 13th April.
Cub Scouts with their
Easter Eggs at the
meeting on the 7th April.
13th - 21st April.
Explorers at the start of
their 27Km bike ride from
Prastio Village  to the
Scout Hut on the 13th April.
21st - 29th April.
Scouts at the Night
Spot, Silikou Village,
on the Two day Hike.
29th April - 6th May.
Explorers at Saturday
nights Camp Kelokedhara
on their Three Day Hike on
the 27th - 29th April.
6th - 12th May.
Second Star Cubs
cooking breakfast after
the overnight camp 5th
and 6th May.
Picture of May.
Explorers at Sindi Monastery
during their three day hike.
13th - 20th May.
24 of the 53rd Cubs, Scouts
and Explorer take part in the
Yermasoyia Flower Parade
on the 13th May.
20th - 27th May.
Winners of this Years
Competition Camp Tigers
Patrol which was held 19th
- 20th May at Yermasoyia.
27th May - 2nd June.
Explorers with their raft
which they will make for
this years raft race.
2nd - 10th June.
Cubs at the Yermasoyia
Scout Hut where they had
a cook out during their
meeting on the 2nd June.
Picture of June.
Leaders with the Groups
four new Kayaks on Monday
4th June along the coastline
of Governors Beach.
10th - 17th June.
The start of  the base for
our new Scout hut down
in Yermasoyia.  
17th - 23rd June.
Explorers and Parents at
the Turtle nest they found
on Saturday the 16th June
at Tunnel Beach.
23rd June - 2nd July.
Ann and her support team
at the Car Boot sale on
Saturday 23rd. Well done
to all who helped.
Picture of July.
53rd Cubs, Scouts and
Explorers at Scout Wood in
Dhekalia  29th June - 2nd July.
2nd - 8th July.
A visit from the Fire
Service to the Camp at
Scout Wood.
8th - 30th July.
Cubs enjoying donuts
cooked by the 53rd
Cooking team at the
meeting on the 7th July.
3rd - 30th Aug.
53rd Members at Roverway
2012 in Finland from 19th -
29th July.
Picture of August.
53rd Cubs, Scouts and
Explorers at Platania
Scout Camp Aug 2012.
8th - 22nd Sep.
53rd Explorers helping at the
Cyprus Scouting Associations
Dinner at Platania on the 8th
22nd - 29th Sep
53rd Explorers
making protective
cages for Turtle
Picture of September.
53rd Poster made by
Nicholas D for this years
Autumn Fete, 6th Oct.
29th - 6th Oct.
Cubs and Scouts at Lets
do it Cyprus Beach clean
Ayios Ermogenis.
6th - 13th Oct.
The 53rd Fete on the 6th October.
Thanks to all who helped and
Supported this fund raiser.
Photo of October.
53rd Scouts with the Major of
Yermasoyia on Saturday 6th
October at the Clean up Activity.
14th - 21st Oct.
50 Explorers and
Scouts at the Finish of
the K1.5 Assault Hike.
21st - 28th Oct.
Scouts with their Joti
Badges after an all night
long Joti collecting over
200 JID Codes.
28th Oct - 10th Nov.
This Years Leaping Wolves
after the Going Up Parade.
10th - 18th Nov.
Leaders and Explorers on top
of Limassol Castle Preparing
the treasure hunt for the Scouts.
Photo of November.
53rd Christmas Dinner
Dance Poster 1st December.
18th - 24th  Nov.
53rd Cubs at the
Limassol Zoo on
Saturday 17th Nov.
25th Nov - 1st Dec.
The two mini football
teams of the 53rd  
Explorers at the 289th
Football Tournament.
Photo of December.
The traditional 53rd
Christmas Cake which
was cut at the Christmas
Dinner Dance.
1st - 8th Dec.
Balloons fill the ceiling at
this Years Christmas
Dinner Dance starting the
Christmas Celebrations.
8th - 15th Dec.
Santa visits the Christmas
Camp at Platania on the
8th of December.
15th - 28th Dec.
Best Cub, Scout and Explorers with
their trophies at the Christmas
Camp fire with Edgar Altenburger
who was GSL 1986 - 88.