53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the Week and Month 2011
Picture for January.
Cub Scouts building A
-Frames in preparation
for a pioneering
challenge next month.
8th - 15th Jan.
Laura gaining her Green
ribbon becoming a
Scout Leader.
15th - 22nd Jan.
Leaders and Parents
Committee members at the
car boot sale on Saturday
22nd - 29th Jan.
Scouts at the Pafos
Castle on the 22nd
5th - 13th Feb.
Cubs and Scouts at the
53rd stamp club on
Saturday 5th Feb.
Picture for February.
Gold Leaf Scouts with
their Pioneering
Project that they made
on Saturday 5th Feb.
13th - 19th Feb.
Scouts at the Start of the
Cycle around Limassol as
part of the Celebrations for
Thinking Day.
19th - 27th Feb.
Scouts at Happy Valley
Stables where the 53rd
donated equipment to the
RDA. Read more on the
Scout Page.
27th Feb - 5th March
Cubs dressed as
Egyptian Pharaohs at
the Children's Carnival
Parade on Sunday the
27th Feb.
5th - 12th March.
Scouts cooking
Pancakes during the
Scout Meeting.
Picture for March.
Leaders at the District
Carnival Dinner Dance
Saturday Night 5th March.
12th - 19th March.
The two 53rd teams at the
District Scout  Mini Football
competition on Saturday.
19th - 26th March.
The 19 Walkdown
Hikers at the start of the
32Kms on Saturday
26th March - 2nd April.
Starting in snow on the
Family hike down the
Caladonian falls on the
25th March
2nd - 9th April.
Hawkeye setting at
challenge for all the
Patrols. Lighting a fire
the Bear Grylls way.
Picture for April.
The Group back at the
Scout Hut  after the
Lantern March.
9th - 16th April.
Tigers Patrol win the
Patrol Camp Competition
on the 9th and 10th April
at Platania.
17th - 30th April.
53rd Cubs and Scouts at
the Beach cleaning  as part
of Project Aware together
with Crest Water Sports.
1st - 7th May.
53rd Scouts at the Jamboree
preparation Camp 30th April
Weekend at 285th Group.
7th - 14th May.
Our three Explorers at the
main gate of the Explorer
Camp on 6th - 8th May in
Picture for May.
The 53rd outside
Famagusta Gate on
the trip to Nicosia for
the St Georges Day
14th - 21st May.
Scouts at the 289th Ayia
Fyla Group where 50 of our
Cubs and Scouts took part
in their Fete.
21st - 28th May.
Anna helping  at the
Groups Fund raiser at
Hairsmiths in MyMall on
Sunday 22nd May.
28th - 4th June.
Our Cubs Scout Team at
the District Mini Football
Competition on Sunday
29th May.
4th - 11th June.
Scouts having fun
during a different kind
of egg and spoon race.
Picture for June.
Scouts during the Pioneering
challenge at the 11th June
Scout Meeting.
11th - 18th June.
The Beetle drive on
Saturday 11th June after the
Scout Meeting.
18th - 25th June.
Scouts at Sea on the
District Camp at Governors
Beach Campsite.
26th June - 5th July.
Senior Cubs at the Cub
District day at the sea
Sunday 26th June.
5th - 9th July.
Senior  Scouts raft
racing at the Summer
Picture of July.
Cubs and Scouts on the
Summer Camp Dhekelia.
9th - 16th July
This year seven scouts
gained their Gold Leaf.
Well done !!!!!!
16th July - 7th October.
The area  the Explorers have
cleaned in Yermasoyia which
will be the site of our new
Scout Hut.
Picture of September.
53rd Members at the
World Scout
Jamboree in Sweden.
8th - 16th October.
The 53rd Explorers at
the District activity on
Sunday 9th Oct.
17th - 23rd Oct.
Explorer Scouts at the
Open Day for the 246th
Picture of October.
Families at the Camp
site in Polis on the 1st
and 2nd Oct.
23rd - 29th Oct.
Scouts and Explorers with
their Superman poses at the
end of the K1.5 Assault Hike.
29th Oct - 6th Nov.
This years Leaping Wolves at
the Going Up Parade 29th Oct.
Picture of November.
The 53rd and Scout District
Bowling teams at the
Tournament on the 9th Nov.
6th - 12th  Nov.
Two Patrol stop for a photo on
the E4 hike down to Platania.
12th - 26th Nov.
Cubs at the Pottery factory
on Saturday 12th Nov.
26th Nov - 3rd Dec
Skip presenting the Mayor of
Yermasoyia, Andreas
Gabrielides, with the 53rd
knecker at this year
Christmas Dinner Dance.
3rd - 11th Dec.
Explorers at the Surius
Dog Sanctuary collecting
more info about animal
Photo of December.
Three Father Christmas visit the
Cubs and Scouts on the Platania
Christmas Camp 10th Dec.
11th - 17th Dec.
The Explorers at the
Adventure Park in
Kyperounda Village on
Saturday 10th December.
17th - 23rd Dec
Older Scouts Visit the
French Naval Frigate the
Forbin on Saturday 17th
Dec. Read more on the
Scout Page.