53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the week and Month 2010
9th - 16th Jan.
Explorers at the 27th
Sea Scout Group on
the 6th Jan 2010.
Picture of January.
Explorers and Scouts
at the meeting on the
9th Jan 2010.
16th -23rd Jan.
The Parents Committee
and Explorers at the car
boot sale stall which
raised funds for the 53rd.
23rd - 30th Jan.
Cub Scouts with their
Coat of Arms which they
made starting the
Archeologist Badge.
Picture of February.
Cubs and Scouts at
Curium starting the
Archaeologist Badge
30th Jan - 7th Feb.
Explorers planting trees
at the Park opening in
Episkopi by the 280th
Scout Group on Sunday.
7th - 13th Feb.
Cub Scouts at the
Children's Carnival Parade
on Sunday the 7th Feb
13th - 20th Feb.
Some of our Cubs and
Scouts while waiting for
the Parade to Start.
20th - 27th Feb.
Scouts reading prayers at the
53rd Thinking Day Church
Service at St Barnabas Church.
Picture of March.
Scouts at the begining of the
night hike on the 27th Feb.
1st - 6th March.
Cubs painting pictures for their
Artist Badge on the Overnight
Camp on the 27th Feb.
6th - 13th March
Families at the start of the
hike down the Caladonian
Falls on Sunday 8th March.
13th - 24th March
Skip, Raksha and Hawkeye at
the Sea Scout training course
in the Larnica Marina.
24th - 27th March.
A good turn out for the
53rd at the Lantern
March on the 24th March.
27th March - 5th April.
Parents and members at
the Cake sale at the Scout
Hut on the 27th March
Picture of April.
Explorer Scouts at the end
of the four day Thalis
Challenge hike.
5th - 10 April.
53rd Members at the Easter
Games in Yermasoyia Village
on Monday 5th April.
10th - 17th April.
District Explorers at Prastio
Village during the three day
community service badge.
17th - 24th April.
Cubs cooking Marsh
Mellows around the camp
fire at the Cub Scout Meeting.
24th April - 1st  May.
Scouts and Cubs at the
Beach Cleaning around the
Marina on Saturday together
with Crest Water Sports.
Picture of May.
Scouts at the Competition
Camp in Yermasoyia on
the 1st -2nd May.
1st - 8th May.
Scouts at the St Barnabas
Church Fair running four
stalls on the 1st May.
8th - 15th May.
8 of our  Cub Scouts on their
bicycles taking part in the
Flower Parade 9th May.
15th - 21st May.
53rd and 253rd Scouts
painting the side of the road
black and white for
Community Service on
Sunday 16th May in
21st - 28th May.
In total 55 people
camped over the four
days on the Family Camp
at Polis Camp Site.
28th May - 5th June.
Four of our members made
one of a three piece mosaic
copying the Scout window
in St Barnabas Church.
5th - 12th June.
Cub Scouts pioneering
getting them ready for
Summer Camp.
Picture of June.
A nice picture taken on
the Competition Camp.
12th - 20th June.
The Scout Leader of the 289th
Air Scouts with our Cubs and
Scouts and  their Models.
20th - 26th June.
Cubs and Scouts on
Parade at Scout Wood
Camp Site Dhekelia on
the 18th - 20th June 2010.
26th June - 31st July.
Commissioner Rossetos
Awarding Ahmad the Gold
International Award.
Picture of July.
The 53rd at KISC Switzerland
on the 5th July.
1st - 20th August.
53rd Leaders at  Schwarzee
Paradise in front of the  
Matterhorn, Switzerland.
Picture of August.
The 53rd Cubs on
Summer Camp at
Platania Scout Camp.
18th - 25th September.
53rd Flags at the first
Meetings starting this new
Scouting Year.
2nd - 9th Oct.
Cubs cooking twister
during the Cub Scout
Picture of September.
53rd Scouts at the Lantern
March which was held on
Sunday  26th of September
at the Old Port as part of  
The Day of the Sea Fete.
Picture of October.
This year 37 Scouts
completed the K1.5 Hike
on Saturday 9th October.
Well done to all.
9th - 23rd Oct.
Eagles Patrol at 4am in front
of the JOTI board after their
two hours on the computers.
23rd - 30th Oct.
This year eight Leaping
Wolves after the Going
up Parade putting their
names on the log.
30th Oct - 6th Nov.
The Scouts at  the end of
the Night Hike on Saturday
30th October.
7th - 20th Nov.
Cubs at the District Sixer and
Seconder training in Platres
on  Sunday 7th November.
21st - 27th Nov.
PLs and APLs just before
they left for the District PL
training at Platania.
Picture of November.
53rd Cubs with 61st
Cubs at the joint camp
13th - 14th Nov.
27th Nov - 4th Dec.
Foxes Patrol with a Patrol
from the 61st on the Hike
27th Nov Troodos.
4th - 18th Dec.
53rd Bowling team that
plays in the Famagusta
bowling league.
18th Dec - 8th Jan.
Skip and Raksha try Foxes
Patrols meal at the cook
out Competition on the
18th Dec.
Picture of December.
Santa visits Cubs and
Scouts at the Christmas
Camp Fire.