53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the week and Month 2009
10th - 17th Jan
Explorer Scouts with the
Monkey Bridge they built
preparing for 31st Jan.
Photo of January
Leaders at the Cyprus
Scouting Associations
cutting of the Vasilopitta
Sunday 11th January.
17th - 24th Jan
Explorer Scouts with
their projects at the Stain
Glass Workshop.
24th - 31st Jan
Explorer Scouts at the
Castle in Pafos where
they visited the World
Heritage Site.
31st Jan - 7th Feb.
Team TAKEM 4 just before
leaving for Alassa to race
team Trooper on Sat 31st Jan.
7th - 14th Feb.
Scouts wishing Rakshar a
Happy Birthday with a
suprise Birthday Cake.
Photo of February
Scouts and Alassa building
bridges across the river.
14th - 21st Feb.
Cubs at the Pottery Factory
where they worked with clay
for their Craftsman Badge.
21st - 28th Feb.
Explorers at  Ayios Ioannis
Church after the Church
service on Sunday 22nd Feb.
Photo of March
Two Scout Teams on the All
weather Hike 28th Feb.
1st - 7th March.
Enjoying the District Carnival
Dance on the 28th Feb.
More on the Parents Page.
7th - 14th March.
Cubs having breakfast on
the overnight Camp 8th
14th - 21st March.
Our Two Scout Teams and
their Coaches at the District
Mini Football Competition.
21st - 28th March
Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and
Parents at the top of the
Caladonian Hike 22nd March.
28th March - 4th April.
Explorers and Parents at the
start of the walkdown
training Hike Sat 28th March.
Photo of April
Walkdown Hikers about
3km into the 32km Hike.
4th - 11th April
Some of the Walkdown
Hikers at Check Point two
taking foot baths.
11th - 25th April.
Our 10 Scouts at the three
day District Camp at Ekali
Scout Group 11th -13th April.
25th April - 2nd May
Cubs having fun with the
Easter games at the 289
Scout Group Fete.
2nd - 9th May
Scouts at the St Barnabas
May day fete where they
run four game stalls.
Photo of  May
Scouts and Explorers in front
of one of our two towers at St
Georges Day Pafos
9th - 23rd May
Our Group Magazine is
now on sale at €2 with the
latest news and Puzzles.
23rd - 30th May.
Foxes Patrol Pioneering
with Sheer and Figure of
Eight Lashings.
30th May - 5th June.
A successful Beetle Drive
organised by Akela with
help from the Parents
Committee at the Scout Hut.
Photo of June.
Families at the Annual
Camp at Polis Camp Site
5th - 8th June.
5th -  13th June.
A relaxing atmosphere
around Camp preparing
for Sundays  evening
13th - 20th June
Green Six playing a
game at the meeting on
the 13th June.
20th - 27th June.
Messua helping Cubs
pitching a tent preparing
them for Summer Camp.
27th June - 4th July
53rd Leaders with their class and
Instructor after Successfully
Completing the Full St Johns First
Aid Course that took 3 months.
4th - 11th July
Scouts at the Water Park.
Before and after pictures
under the bucket.
11th July - 1st Aug.
White Six presenting
their Safety at the Beach
Photo of July.
53rd Explorers win the
Raft race against the
61st Explorers.
Photo of August.
The Cyprus Scout
Contingent at the camp
site in Iceland Roverway 09.
1st - 29th Aug.
53rd Members at BP
House London.
19th - 26th Sep.
The Scout Hut on the first
meeting of the new
Scouting Year.
Photo of September
All the 53rd Leaders at
the Summer Camp
Platania 2009.
26th Sep - 3rd Oct
The first group of
Scouts at the stables
in Happy Valley.
7th - 11th Oct.
Scouts at training for
the Mini Marathon run
at the Molo.
11th - 17th Oct.
This years K1.5 hikers.
They started in traditional
Orange and finished in ....?
Picture of October.
Foxes Patrol at the finish
Troodos Square with the
new K1.5 T-Shirts
17th - 24th Oct.
53rd Joti cards that we sent
around the world.
24th 31st Oct.
The Group after the Lantern
March on the 27th Oct. This
year the 53rd looked smart.
Well done !!!!!!
31st Oct - 7th Nov.
The finish of the Mini
Marathon that was on
Saturday 31st Oct.
7th - 14th Nov.
Parents taking part in the
Self defence mini course
at the Scout Hut. More on
the Parents Page.
Picture of November.
Explorer Scouts training for the
Survival Camp which will be on
the 9th - 10th Jan. Training ?
14th - 21st Nov.
Cubs at the District Sixer and
Seconder Training which was
on Sunday 15th November.
21st -28th Nov.
White six with Baloo and
Anna on the Cub hike on
Sunday  22nd Nov.
28th Nov - 6th Dec.
The joint Explorer Hike
and Camp that was
enjoyed by all.
Picture of December.
Getting into the Christmas
Spirt on the  Christmas
Camp Platania.
6th - 12th Dec.
Investiture at the Water
falls on the Christmas
Camp Platania.
12th - 19th Dec.
Our traditional Christmas
Cake. It will be cut at the
Gang Show.