53rd St Barnabas Scout Group
Photos of the week and Month 2008
4th - 12 January
Mini Reunion of some
53rd members kicking
off 2008 50 year
Picture of January.  
Cyprus Scouting
Associations cutting of the
Vasilopitta in Paralimni
Sunday 13th Jan
12th - 19th January
Scouts getting ready
for the Competition
Camp between the
Patrols 15th - 16th Mar.
19th - 26th January
Scouts at the Santa
Marinas Retreat where they
had a chance to try Archery.
26th Jan - 2nd Feb
53rd members at the
District family
weekend in Pafos.
Picture of the February .
Dalia, Marina and Anna at the
Palace with the President after
receiving their Republic Award
on Monday 4th February 2008.
2nd - 9th Feb.
Dalia helping Patrols
get ready for the
Competition Camp on
15th - 16th March.
9th - 16th Feb.
Cubs on Communicators and
Photographers Badge Camp
9th - 10th Feb 08.
16th - 23rd Feb
The three teams
on the One Day
Hike 16th Feb
23rd - 19th Feb
Akela teach the Cubs a
new game at the
meeting 23rd Feb.
1st - 8th March.
Cubs and Scouts
practicing hymns that we
will be singing at the
Church Service on 22nd.
8th - 15th March.
Explorer Scouts
preparing for the tower
they will build at the 50th
Celebration Camp Fire.
Picture of March.
Some of the Cubs with
their Carnival Masks at
the Packs Carnival
Party 8th March.
15th - 22nd March
Our Scout Mini Football team
done well  in the District Mini
Football Competition.
22nd - 29th March
For the first time all the
Group Scout Leaders since
1981 together at our 50th
Celebrations Camp Fire.
29th March - 5th April
Scouts filling in their  
route card for next
weekends Hike.
5th - 12th  April
Scouts on the Two day
Hike camping in
Omodhos Village.
12th - 19th April
Akela teaching the Cubs
how to build A-frames.
21st April - 1st May
Scouts eating on the three
day District Patrol Camp.
Picture of April
53rd Flags in St
Barnabas Church
during the Service to
bless the Flags.
Picture of May.
Cubs enjoying the Maypole
dancing at the May day
Church Fete where the
group helped with stalls.
1st - 10th May
53rd Explorer Scouts on
the District Two day hike.
17th - 24th May
Cubs at the Bird Park in
Pafos on the District Cub
Trip Sunday 18th May.
10th - 17th May
Explorers and Scouts
preparing for the raft race
which will be in June.
24th - 31st May
Cubs and Scouts surprised
Akela with a Birthday cake
and a Bowling ball ready for
next years Bowling Season.
1st - 7th June
Cubs on a visit to Limassol
Castle where they finished
their Artist Badge.
Picture of June.
Scouts doing the Artist
Badge at the Sculpture
Park with drawings of
their favorite sculpture.
7th - 14th June
On Saturday 7th Cubs
managed to pass the first
part of the canoing Badge.
14th - 21st June
10 Scouts passed the first
part of the Swimmers Badge.
The next part is in the sea
next Saturday.
21st - 28th June
9 Scouts completed the
swimmers Badge.
28th June - 5th  July
Scouts and Explorers on
Ladies Mile Camp taking a
rest under the shade.
Photo of July
53rd  on the 27th Sea
Scouts boat, which is
beached on the shore
in this picture.
5th - 12th July
Leaders and friends of the
53rd Quad safari on
Troodos 6th July.
12th July - 1st August
Cubs in front of the
gate they will be
building on Camp.
1st August - 6th September
Kypros and Mastou 53rd
Leaders studying in the Uk that
helped us on Summer Camp.  
A big Thanks from all of us.
Photo of  August
The 53rd at Summer
Camp Platania 2008.
6th - 20th September
Tigers Patrol cooking
Twisters at the first
meeting starting this
Scouting Year.
Photo of September
Kypros with the Explorers
with an example of a
Go-cart they will be building
20th - 27th September
Cubs with one of the
A-frames that they made
during the Meeting.
27th Sep - 4th Oct
A view from the front of the
entrance to the 53rd Explorer
Fete which was on 27th Sep.
4th - 11th October
Explorer Scouts checking the
K1.5 Assault Hike Route for
next weekend Hike.
Photo of October
Cubs, Scouts and Explorers
at the Beach Cleaning as
part of the Day of the Sea
Event on 28th Sep.
11th - 18th October
Explorers and Scouts
at the start of the K1.5
Assault Hike.
18th - 25th October
The 53rd Scouts with the
Mayor of Limassol at the
Start of the Lemesia Bike
ride around Limassol.
Photo of November.
53rd Scouts and Explorers
that took part in the 28th
Oct Oxi day Parade.
25th Oct - 1st Nov
53rd Explorers, Leaders and
Parents with their trophies that
they won at last weeks District
Skeet Shooting Competition.
1st - 8th Nov
PL's and APL's before
going to the District
PL training at Platania
Scout Camp .
8th - 15th Nov
Cubs make twisters for
their First Star together
with Stephanie.
15th - 22nd Nov
Our Scouts and Explorers
on the weekend Hike and
Camp with the 61st.
22nd - 29th Nov
Skips Skip ( Ben Whelan )
presenting the Scouts
with their Heritage Badge.
29th Nov - 6th Dec
Akela playing Mogoli in the
Jungle with the Cubs, one of
the oldest Scouting Games.
Photo of December.
The three Father Christmas
handing out sweets on the
Christmas Camp 6th Dec.
6th - 20th December.
Eagles Patrol in Kakopetria
where they stay the night in
a Hotel on Fri 5th Dec.
20th - 29th Dec
Explorers at Linopetra car
boot sale selling books on
Saturday 20th December.
29th Dec - 10th Jan 09
Mini  Re-union with 53rd
Leaders on holiday back to
Cyprus from studies abroad.