Scout newsletter 30th Sep 2023

Dear Parents,

​1. The next Scout Meeting will be at the Yermasoyia Scout hut from 3pm to 5.30pm on Saturday 7th October. We must ask the Parents to drive down and up the track to the Yermasoyia Scout hut with a slower speed of 10Kmph. This is to ensure everyone’s safety, there are still parents and children who prefer to walk down the roadway and there may also be animals or rocks in the road.

2. On Saturday 7th October there will be a Parents Meeting at the Yermasoyia Scout hut. The meeting is open to all Parents of 53rd members. This meeting will be from 5.45pm - 6.30pm. The main agenda is the final approval of Accounts, Walkdown hike? and the location of the Christmas Dinner Dance. If parents have any items for the agenda or would like to join the committee, please let Me (Skip) know by phone on (Mobile 99604211).

3. All members must be in FULL UNIFORM on the 14th October. Full uniform meaning the Scout Shirt with all the badges on it and the green beret. Not the green T-shirt and Baseball cap. We are aware that there WILL be problems with supplies at the Limassol Scout Shop and ask you all to be patient and not take out your frustration on Maria. Those not sure what to get phone me on 99604211 (Please keep in mind Maria at the Scout Shop will give good advice on what to get).

4. Any members that have not completed this Years Enrolment forms and paid the fee to the CSA have until the 7th October. After this date unregistered member will not be able to stay.

5. Saturday 30th Sep was the last day to get a sponsor form for the K1.5 hike which will be on the 15th Oct. 33 out of our 50 Scouts will taking part in this years 53rd K1.5 hike. If a Scout does not have a personal Sponsor form, we take it they are not taking part and therefore we will not be ordering a T-shirt for them.

6. The Explorers are organising a Halloween party on Saturday 28th October. The party is open to all our members which can also bring a friend. Tickets can be bought from Nafsika at €10 per person. No more tickets will be available after the 21st October. Also, we ask Parents to keep in mind that we expect the friends of our Cubs, Scouts and Explorers coming to the party to obey our rules and regulations. The Halloween Party will be at the Scout hut in Moutayiaka starting at 5.30pm and finishing at 7.30pm.

7. We remind Parents that the Group has recycle bins for batteries at both Scout Huts in Moutayiaka and Yermasoyia.

Yours in Scouting

Richard Vlamis

Group Scout Leader

Tel 99604211