Cub Newsletter 20th nov 2021

1. The next Cub Meeting will be on Saturday 27th Nov at the Moutayiaka Scout hut from 3pm to 5.30pm. Please note that there is a car park for the Moutayiakia Scout hut a little further up the road. Please use this car park and do not stop or park on the road outside the scout hut. All Cubs attending must present a negative rapid test result taken not more than 24 hours before the meeting. This is a necessary measure for us to carry on Scouting as safely as possible.

2. Regarding the 53rd Christmas Dinner Dance:

- Please can all ticket books be returned (sold or unsold) by Saturday 4th Dec so sold ticket slips can be entered into the draw. Should anyone like more lottery ticket books they will be available during the next meeting.

- Tickets for the Christmas Dinner Dance can be bought from Leaders during the Meetings. The last day to get tickets will be Wednesday 1st Dec.

3. On the 4th December the Cubs will have their meeting in the morning from 8.30am to 12.00pm. Please print and fill in the permission form and hand in on the 27th Nov. The form has been posted on the Parents Messenger Chat. Those parents unable to print forms please ask Leaders on Saturday 27th for one.

4. Due to the change in weather Cubs can now wear their official Purple Warm Cub Scout top together with their full uniform. The Purple top can be bought from the Limassol Scout Shop.

5. This year’s sponsored Walkdown on Saturday 12th March and is open to Parents, Friends of the 53rd, Leaders and Explorers over 16. Those wishing to take part must let us know in the next two weeks so that Sponsor Forms can be handed out. There will be training Hikes, the first will be on the 12th December.

The Walkdown Hike will start at Troodos Square on the Saturday 12th March. We will leave the Scout Hut at 5.00 am by Car and head for the Square where we will start at 6.00am. The total distance of the hike will be 42Km and will finish at Germasoyia Dam around 5.00 pm. Those interested please contact Skip.

Yours in Scouting

Richard Vlamis

53rd Group Scout Leader