This  weeks puzzle.  From  12th - 26th May. ( One Point )
It takes 12 minutes to fry one steak - 6 minutes from each side. Two steaks can fit on a pan. What is the
shortest possible time to fry 3 steaks
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Solution to last weeks puzzle
A Mountain.
53rd News
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
Latest News:
The program for May has now been
updated on the Calendar Page.
The minutes of the lastest Parents
meeting for the fete can be found on
the Parents Page.
To get ready for the fete there will be
a meeting for the Parents on the 14th
April at the Moutayiaka Scout hut from
4.00pm – 5.30pm.
This year fete will be on Saturday
12th May at the Yermasoyia Scout hut.
Last updated on  24.05.2018
Dhekelia 2017
53rd Scouting Trips Abroad
The next meeting for the Cubs will be at the
Moutayiaka Scout Hut and the next meetings for
Scouts and Explorers at the Yermasoyia Scout
hut on Saturday 26th May at 3pm to 5.30pm.

53rd Fund Raising. Estelle, the 53rds Parents
Committee Secretary is running Yoga classes
every Tuesday at the Moutayiaka Scout hut from
6pm to 7pm. The cost is €5euros every
session and the class will run for three
months. Everyone is welcome.
Above: The 53rd outside the Larnaca Fort Jan 2018.
Theltio Thrasis
Photo of the Week:
53rd Parents Committee sell
bric-a-brac left over from the fete at
the Linopetra Market.
Picture of  May.
53rd Explorers show 53rd Scouts
coming up to Explorers how to
make a raft preparing them for the
Wannabe Explorer Raft race.
Karpenisi, Greece 2018
28th April Jambowlree 2018
The 53rd Explorers and Scouts have been getting ready for the Ten
Pin Bowling Competition over the past few months and finally on
Satuday 28th April we held the 2018 Jambowlree Competition at
Galactica Bowling. This was the third time the 53rd has taken part.
The Jambowlree is organised by Leaders of the Farnham Explorer
Scouts, based in Surrey in the UK, to raise funds to support the
Explorer units activities such as summer camp, international trips and
subsidising those who otherwise would not be able to afford to go.
Scouting Since 1958.
The 53rd turns 60 this year. To mark this ocasion the 53rd will be hosting more
fantastic events than usual.  The Newly designed special badge will be given to all  
members at the competition camp on 14th April, this will mark the official start of the
year's celebrations.  Other planned activities will include the Three Peak Challengue
hike in the UK by our older members and an offical dinner later in the summer,  The
53rd will also have a special summer uniform t-shirt to mark the event which will be
worn by all current members of the group. This t-shirt will be one of five which will
form a collection with the motive Hiking, Climbing, Camping, supporting and
scouting since 1958.
1) Newsletter 19th May
Yermasoyia Flower Parade.
On Sunday the 20th May  53rd Leaders,
Explorers and Scouts marched holding  
the 28 Flags of the EU member states in
this years Yermasoyia Flower Parade. We
were joined by Explorers and Scouts from
the 16th and 289th Scout Groups.