This  weeks puzzle.  From 9th July - 16th Sep (One Point)
If there are 6 apples and you take away 4, how many do you have?  
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Solution to last weeks puzzle
5 Scouts get an apple each one and the Sixth Scout gets an apple with the box still containing the apple.
53rd News
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
Latest News:
On Saturday 30th Sep there will be a
Parents Meeting at the Moutayiaka
Scout hut. The meeting is open to all
Parents of 53rd members. This
meeting will be from 5.40pm -7.00pm
The District Scout Shop is closed
until the 3rd October.
35 Members of the 53rd are now
back in Cyprus after spending an
incredible10 days Scouting at the
Kandersteg International Scout
Center in Switzerland.
Last updated on 17.09.2017
Dhekelia 2017
53rd Scouting Trips Abroad
The next Cub and Scout  Meeting will be on Saturday
23rd September at the usual time 3.00pm – 5.30pm
at the Moutayiaka Scout Hut. Explorers will have an
overnight Camp at the Yermasoyia Scout hut. Please
visit the Calendar Page on the 53rd Web site to see a
more detailed program for September.

The 53rd cannot accept any more new members.  
Anyone wishing to join the group will have to go down
on a Waiting list. Please visit our About Us Page to
see how to get on the waiting list.
Above: The 53rd on Summer Camp 2016.
1) Newsletter 16th Sep
Theltio Thrasis
Photo of the Week:
A new Leaders joins the 53rd,
Alan will be the new Assistant
Cub Leader.
Picture of September.
Two of the 53rd Scouts at the
Desmos International Camp
which was held at Platania.
KISC Switzerland 2017
53rd Trip to KISC Switzerland 12th - 23rd July.
On Wednesday 12th July 36 members of the 53rd started a 10 day
Scouting adventure with a trip to Kandersteg International Scout Centre
which is located in Switzerland. Over the 10 days our Scouts hiked in the
Alps, exploring the area and getting to know other Scouts from all around
the World who are also staying at KISC. The 53rd visited the Center in
2010 and 2013, this will be our third visit. The read more about the trip
please visit the KISC Switerland 2017 page located to the right.
Dhekelia Summer Camp 2017.
This years summer camp was held at the Dhekelia
Scout Wood Campsite from the 30th June to 4th July.
Over 70 Members of the 53rd enjoyed a fun packed
program. Please visit the Summer Camp Page to
read reports and see photos from the Camp.
A Proud day for the 53rd.
On Tuesday 18th of July three of our Explorers received
their Republic Awards from the President of the Cyprus
Republic, Nicos Anastasiades, at the Presidential
Palace in Nicosia. Unfortunately the other five  Explorers
that completed the Republic  Award this year were away
with the Group on the trip to Kandersteg International
Scout Center in Switzerland, but did receive their Republic Award Badges with  their own
special ceremony at the Baden Powell campfire on the Campsite in KISC.
The Cyprus Scout Associations Republic Award is the highest Award gained by an
Explorer and takes about 3 Years of hard work to complete. The 53rd is extremely proud
to have Eight Explorers completing this Award this year.
2) Explorer Camp 23rd Sep