This  weeks puzzle.  From  11th - 24th Feb. ( Two Points )
Where was Baden-Powell born?  Send your answers to:

Solution to last weeks puzzle
The fourth child is called Stella.
53rd News
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
Latest News:
The minutes of the lastest Parents
meeting can be found on the Parents
This Year’s District weekend Hotel
getaway will be at the St Georges
Hotel in Pafos on the 3rd – 4th
March. This event is organised by the
Limassol Scouting District for all the
Parents and Friends of the Scout
Groups in Limassol. Any Families
wishing to take part please let SKIP
know, so you can fill out the forms.
We will not be able to accept forms
after the 10th of February.
Last updated on  18.02.2018
Dhekelia 2017
53rd Scouting Trips Abroad
Next week there will be no Explorer, Scout or
Cub meetings, instead will all will be taking
part in the Limassol Scout District Thinking
Day activities on Saturday 24th Feb:
Cubs: Meeting at Old port 10.30am and finish
St Barnabas Church 5.00pm.

Scouts and Explorers: Meeting at the St
Barnabas Church 2.30pm - 5.00pm.

Explorers: Preparing area of Old Port for
District event 7.00am - 9.00pm.
Above: The 53rd outside the Larnaca Fort Jan 2018.
1) Cub Newsletter 17th Feb
Theltio Thrasis
Photo of the Week:
53rd Cubs dressed in
Carnival Costumes at their
meeting on the 17th Feb.
Picture of  February.
53rd Explorers and Scouts at St
Georges Church the end of the one
day hike on the 11th Feb.
KISC Switzerland 2017
2) Scout Newsletter 17th Feb
3) Explorer Newsletter 17th Feb
Thinking Day 24th Feb 2018.
On the 22nd February Scouts all around the World celebrate the birthday of Lord
Baden Powell by remembering and retaking  their Scout Promise. This year the
Cyprus Scouts Association will be celebrating Thinking Day in a big way with
the main event in the Limassol Scout District. The event will be on the Saturday
24th Feb. A pin has been made to commemorate the this years event. All Cubs,
Scouts and Explorers taking part in the activities on the 24th will get the 2018  
Thinking Day Pin. A Program in full detail will be available soon.
Jambowlree 2018
The 53rd Explorers and Scouts have already started training for our Ten Pin Bowling
Competition which will be held in May for the Scouts and Explorers. This will be the third
time the 53rd has taken part. The Jambowlree is organised by Leaders of the Farnham
Explorer Scouts, based in Surrey in the UK, to raise funds to support the Explorer units
activities such as summer camp, international trips and subsidising those who otherwise
would not be able to afford to go.
4) Older Scouts Food Collection
60 Years Scouting 1958 - 2018.
The 53rd is getting ready for the first of this years 60th Birthday
celebrations which will be on Saturday 24th March. Buy your
own Magic Mug that changes from Black revealing our 60th
Badge and your name on the other side, when filled with hot
water, at €12 to remember this celebration. Orders and
payment must be made by the Saturday 11th March so they will
be ready for the 24th March.