53rd News
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
Latest News:
This year we will be making a
collection of toys for children in need
for Christmas. We’re asking all our
members to donate any unwanted
toys that are in good condition. They
must be wrapped and marked for
boys, girls or both. Please bring
them to the Scout hut on the 21st
Dec so we can take them to Kanali 6
on the 22nd.
The Calendar page has been
updated for the next two months.
The latest minutes of the Parents
meeting can be found on the Parents
Last updated on  08.12.2019
60th Celebration Sunset Cruise
Next Saturday 14th December there will be no
Cub, Scout and Explorer meetings since the
Group will be Camping at the Platania Scout
Campsite for our Christmas Camp. Saturday the
7th Dec was the last day to hand in Permission
forms for this Camp.

The next Cub, Scout and Explorer Meeting will be
on the 21st December at the Moutayiaka scout
hut at the normal times 3.00pm to 5.30pm.
Above: The 53rd on Summer Camp, Dhekelia 2019.
Photo of the Week:
Parents and friends enjoying this
years 53rd Christmas Dinner
Dance fund raiser at Ceti Locale.
Picture of  December.
53rd Explorers geocaching on the
Persephone trail on the 1st Dec.
24th WSJ USA 2019
53rd Scouting Trips Abroad
KISC 2019 District Trip
1) Newsletter 7th Dec
53rd Christmas Dinner Dance 2019.
We would like to thank everyone who helped and took part in this years
53rd's Christmas Dinner Dance on Saturday 7th December at Ceti Locale.
The atmosphere was amazing with delicious food and plenty of drink and of
course fabulous entertainment provided by our favorite DJ's Marios and
Marios which kept the dance floor full. Thanks also to everyone who
provided some superb prizes for our Christmas lottery.
53rd Lantern March 27th Oct
On Sunday 27th October the Cubs, Scouts and Explorers took part in the
Lantern March in celebration of the 28th Octobers OXI Day. The March started in
the  Yermasoyia Village at 6.30pm, escorted by the Yermasoyia Municipal
police, and finished at 7.30pm at the Scout hut in Moutayiaka. Our Marching
band, who has been preparing of this event the last two months, played all the
way. A big Thank you to all our members who took part.
3) Christmas Sweets order  from
the 280th Scout Group.
53rd Gets an Award from Afis Cyprus.
On Tuesday 12th Nov the 53rd received an Award for the most batteries, by
weight, recycled by a Scout Group at the 10 Year Celebrations of Afis Cyprus.
The 53rd first started collecting batteries for recycling in 2013.  This initiative is
still ongoing and we are still collecting batteries in order to help Afis reach their
goal of 90 tons for the year of 2019.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us
so far.  Please remember to continue to bring your used batteries for recycling
in order to help them succeed.
Making the World a better place, 53rd for SDGs.
In the next two months the 53rd will be introducing the Sustainable
Development Goals, SDGs, to all our members and Parents. The SDGs
are an aggressive, but achievable group of objectives that, if attained,
will make the world a much better place. The 17 goals seek to end
poverty, ensure food security, make access to healthcare universal,
protect the environment, and much more by 2030.
1) Newsletter 30th Nov
2) Christmas Lottery Draw
Christmas Camp Fire.
On Saturday 21st December the Cubs, Scouts and Explorers will have a Christmas Camp Fire at the Moutayiaka
Scout hut for our Members. The meeting will start at the normal time 3.00pm and Parents are welcome at 5.00pm
to take part. There will be hot chocolate and biscuits for the Cubs, Scouts and Explorers and Mulled wine for the
Parents. After the Camp Fire there will be presentations of Badges and Awards. The event will finish at 6.30pm