53rd News
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
Latest News:
The minutes from the last Parents
meeting can be found on the Parents
A big Thank you to our Cub Leader
Estelle  for running Saturday
mornings online Yoga Class from
which any monies donated will go
into the 53rds Funds.
The 53rd cannot accept any more
new members.  Anyone wishing to
join the group will have to go down
on the Sep 2020 Waiting list.  
Last updated on  02.07.2020
60th Celebration Sunset Cruise
We are happy to announce that our Cubs will
have a Cub Meeting on the 4th July at the
Moutayiaka Scout hut from 3pm to 5.30pm and
the Scouts will have their Meeting at the
Yermasoyia Scout hut starting at 3pm to 5.30pm.

Explorers and Wannabees will have an activity at
the beach on Saturday 4th July. Please read the
newsletters and also check out the Calendar
Page to keep informed on our Summer Program.
Above: The 53rd on Summer Camp, Dhekelia 2019.
Photo of the Week:
Explorers enjoy playing one of the
new 53rd Game during their Meeting
at the Moutayiaka Scout Hut.
Picture of  June.
53rd Explorer Natalia presents her
mini pioneering project for Task 7
made from spaghetti.
53rd Scouting Trips Abroad
KISC 2021 Trip to Switzerland
Keep on Scouting.
During the Stay Safe Stay Home restrictions the 53rd kept on Scouting with the
participation badge, Keep on Scouting, for our Explorers, Scouts and Cubs. Every Sunday
a task was posted. Members completed the task and took a photo wearing their 53rd
neckers, sending it to the 53rd’s Email to be posted on our Facebook Page and Web site.
Eight Tasks were posted and Members had to do all 8 to get the Badge. Click on the Keep
on Scouting Page to see more.
Keep on Scouting Page.
Stay Safe, Stay Home Badge work
Parallel with the Keep on Scouting participation Badge, 53rd Cubs and Scouts
also have the chance to do some badge work. These badges were posted on
the Keep on Scouting page together with the Task of the week. Badges done
to date are Book Readers, Artist, Cooks, Writers, Sports enthusiasts and
Crafts. In total 55 Badges have been earned by Cubs and Scouts. Two
Explorers also completed their Award of Completion Badge and another 5
their Leadership Badge.
This Weeks Letters:
1) Newsletter 27th June
Getting Ready for the Raft races.
Over the past two weekends the 53rd Explorers and
Wannabee Explorers have had four meetings at different
locations with smaller numbers. All four meetings ran
the same program with the main theme building rafts for
the annual raft race between our Explorers and the
Wannabee Explorers. The raft race will be on Saturday
4th July at the 27th Sea Scout Hut. The 27th Explorers
and Wannabees will also be building rafts and joining in
the races. Out of the four rafts built by the 53rd Explorers
the best built goes to the Wannabees who win a 10sec
advantage in the third race.

Click Here for the 27th Sea Scout Location
2) Explorers Newsletter 27th June
Back to Scouting.
Now all Sections of the 53rd are back to Scouting. Those coming must follow the
instructions set by the Cyprus Scouts Association so we are able to carry on Scouting
as safely as we can. There will be an appointed Leader present at each Scout hut just
to enforce these COVID19 safety instructions. Hand sanitizer and gloves will be
available at both Scout Huts. Each member must bring their own mask, water to drink,
snack and if possible exact Sub amount so no change is given out. Body temperature
will be taken on arrival. We will encourage no unnecessary contact between members,  
Preferably none. By staying safe we will all be able Keep on Scouting.