53rd News
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
Latest News:
The next Yoga class will be on
Tuesday 7th May at the Moutayiaka
Scout hut from 6pm to 7pm.
This Year’s Summer Camp for Cubs,
Scouts and Explorers will be from the
5th - 11th July at the Scout Campsite
in Dhekelia.
Minutes of the Parents meeting, Fete
planning,  which was held on the
30th March can be found on the
Parents Page.
Last updated on  19.05.2019
60th Celebration Sunset Cruise
The next meeting for Cubs and Explorers will be
on Saturday 25th May at the Moutayiaka Scout
hut at 3pm.

On Saturday 25th May the 53rd Scouts will have
their Meeting at the Yermasoyia Scout hut from
10am to 5.30pm. This will be their Patrol
Competition Day since their Camp was
canceled. The Patrols will be building two
pioneering projects and cooking Lunch working
hard to win this year’s Best Patrol Trophy.
Above: The 53rd at Vavatsinia Camp site Dec  2018.
Photo of the Week:
Winner of this Years 53rd
Jambowlree Highest Patrol
Avarage, Eagles Patrol
Picture of  May.
53rd Explorers have fun pioneering
getting ready for Summer Camp.
Roverway Netherlands 2018
1) Cub Newsletter 18th May
53rd Scouting Trips Abroad
Running for the 53rd.
Eros Adamides  ( a 53rd former Cub, Scout, Explorer and Leader )
successfully completed  the OPAP Limassol full Marathon on Sunday 24th
March 2019. Eros who is blind ran the full Marathon 42Km with two running
partners as a sponsored event raising much needed funds for the 53rd.
Epitaphio Church Service 26th April 2019.
9 Explorers and 2 Senior scouts had the honour of guarding the Epitaphio at the Prophitis
Elias Church in Yermasoyia last night.  They stood guard from 7 pm until 9pm during the
Good Friday service. The 53rd would like to thank them for their service and would like to
wish everyone a Happy Easter.
Thales Challenge hike 22nd - 25th April.
On Monday 22nd April 8 Explorers started their four day unassisted
hike, The 53rd's Thales Challenge 2019, from Argaka Village near
Polis and finished at Pafos Airport in Timi. Their first night spot was
Philousa Village where they rested for day two which was the
hardest day of the four. After passing though Sarama and Phiti
villages they finally arrive at their second night spot Ayios
Dhimitrianos. The last night spot was Amargeti Village. They arrived
at the finish on Thursday at 3pm with lots of stories about this great
adventure. Read more about the Thales Challenge on Skips Page.
Family Camp.
The Group intends to hold its annual Family Camp on the 14th – 17th June at the Polis Camp site. Those families
taking part please let Skip know by the 25th May, he can be contacted by Mobile 99604211.  Some families will be
going from the Friday, whilst others will be coming down on Saturday morning.  Anyone needing equipment for
camping can borrow things from the Scout Group stores. Any first time Campers are welcome. Visit the Parents
Page and read a report from the last Family Camp.
2) Scout Newsletter 18th May
3) Explorer Newsletter 18th May