This  weeks puzzle.  From  15th - 25th Nov ( One Point )
Some months have 30 days, some months have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?
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Solution to last weeks puzzle
Throw the ball strait up into the air.
53rd News
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
Latest News:
This Years Dinner Dance will be on  
Friday 8th December at CETI Locale.
Tickets are €30. Start your Christmas
Celebrations with the 53rd.
Minutes of the Parents meeting which
was held on the 30th September can
now be found on the Parents Page.
The Explorers are organising a
Halloween party on Saturday 28th
October at 6pm to 8pm. The party is
open to all our members which can
also bring a friend. Tickets can be
bought from Tracey at €8.00 per
person. No more tickets will be
available after the 21st  October.
Last updated on  18.11.2017
Dhekelia 2017
53rd Scouting Trips Abroad
The next Cub and Scout Meeting will be on the 25th
November 2017 at the normal time 3.00pm to 5.30pm
at the Moutayiaka scout hut. Explorers will be helping
at the St Barnabas Chruch Fete. See Calendar Page.

Lottery tickets have been given out to each member.  
The lottery will be drawn on the night of our main fund
raising event the Christmas Dinner Dance. Please
can all ticket books be returned (sold or unsold) by
Saturday 2nd December. Should anyone like more
lottery ticket books they will be available during the
meetings for a Parents Committee Member.
Above: The 53rd on Summer Camp 2016.
1) Newsletter 18th Nov
Theltio Thrasis
Photo of the Week:
53rd Cubs cook twisty bread the
backwoods way during their Cub
meeting on the 11th Nov.
Picture of  November.
Andreas and Hawkeye are awarded
their Gilwell Scarf and Scout Wood
Beads on the 4th Nov.
KISC Switzerland 2017
K1.5 Assault Hike 15th October 2017.
Over 50 Explorers and Scouts completed this years K1.5 Hike
from Saitas to Troodos Square. At the top of the main 600m climb
hikers received this years coffee coloured  T-shirt. The hike
finished in rain and we were unable to take the traditional photo
on the Troodos round-about. Read more about the hike on the
Explorer and Scout section pages. The history of the K1.5 hike
can be found on Skips Page.
Going Up Parade 14th October.
17 new Cubs made their Promise on the 53rd Cub Flag and 3
new Scouts on the 53rd Scout Flag on Saturday 14th October
at the Yermasoyia Scout hut. In total 7 Cubs went up to Scouts,
one of which acquired the award of the Leaping Wolf.  6 Scouts
moved up to become Explorers and one Explorer received their
Green Leader Beret to become a young leader.
Congratulations to everyone for their achievements.
2) Explorer Newsletter 18th Nov
3) Karpenissi Trip 2018
Christmas Dinner Dance Friday 8th Dec.
Our next major event  is our Christmas Dinner Dance which will be held
at CETI Locale at 8.00pm on Friday 8th Dec. This is a long tradition in the
53rd and we would like to invite all Parents and their Friends. The event
is only for Adults. We usually have a lot of fun with dinner, music and
dance and get the chance to meet each other for one evening away from
the Scout hut. On the night we will have the sale of lottery ticketsand the
Draw to raise funds to help with the activities of our children.The cost of
the tickets will be €30 per person. This price includes buffet dinner, free
local drinks, music and entertainment. Tickets can be bought from the
Groups Chairman.