53rd News
53rd St Barnabas Scout Group  Cyprus
Latest News:
Members who have not completed
this years Enrolment have all been
The Calendar Page has been
updated with the program until the
30th Jan.
The minutes of the Parents meeting
held on the 3rd October can be found
on the Parents Page.
Last updated on  23.11.2020
60th Celebration Sunset Cruise
The 53rd is now closed until further notice. All
sections will go online with virtual meetings
completing badge and Award work at home.  
Visit our Calendar Page for info on our online
Program. Stay Safe and Keep on Scouting.

Members that have not completed this years
Enrolment  to Cyprus Scouts Association for
the new Scouting Year will not be able to
attend Meetings when we finally open.
Please contact Skip to arrange how the forms
and money can be handed in.
Above: The 53rd on Summer Camp, Dhekelia 2019.
Photo of the Week:
Making 53rd History, Three 53rd
Explorers make their Promise
online becoming members.
Picture of  November.
Taking on the Pioneering
challenge 53rd Scouts build mini
pioneering projects at home.
53rd Scouting Trips Abroad
Keep on Scouting March - May
2020 Page.
This Weeks Letters:
1. Newsletter 14th Nov 2020
2. 2020-21 Enrolment Form
Online Yoga classes have started every Tuesday at 6pm. If you are
interested please contact our Cub Leader  Estelle Kousoulidou
through messenger or phone Skip on 99604211 to be added to the
class. All donations are welcome which go to the 53rd Group funds.
Scouting Online.
All sections of the 53rd Cubs, Scouts and Explorers have now got Messenger
Chats up and running.  All of these Chats keep the Group Scouting. A guide line
on how these chats are to be use, especially during online activities, can be
found in this weeks newsletter.  We also are aware that there will be technical
issues and during online meetings we will have Leaders on a help line to help.
Right is the 53rd's Keep on Scouting 2020 badge which will be Awarded to all
our members who completed the 8 Tasks during the first Lockdown and those
who are taking part in the present online meetings and tasks.
Investing New members and Leaping Wolves.
This month Leaders have been talking to new members and Leaping Wolves online
with Chat calls getting them ready for Investitures into the Scouting Movement. As it
looks at the moment we do not expect to have meetings at our Scout Hut any time
soon. It has been decided that all members that are ready will have to pick up an
envelope which will contain their necker and any badges earned to that date. The
envelope must be opened
ONLY during the allocated Online Zoom meeting. Once we
are able to get back to our Scout Huts for meetings those members will make their
Cub/Scout Promise on the Cub/Scout Flag. Parents will be informed by Leaders
when their child must have the envelope. They will have two weeks to collect it from
Skips Workshop ( Vlamis Electrical open 8am to 5pm Mon to Fri - Click on Image for
location). Skips contact number 99604211.
Keep On Scouting Nov 20 - Jan 21
Click on the Image
to the Left to get
more information
about this weeks
Knot challenge.